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Life on the open road only lasts as long as your funds do. That’s why creating a budget is essential to a stress-free RV trip. For the adventure of a lifetime to truly last a lifetime, consider a job or side hustle that supports your travel plans. Luckily, there are countless ways to make money while traveling in an RV. 

We compiled this list with the help of you – the RV community. We love hearing about full-time RV life and how everyone does it their way. Some work from laptops, some work at campgrounds, some make art, and some offer their talents from an office that goes anywhere. There’s an idea here for everyone. Think of your own special skills and experiences as you use this list to brainstorm job ideas you can do on the road.

Find the right RV for you and start your adventure working from anywhere.

Digital Creator Ways

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Digital media has become a big business with the prevalence of smartphones, apps, and social media. Digital nomads create digital content on the road and earn money from producing that content. The biggest perk? Inspiration is all around you.

1. Freelance Writer

Everyone loves a good road trip story, but there are many topics RVers can write about from the road. From gear reviews to travel recommendations to road trip advice, there are plenty of media outlets looking to publish this type of content. Pitch your story to magazines like RV Magazine. Or submit your ideas to brand blogs and gear sites, like the Camping World Blog! Tell us your RV story, and we’ll share it.

2. Proofreading & Editing

Are you the kind of person that just can’t ignore spelling errs? Did you pick that one up? If so, proofreading might be the perfect road trip income source for your RV lifestyle. Freelance editors read books or written works to check for grammar, readability, and style.

3. Write an eBook

Whether you write about traveling adventures, a favorite hobby, or create a how-to guide, offering your thoughts as an eBook is an easy way to create a passive income source. Self-publish and sell your eBook with the help of Amazon Kindle Direct. You write it once, promote it, then collect the profit from the sales. Write an ebook for RVers and market your book to other campers while you travel.

4. Create and Sell Courses

Are your friends and community always coming to you for advice on a specific subject? If you’re an expert at something, you might consider creating a course to share your knowledge. Online courses consist of a lesson plan, complete with quizzes and tests that people purchase to learn a skill. What topic are you an expert on that others might want to learn more about?

5. Photograph Your Adventures

Most of us naturally take photos when we travel, but if you invest in leveling up your photography skills, you can make money while you’re on the road. There are many platforms for selling or showcasing photography. If you combine these skills with writing skills, you can sell your photos and story ideas to online or print publications.

6. Create Videos About Your Adventures 

Video is king when it comes to sharing stories about adventure travel. Share your travels and RV adventures in a video that allows others to follow along. Grow your audience via a YouTube channel or social media accounts. Once you acquire enough eyes on your videos, you can start to earn revenue from ad sponsors. 

7. Video Editor

If you don’t have the desire to be on camera or capture footage, you can still be a part of the digital media industry. Video creators often need help editing their work. To do this job remotely, learn professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro. Market your services as an editor on freelancer websites, like Fiverr, which connect video editors with jobs.

8. Podcast Host

Convince others to downsize and join the RV lifestyle by hosting a podcast. With the right equipment, you can record your podcast anywhere. Build an audience of devoted listeners and let the road guide you to your next interview, episode topic, and destination. 

9.  Audio Narrator

Have a voice that leaves everyone hanging on your every word? Become an audio narrator and record books, stories, or poems for others to listen to. Everyone enjoys hearing a good story!

10.  Social Media Influencer 

If you are good at telling stories, taking photos, and fostering an online community – you might have the skills to make it as a social media influencer. Chances are you’re already capturing beautiful pictures and videos of your travels. Find a platform to share and curate that experience while slowly developing a community that enjoys watching your adventures. Though it’s not easy, nor guaranteed, you might eventually attract attention from brands who wish to reach your travel-loving community and collaborate.

11.  Social Media Manager

A social media profile is essential for almost any business. Brands hire people specifically to manage their social media account. Oftentimes, these folks can work from anywhere. If you have a knack for marketing and communications, explore social media manager jobs to utilize your skills in developing a content strategy, analyzing data, and managing social ad campaigns.


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12.  Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a sought-after skill required by advertisers, publishers, magazine editors, small businesses, and others. Your ability to combine text and imagery into compelling visuals can earn you a healthy income as long as you have a reliable internet connection to share your work when it’s ready for review.

Artistic Ways to Make Money

Chances are you have a creative talent or skill you’re sitting on, so share it with the world! 

13.  Painter

Use your ever-changing surroundings as inspiration by creating artwork. Take your art around the country by participating in art shows and festivals. Or sell your work online using platforms like Etsy to reach your customers.

14.  Textile Artist 

Like a painter with a canvas, a textile artist uses inspiration from their environment to create something beautiful and tangible. Sculpt, weave, and explore textiles in ways you never would otherwise. Explore festivals, boutiques, and markets along your route to find an audience for your art and discover selling opportunities for your wares.


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15.  Musician

The open road is nothing if not music-friendly! Most musicians travel anyway, whether it’s from gig to gig, on tour, or simply for lyrical inspiration. Every breathtaking view deserves an awe-inspiring soundtrack. Create your own and set a tour schedule along the way while you’re at it.

Meet Trent & Siobhán, professional musicians, and their full-time RVing adventure! This family of seven lives in their motorhome full-time, sharing their music and serving communities across the country.

16.  DJ

Even if you’re prioritizing RV travels in states with great boondocking spots, there will be events and gatherings happening near you almost anywhere you go. Marketing your DJ services on the road has never been easier, and traveling to DJ weddings or other events can open new and exciting routes as an RVer.

17.  Modeling

Brands are always looking for models for their next photoshoot. Find yourself an agent who searches for modeling opportunities for you wherever you’re traveling. 


18.  Be a Film Extra 

Plan your travels around shows or movies that film in certain locations and you could land a spot as an extra. Extras fill the background of a scene and don’t usually have lines. Responsibilities typically include walking in and out of frame. Though not a consistent form of income, it’s good work if you can get it. If you’re camping around Los Angeles, you might have some luck. A talent agent will help you find opportunities like this.

19.  Foley Artist

Become a part of movie magic as a foley artist. Foley artists recreate realistic sounds of action and audio needed for video — wind in the trees, the rush of a raging river, the crunch of leaves underfoot. You can create these stock sounds while traveling as long as you have the necessary recording equipment. 

20.  Closed Captioner 

Ever wonder how the words appear on your screen when you use closed captions? A closed captioner writes the text you see on screen for many projects, including TV shows, films, and more. The best part? You can do it from the comfort of your RV.

21. Busk

Play music, create art, perform magic, write poetry – there are many ways to earn side income busking while you’re traveling. Some cities have friendlier busking policies than others (always check local laws and regulations before setting up in a new place). You might be surprised how much cash ends up in your guitar case after you jam for a few hours.

22.  Join (or Start) a Traveling Show 

Bring your creative group of singers, dancers, acrobats, and entertainers on the road with you and earn money by lining up shows wherever you go. Whether it’s a band, circus, or theater troupe, your unique skills can provide a means to travel and an itinerary to follow. 

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Helping Ways

Here are ways to help others while earning income at the same time.

23.  Teach English as a Second Language

Teaching English remotely requires a strong internet connection or a cellular signal booster if you rely on a mobile hotspot for connectivity. Many companies train and employ English as a second language (ESL) teachers to teach students remotely. You’ll often work hours based on student locations in foreign countries, so you’re not locked into a North American 9-5 schedule. If you plan and adapt accordingly, it can free up huge parts of your day for your outdoor adventures.

24.  Tutor

Help students with subjects they’re struggling with through virtual tutoring. Customize lessons to help them grow — and do it all from the comfort of your rolling home.

25.  Travel Nursing

Are you in school studying to become a nurse? Did you know you could take your skills on the road? Travel from hospital to hospital, helping people where and when they need it the most. Want to learn more? Read about Chase & Lindsay, who are full-time traveling nurses.

26.  Teletherapy

Therapists need to get away, too. If you’re a therapist, take your practice on the road by offering teletherapy sessions – available to your patients over the phone or through zoom calls.

27.  Personal Trainer

Like teletherapy, online training has grown in popularity in recent years. You can schedule virtual personal training sessions with your clients from nearly anywhere with a reliable internet connection. 

28.  Nutrition Coaching

Share your nutrition journey with others. Compile your favorite recipes, diet tips, and nutrition advice from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone while sitting comfortably in your RV dinette. Become an expert in how to have a healthy RV trip.

29.  Teaching Yoga

Teach remotely, or see if your RV park will let you host classes outdoors or in a communal gathering space. Set a fee for your classes, or ask for donations. Spread your yoga knowledge and mindfulness while using your skills to fund your next RV adventure.

30.  Life Coach

Life on the road is a life well lived. Use your experiences and lessons learned to encourage others to find their own path. Whether you’re helping them achieve a short-term goal or achieve long-term dreams, coaching and encouraging others is a way to make money while making a difference.

31.  Massage Therapy

Although it can be a relaxing lifestyle, RVers need to unwind from time to time. Long drives can make your body sore and tired. Become a licensed massage therapist and travel around your state (you have to be certified in the state you wish to practice). Or, find a local spa near your campsite to rent out a quiet space to conduct sessions.

32.  Childcare

You can find local, recurring opportunities for nannying and childcare jobs when you’re based in one location for an RV camping season. Sign up with a reliable service like SitterCity to find local families seeking childcare they can trust. 

33.  Dog Walker / Dog Sitter

This is a great job for RVers who already own pets. Make it as simple as advertising dog walking services in each campground or RV park you stay in, or you can join a site like Rover to explore dog walking and dog sitting opportunities in different destinations. 

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34.  Housesitting

If you have a network of friends and family who also like to travel, housesitting can be the perfect way to get off the road for a bit and earn some money. Not everyone likes to leave their home empty and unattended while they’re away on vacation. Some people are willing to pay for the peace of mind of knowing a trusted and vetted housesitter is watching over their investment. Use websites like Trusted Housesitters that require references, reviews, and verifications to vet housesitters. 

35.  Travel Consultant / Travel Agent

Who better to plan a trip than someone living the RV lifestyle? Make note of your favorite destinations plus the best things to do while there and help plan trips for other travel lovers.

36.  Public Speaker / Guest Lecturer

Public speaking is a great way to make money while traveling in an RV if you’re an expert in your field. Many towns have speaker series dedicated to various topics. 

37.  Make Money for a Charity

You can earn money for your daily miles if you’re dedicated to hitting your daily step count. When you sign up for Charity Miles, choose the charity you want to donate to, and the app tracks your daily activity, whether you’re walking, running, or biking. The app’s sponsors then distribute money to the charity of your choice based on your daily physical activity.

(Out of) Office Ways to Make Money

Let’s face it, the 9-to-5 life is still pretty common, except now most office jobs can be handled remotely. It’s a whole new world!

38. Tech Support

This is a perfect opportunity for the RVer that doesn’t mind office hours but prefers a better view than a cubicle wall. Traveling IT Techs can resolve and troubleshoot issues remotely for many companies. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, though! A booster could help.

39. Corporate Project Manager

Combine the best aspects of being analytical and creative by exploring corporate project manager roles. Manage projects for a company (or several as a freelancer) from the comfort of your RV. Gone are the days of butt-in-chair requirements. These days, you can attend conference calls and tackle to-do lists right from a campsite with a lake view.

40. Web Developer

If coding is your language, consider becoming a web developer to build websites for personal or business use.

41. Programming

Writing computer programs is another skill that can be leveraged regardless of your physical location. From logging on at a coffee shop with reliable Wi-Fi to exploring Starlink internet for RVers, there are many connectivity options for you to earn money with a remote programming job.

42. UX Researcher

Whether by contract or freelance, a UX (User Experience) Researcher works with companies to gather information on how online customers navigate their websites and apps. As a UX researcher, it’s your job to test websites and strategize app design from anywhere.

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43. Customer Service

Customer service agents are needed for a variety of schedules for a multitude of companies. Connect with customers and help answer their questions and solve their problems from anywhere in the country.

44. Virtual Assistant

Take the skills you’ve learned in the office on the road with you. Executives, brands, and even small businesses rely on virtual assistants to handle administrative tasks like file and email management, answering calls, outsourcing online work, arranging meetings, and more. If you’re organized and attentive to detail, this could be the job for you.

45. Accounting

Believe it or not, accountants can operate as freelancers too. It’s probably a good idea to develop a reliable client list before hitting the road. 

46. Legal Advice

Freelance legal experts aren’t easy to come by. This requires formal education in law, but if you’re itching to take a break from the courtroom, you might try consulting for a while. Now more than ever, legal experts can offer their advice and services virtually without being tied to a traditional brick-and-mortar law firm.

47. Consulting

Whether consulting on product launches, pivots in business strategy, or anything else you have training and experience in, you can offer consulting services from the road. Entrepreneurial experience can be a huge bonus in this profession, as many young businesses seek advice from those who have been there before.

Service & Sales Ways

Service industry jobs are available all over the country. Sales, too, is a job that can travel. If you have the gift of gab, then put your people skills to use with these job ideas.

48. Wait Staff

Restaurants always look for wait staff, which can be a great way to earn money during a long-term RV stay. If you plan it right, you can earn tips during the high season while enjoying life camping at prime boondocking spots.

49. Work in a Kitchen

Reliable kitchen staff can be hard to come by. If you have experience as a line cook or sous chef, this is a great way to earn income while you’re camping somewhere for a season. Even if you didn’t go to culinary school, some kitchens may start you in entry-level positions and train you if you need to gain experience.

50. Bartending

Bartending jobs are just like restaurant jobs – there is always a need for reliable service employees. If you’ve been practicing your refreshing camping cocktails in your RV, why not see if there’s a bar at your next destination looking for help?

51. Hair Cutting and Styling

Everyone needs a haircut eventually. If you have this expertise, there’s no reason you can’t take your skills on the road. Advertise your services on community boards where you’re camping for the season. Show off your haircuts online to garner a following and develop a portfolio.

52. Re-Sell Items Online

Thrifting can be a fun traveling hobby because you can find unique, region-specific items. If you’re crafty about it, you can turn around and re-sell your best finds online.

53. Secret Shopper

Most stores, especially big box stores, have a secret shopper program where they compensate consumers for their honest feedback. What better way to get a wide range of results than hiring someone traveling in an RV?

54. Dropshipping

Dropshipping works well for many RV travelers because the startup costs are low, and you don’t have to carry inventory with you. First, locate products from wholesalers, like t-shirts or tote bags. Create a website to market those products at a marked-up price. Then, when a t-shirt sells, send fulfillment info to the warehouse every time an order comes in. The warehouse processes orders, ships the products, and distributes your profits. It’s that simple, but you will need marketing and advertising skills to be successful with this venture.

55. Renovate RVs

The DIY craze has attracted many RVers looking to customize their RV’s interior. Not all of them have the skills and experience to pull it off and make it look good. If you’re handy, consider marketing your DIY renovation services while you’re on the road and traveling to renovate other folks’ used RVs.

56. Mobile Service Technician

Have experience repairing your RV or other vehicles? Become a mobile service technician and take your skills along for the ride by helping travelers in need along the way. If you don’t already have an RV for this, a toy hauler is a great choice because it offers extra storage space for tools and the ability to detach your truck when a service call comes in.

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57. Handyperson Work

People always need help with home improvement or renovation projects if you fancy yourself handy. Some of your RV park neighbors may be trying to upgrade their RV and need assistance. Word of mouth is great for marketing your handy services in a campground, but platforms like Taskrabbit will give you access to a network of odd jobs in your area.

58. Contract Construction Work

Contract construction work is a trade that requires regular travel. So an RV or travel trailer can be the perfect rig for contract workers to avoid the hassle of finding another rental every time they relocate. As long as you’re willing to travel, you’ll have work. You just might not always get to choose where you go next.

59. Help at a Hostel

Some hostels allow you to park your RV for free in exchange for part-time work. That might include housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen help, bartending, and concierge work. Researching hostels around the US that are looking for help might even help you plan your next RV road trip.

60. Ride Sharing

This is an option for owners of towable RVs that stay in a single destination for months. Once you’re towable is leveled and stabilized in a campsite, your tow vehicle becomes your income source through ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber

61. Food Delivery

Another good option for long-term RV stays is to use your tow vehicle for food delivery services. It’s a more popular choice for urban RV camping, but services like Postmates and Uber Eats are good bets to make a little side income while traveling in an RV.

62. Become a Roadie

If you’re driving long distances on your RV road trip, getting paid to make deliveries along the way is the perfect side gig. That’s exactly what you can do with Roadie, a UPS Company. Sign up to become a courier and earn up to $400 for large, long-distance deliveries. The cool part about this is that your deliveries can help you plan your road trip route.

63. Moving Services

One of the easiest jobs you can get when you land in a new location is with a moving company. You will need the ability to lift heavy objects and the desire to sometimes work long hours, but movers often receive tips from their clients that can help to fund your RV travels.

64. Affiliate Marketing

Grow a loyal audience through your website or social media accounts and market some of your favorite products. Through affiliate marketing relationships with your favorite brands, you can earn commissions based on the sales driven through your unique links. Explore more about affiliate marketing.

65. Tour Guide

People always associate RV travel with exploring unknown locales, but plenty of folks spend summers RVing locally after planning the perfect RV staycation over the winter. If you’re familiar with your region, check out local adventure or tour companies looking for guides. You’ll spend your time outdoors doing the activities you love and get paid to do them.

Seasonal Ways to Make Money

As seasons change, so do the ways to earn money on the road. Whether you’re a spring chicken or a fall lover, there are plenty of ways to make money throughout the year.

66. Camp Host

Seasonal camp hosting is a great way to earn and save money while traveling in your RV. Most host jobs offer a free campsite for the season in exchange for part-time hosting responsibilities like managing reservations, selling firewood, and basic campground maintenance.

Photo by Camping World

67. Workamping

Workamping has been around since the late 80s. It’s a term that refers to full or part-time RVers that work to sustain their RV lifestyle. Places that offer Workamping include campgrounds, ranches, marinas, theme parks, resorts, and national and state parks.

Workamping Jobs and Workamper News are excellent resources for exploring these job opportunities.

68. Help with Seasonal Harvests

This might be the most seasonal work RVers can find, but it will allow you to explore new locations depending on harvest schedules. Maybe you hit Maine for a late summer blueberry harvest before shooting across to Michigan for a fall pumpkin harvest…it’s really up to your imagination and research!

69. Seasonal Work

A ski instructor during the winter? Sure. A lifeguard or dive instructor during the summer? You bet. A Christmas tree lot in December? ‘Tis the season.

70. Amazon Camperforce

Amazon’s Camperforce program offers seasonal warehouse jobs for RVers, van lifers, and other travelers. Amazon’s distribution warehouse locations are scattered throughout the US, providing income opportunities for those willing to pick, pack, and ship customer orders. Learn more about the Camperforce program.

71. Work for a National Park

Every season, the National Park Service lists temporary jobs available in more than 400 parks and their offices. It’s the perfect opportunity to see and learn about our National Parks from behind the scenes. Learn more here.

72. Sign Up with a National Temp Agency

Signing up with a national temp agency allows you to update your location whenever you move to find local temp jobs. You’ll even have the freedom to select the date range you’ll be available so you can line up jobs in advance.

73. Work at a Summer Camp

If you’re good with kids, there are summer camps all over the country looking for seasonal workers. Some may even let you park your RV on-site for free. Explore camp jobs on CoolWorks.

74. Work for the Conservation Corps

Working for the Conservation Corps is a great way to spend your summer outdoors doing work that truly matters. From trail building to watershed restoration, conservation corps jobs are available all over the country for RV travelers to earn seasonal income and make positive changes. 

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75. Work at a Golf Course

Many popular golf courses with campgrounds constantly need help with customer service or maintenance jobs. You might be surprised how much you can earn as a golf caddy for a season or how much you can learn about how they keep those fairways so green. 

76. Work at Seasonal Fairs and Events

Carnivals, farmer’s markets, annual fairs, and special events always need extra staff. From selling tickets to setting up or breaking down the entire event, there’s always work to be had if you’re willing to put the time in. Local job boards are usually your best bet for finding this work.

Renting Ways

Explore these renting options to earn cash while you’re off traveling.

77. Rent Your Home

Your address is an asset if you’re a full-time RVer with a property investment. Renting out your home while you travel is a no-brainer. At the very least, it can cover the costs of your RV travels, and you might even come out ahead. Hiring a property management company will ease many headaches when managing renters and cleaning up after their visits.

78. Rent a Parking Space

Yes, you can rent out a piece of concrete to those needing a parking space. Neighbor is a platform that is essentially an “Airbnb for parking spaces.” Earn anywhere from $50 to $300 per month by allowing your neighbors to utilize your driveway for overflow parking.

79. Rent Your Car

Let’s say you’re taking off in your class A RV for the winter. First, ensure you know the best snowbird destinations to enjoy plenty of warmth while away. Second, consider using a service like Turo to rent your car and earn income while you’re away instead of leaving it in your garage. 

80. Rent Your RV

This might seem counterintuitive but hear us out. If you’re traveling in your RV full-time, you might want to schedule a rest and reset here and there. Whether you like to pamper yourself in hotels or schedule sleepovers with relatives, renting your RV is a viable way to make money (or at least offset RV expenses) while you take a break.

Try renting your RV with Good Sam RV Rentals.

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Other Ways to Make Money

As if those above weren’t enough, here are a few more ideas. Tell us your own savvy ideas in the comments.

81. Online Surveys

Brands make many decisions based on customer feedback. This is called market research. You can get paid to submit your opinions and experiences on various products and experiences. 

82. Text Translation

Are you fluent in more than one language? There are always people looking to have written content translated into different languages. These jobs typically pay based on word count, which means the more productive you are, the more you earn. Upwork is one of several online platforms where you can find text translation work.

83. Almost Any Other Way You Can Imagine!

If you can dream it and have skills to share, chances are you can earn extra cash showcasing those skills. In a more connected world than ever, RVers no longer need to return home to refill their bank accounts before hitting the road again.

RV living is much more enjoyable when you’re not financially stressed. Now you have many new and exciting money-making ideas to help you fund your next RV adventure.

Do you have any additional ways to make money while RVing? Share them in the comments below!

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