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If you plan to travel in your RV while working, it’s important you have somewhere to work. Your workspace doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the more simple your setup–the better! Whether you’re a freelancer, part-time employee, or juggling a traditional 9-5 from the road, it can all be done. We’ll show you how. Ideally, you will want to trim down those needs and be as minimalist as you can. Pare down your home office setup to just the essentials and you’ll find you need less, but do more. 


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The Office Basics for an RV:

Computer – A laptop works well since you can easily take it to work outside, at a coffee shop, in the car. If you have a desk set up in your RV, an extra monitor is an added luxury.

Internet – This can be a challenge but is entirely doable. Learn about everything you need to know to stay connected on the road. You can start with a basic hotspot from your cell phone provider, or even use tethering via your phone. It will depend on how much internet you need. If the internet is crucial to your business, you will also want to look into WiFi systems and signal boosters to get the best signal available. Weboost is an excellent option for this. RVers everywhere are looking forward to the connectivity on the horizon from Starlink internet for RVers.

WiFi on Steroids Signal Booster
WiFi on Steroids Signal Booster

Desk – I say desk loosely as in you usually don’t really need a desk, but more just a table or a place to set your laptop. That may be the kitchen table or a dresser in your room. If you’re traveling and following nice weather, work outside at the picnic table. Maybe you like standing and a bar height is your ideal setup. Be creative and find what works comfortably for you. 


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Bin/Bag/Cabinet – You will want to have a dedicated place in the RV where you can put your work things away when you are done. Space in an RV is at a premium, so if you can clean up your workspace at the end of the day and use that space for eating, playing, family games, etc. It is going to be better for everyone. It can be as simple as having a work bag/briefcase where you put your computer away at the end of the day. Or a cabinet in your room where it can safely go. 

RV Office Luxuries and Accessories:

Headphones Noise-canceling headphones are a welcome luxury for working from the road. Air-pods work great for this or you can get a bigger set of headphones that cover your whole ear to help with keeping sound out.

Solar – If you plan to be boondocking a lot you may want to have a solar setup on your RV to make sure you can always charge your computer and hotspot. Yes, a generator could work too, but these can be loud (another distraction).

Laptop stand – Your neck with thank you for bringing your laptop up to eye level. Looking down at your computer all day is hard on the spine and posture. Find compact/foldable laptop stands on Amazon. 

Bluetooth keyboard/mouse – Get into a state of flow with all your office accessories working together. You’ll find a keyboard and mouse pair well with a laptop stand.

Calendar mouse pad – I know it seems so little and not important, but you’ll find yourself wondering what day it is more often than not. It’s handy to have a calendar hanging on your wall by your “office.” The mouse pad calendar is perfect!

Extra computer plug – I have two computer plugs. I can leave one in the RV with all of my work setup equipment. I keep the other one in a bag that I bring with me in the car to charge my computer while I am working on travel days or at coffee shops.


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Clam Tent – This isn’t something I have done but I have seen lots of other RVers use this method for working. They purchase a Clam tent or screened-in canopy and basically set their office up outside in the Clam tent each day. This can be a great option since you can put a portable heater in the tent to keep it warm on cold days or leave the sides open for a nice breeze with no bugs when it is warmer outside.

One of the best things about working from an RV is the flexibility. Part of this flexibility is due to a simple, less complex work setup. Instead, keep your work setup malleable as well so it is easy to adapt if your current campsite doesn’t have good internet and you have to go to the coffee shop. Or if you want to work outside on a beautiful day, you have the tools, accessories, and connections to do so.

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