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More RVs are now equipped with an outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s a supplement to your indoor kitchen or the primary cooking area on a small camper, like the Rubicon 1200RK, outdoor kitchens enhance RV camping. 

Keep your RV’s interior cooler. Never leave the campsite party to go inside and cook. Start the grill, prep your favorite recipes, and cook outside without missing your turn in whatever competitive outdoor games you’re playing. 

Like your indoor kitchen, it’s important to optimize your RV’s outdoor kitchen. We’ve compiled these DIY RV outdoor kitchen ideas to provide tips and inspiration for your next camping trip. 

But first, tell us if you’ve completed an outdoor kitchen upgrade by showcasing your work in the poll below.

DIY RV Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Out of the dark and into the light. RV outdoor kitchens are often dark once the sun goes down, but this RVer brightened things by simply adding new wallpaper, trim, sink fixtures, and some bright kitchen organization accessories

Blenders and espresso machines aren’t the norm in most RV outdoor kitchens. But when you have this much space, why not ensure you meet all beverage requests without going inside?

Never miss a moment of your favorite shows or movies with this outdoor kitchen design. You might need to push the TV back or temporarily relocate it if you need extra counterspace. Or, you could add a camp cooking table to your cooking setup. 

Photo by Kate Parker via Facebook

A simple piece of hanging wall decor can transform your outdoor kitchen and remind your neighbors that it’s never too early to enjoy their favorite chilled beverage when camping. 

Photo by Alexandria Honicky via Facebook

This RVer did away with their two-burner gas cooktop and swapped in a new 17” Blackstone Griddle. If you haven’t cooked on one of these griddles, you’re seriously missing out! Check out two of our favorite delicious recipes for your next RV cookout.

Full-time RVers staying in one place for an extended season have more flexibility when designing their ideal outdoor kitchen. This one could go with one of these RV deck ideas for permanent campsites

This proud owner of a toy hauler was tired of their inability to cook outside. So, they found a swinging hitch mount, mounted a locking cargo box, and added a Blackstone Griddle and mini fridge inside the box to complete their DIY RV outdoor kitchen. 

Sure, it might not be functional, but the kids don’t have to know that! Give them a place to practice their cooking skills while Mom and Dad are busy prepping meals in the real thing.

Sometimes upgrading an outdoor kitchen is as simple as installing a better cooking surface, like this Blackstone Griddle. But don’t miss that retro Frigidaire mini fridge for cold storage.

The aesthetic does matter when you’re cooking outside. In this case, all it took was a peel-and-stick wallpaper application to make their outdoor kitchen feel less grody and encourage them to use it more often.

Many successful DIY projects only got there because someone was willing to start. While this outdoor kitchen remodel might not have turned out exactly how the owner originally envisioned, it still looks like a major upgrade from where it was. 

This DIY project took the outdoor kitchen from dark and cramped to light and functional. I love all the wall-mounted storage, and I’m sure they love having that flatscreen TV. The flush-mount stainless steel sink is also a major upgrade, and the sink cover is the perfect way to finish it off and finalize the aesthetic. 

The right outdoor kitchen setup sometimes requires additional prep space. I love this compact, lightweight system with space for spices, cooking utensils, and even a small camp stove

If you’re keeping things lightweight, you might only have an outdoor cooking space. That’s especially true if you have one of the best small RVs. And this outdoor kitchen maximizes a compact space just as well as we’ve seen.

Truck, SUV, or Van Camping Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This truck camper installed the Clearview Pantry, a stainless steel work platform that retracts into the truck bed when unused. It has up to 74 liters of storage and comes with a 9-liter collapsible sink

Maximizing storage when you’re truck camping or car camping is tough. But check out this slide-out storage system housing a camping cooler, two-burner cooktop, and counterspace for meal prep. 

It doesn’t get much more compact than this for a truck camping kitchen setup. Your grill or griddle goes on top, you have a drawer for cutlery and cooking utensils, and cabinet space for everything else. 

Most van camping outdoor kitchens are all about simplicity. Here’s one that simply requires a couple of folding camp tables, a nice camping grill, and a quality camping cooler

Resources for Redesigning Your RV’s Outdoor Kitchen

With these inspirational DIY RV outdoor kitchen ideas at your disposal, let’s talk about resources to help you progress into the next stage of the design process. 

A smart first step is to head into a Camping World Design Center. Our design specialists can help you turn your vision into a reality by identifying the tools, resources, and equipment needed to tackle your DIY project. 

Learn more about Camping World’s Design Centers or find a nearby location to speak with a design specialist in person.

There are also a number of products in the Genesis REVIVE Collection that are perfect for redesigning your RV’s outdoor kitchen. Here are a few to research further: 

Additionally, you may need new appliances, fixtures, or cooking tools to complete your DIY outdoor kitchen renovation. Search Camping World’s collections to find the perfect equipment for your project: 

Whether you’re tackling a DIY RV project because the need is dire or you want to upgrade in the offseason, here are a few more resources for renovation tips and inspiration: 

Did you upgrade your RV’s outdoor kitchen? Share your design thoughts in the comments below.

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