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We’re Lindsay + Chase from We’re Out N’ About on social media. We’re married traveling nurses who live fulltime in our RV with our cat, Moka! We’ve been traveling the country in our home on wheels for over 3 years, moving city to city every 3-6 months for work. When we’re not working, you can find us roadtripping around the US or traveling internationally!

On our fall trip through New England, we found ourselves stuck inside the RV on numerous occasions due to the rainy season. While sitting inside we talked about how nice it would be to have a gazebo to set up so we could sit outside and enjoy the outdoors.

That’s what RVing is all about, isn’t it? Unfortunately, our truck camper doesn’t have an awning, so a gazebo is the perfect solution for rainy days and so much more!

After our trip, we ordered the Gazelle G6 6-Sided Portable Gazebo from Camping World. We loved the looks of the Desert Sand color since it looked fresh and modern. We were also impressed with the size. Gazelle also has a 5-sided gazebo which has a smaller footprint, but we preferred to have more space.

The Gazelle 6-Sided Portable Gazebo

Interior of Gazelle Gazebo
Image: Chase and Lindsay

Here are more reasons why we chose the Gazelle Gazebo and what we thought of it once it arrived.

Durable Quality

After unboxing the Gazelle G6, we were impressed with the quality. The bag itself has nice quality zippers, a carry handle, and even velcro tension straps to help decrease the circumference of the bag for easier storage. The material seems very durable, too.

Easy to Use 

We were so excited to set up the gazebo, so we immediately pulled it from the bag and got to work. Of course, our excitement blinded our logic and we skipped reading the instructions. To our surprise, we had it up in less than five minutes without even knowing how to do it. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up!

Now that we have set it up numerous times, we can have it up in under a minute. I can’t tell you how many times neighbors come over bewildered at how fast it went up. No one wants the hassle of setting up camp. This gazebo makes campsite set-up quick and painless.

Hassle-Free Set-Up and Take-Down

Setting Up Gazelle Gazebo
Image: Chase and Lindsay

Being an Eagle Scout, I have done a fair share of tent camping and setting up shelters. Many tents and shelters out there can be complicated and time-consuming. With the Gazelle G6, it was the exact opposite.

Setting it Up

After taking the gazebo out of the bag and placing it right side up, it practically unfolds itself like a big star.

  • Pull the walls out one section at a time until the built-in frame pops out.
  • After getting all 6 sides popped out, head inside the gazebo and push up on the roof. The roof pops out and locks into place like the sides.
  • The Gazelle G6 comes with only two tent-style poles and they’re the same length, so no confusion about which one is which. These two poles simply mount onto the sides of the door to help support the frame. 

Taking it Down

Taking the Gazelle G6 down is also a simple process. It’s everything above except in reverse.

  • First, take out the two poles near the door and pull the roof down.
  • Then go outside and push in on each wall until the gazebo is flat on the ground.
  • Condense the frame and material together and tie the provided straps around it to slim it down.
  • Lastly, slide the gazebo back into the bag.

Spacious Carrying Bag

Gazelle Gazebo Carrying Bag
Image: Chase and Lindsay

This item gets bonus points because it comes with a bag that is actually big enough to put the gazebo in for storage! I’m sure you’ve had a tent before that once you take it out of the bag, it’s impossible to get it back in. Luckily, Gazelle provides a large carry bag that actually makes it easy to repack the G6 gazebo.

Multiple Uses

The Gazelle G6 gazebo is perfect for our camping trips, but we can even put it to use on other occasions as well, like beach trips and even tailgating.

Keeps Bugs Out

We think back to camping in Savannah, Georgia, in the middle of summer and how perfect this Gazebo would have been. The second the sun went down, the mosquitos would chase you indoors, or else you’d risk being eaten alive. This screened-in gazebo is absolutely perfect for keeping the bugs out so you can enjoy the outdoors at your convenience.

Provides Shade and Shelter

Not only will it help protect you from bugs, but it can also help protect you from the elements. The Gazelle G6 can protect you from rain or sun. The screen sides still allow a breeze to blow through the shelter, which can help keep you cool and shaded while in the sun.


This Gazebo is lightweight, weighing in at 34 pounds, making it easy to transfer from your vehicle or storage compartment to the place you want to set it up. Plus, the carrying bag makes it even easier to transport!

Storing the Lightweight Gazelle Gazebo
Image: Chase and Lindsay


Its long, slender, and compact size made it easy to store in the area between our truck bed and truck camper. If it fits so easily there, we have no doubt that the Gazelle G6 could fit in any RV’s outdoor storage compartment. We’re happy we can take it along with us on all of our trips.

Spacious Size

The Gazelle G6 is the perfect size for us. The center height is over seven feet tall which makes it feel spacious. We find that it has plenty of room for us and any visitors we have. With 92 square feet of space inside the G6, we believe we’ll have the perfect amount of gazebo space for hanging out and even for our kids to safely play in one day.

Kids Play Zone

Another reason we wanted a gazebo was for our future kids to play in. Everyone knows kids love to roam off the campsite. We figured while the kids are young, this gazebo will help us enjoy the outdoors with them while not having to worry about chasing them all around the campground.

Sporting Events and Picnics

Since this gazebo is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, the usage options are almost endless. We can imagine using this at outdoor sporting events, like a tailgate. Having it at a picnic to protect the food from bugs is a great way to use it as well.

The Gazelle Gazebo is Extremely Worth It

Enjoying the Gazelle Gazebo
Image: Chase and Lindsay

We know there are so many occasions where we’ll get use out of the Gazelle G6 Gazebo. With the impressive quality, easy transport, ease of setup and take down, we can totally recommend this to our fellow campers and friends. We have loved having it with us and have already used it on numerous occasions. We look forward to using it more and more on our future trips!

Have you tried a Gazelle Gazebo before? Tell us about your experience with them in the comments below!

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