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Making friends at the campsite

It can be a bit intimidating to make friends at a campground when you don’t know anyone, but there are some things in life that are often more fun with other people, camping included. You already have things in common—an interest in RVing and travel, for instance.

Where else can you discuss the best way to cook over the fire, commiserate about black tank woes, and geek out over the new Happier Camper RV in the same conversation?

Campers are a pretty friendly group of people to begin with, and it’s usually worth the effort to make friends with the other people around you. Here are a few of our tips for making friends at the campground.

1. Be Outside of Your RV at the Campground

Making friends at the campsite
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It may seem obvious, but you won’t make any friends sitting inside your RV! If you want to meet new people, you have to put yourself where they are—usually enjoying the outdoors.

So open those chairs by the campfire, grab a beverage of your choice, smile as people walk by, and invite them to join you for a cup of coffee around the fire in the morning or for a beer for happy hour in the evening. Having some extra s’more ingredients never hurts to attract people either. Chocolate and marshmallows can go a long way towards making people feel comfortable.

If the campground has a pool or activities center, head over there to meet up with others. Hosted activities are a great way to make friends, and people tend to be more willing to chat when everyone is congregated around a pool or hot tub. It’s a great place for hearing or telling those crazy camping stories!

2. Ask Your Neighbors About Their Rigs, Tools, or Gear

RVers love talking about their rigs! We’ve had some great conversations with people about their RVs, and several have turned into long term friendships.

Do you have the same make or model as the person parked next to you? Talk about what you love about it or the little things that drive you crazy. If they have a dramatically different RV or motorhome, then discuss that with them.

If you see someone who has the type of rig you want or have been thinking about, ask them how they like it. Do they have any favorite aspects about it? Would they recommend it? People love to tell these kinds of details, and you’ll likely never get a more honest answer about an RV either. An opinion from someone who owns that model is pretty valuable if you’re thinking about a new rig.

The same goes for camping and RV gear. Maybe the family next to you has an interesting grill set up, or the guy across the way has camp chairs that look next-level comfortable. Ask them about it! We’ve gotten some great recommendations on gear by asking people at campgrounds, and it usually ends up in a fun conversation with nice people.

3. Ask Where People Have Been

Making friends while camping
Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash

Aside from some great ideas for places to go, you may pick up some good tips on must-hit towns or activities, and any roads to avoid with your RV.

You’ll very likely hear some fun stories as well. Again, we RVers love to tell people where we’ve been, so if you find someone who’s been to a place you’re planning on visiting, pick their brains and listen to any tales they have.

They may save you from driving down that road with the low overpass, and you might make a new friend in the process.

4. Children and Pets are Great Ways to Meet People

Kids have a fantastic ability to talk to pretty much anyone, be it other kids or adults.

If you have children and they’ve found some friends their age at the campground, it’s a perfect opportunity to meet their parents and bond over the good time your kids are all having.

Any organized kids’ activities at the campground are another great place to meet other parents.

If your kids are more of the four-legged, furry kind as opposed to humans, it’s very easy to strike up a conversation with other pet parents. If the campground has a dog park or run, ask another camper if they want to join you in taking your dogs to stretch their legs.

Even just walking your pet around the campground for exercise or a potty break is a great way to meet fellow campers and pet lovers.

5. Use Social Media to Find Other Campers and RVers

This happens before you even get to the campground, but many times online friendships can lead to real-life meetups. Join groups like Escapees, RVillage, or Facebook groups for RVers.

Follow other RVers on Instagram. Go to meetups. Join RV social memberships sites and you’ll know if other people will be in the area you’re planning on visiting. Then by the time you get there you’ll have a built-in community.

Overall, just be friendly! Campers are fun people, and you already have a few similar interests. Be open, friendly, and interested in other people, and you’ll be making friends at the campground wherever you are.

Do you have any tips you think would work well for campers? Leave a comment below.

Tips for making friends at the campground

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