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RV security systems help you protect your RV, and the belongings inside it, from theft when you’re on the road. Though RV theft is rare, the peace of mind of securing your investment helps many RVers travel with less stress and worry.

What is the Best RV Security System?

Let’s highlight the ways you can protect your RV investment. 

Hitch & Trailer Locks

One of the benefits of owning a towable RV is the ability to detach and use your tow vehicle to explore. When you leave your travel trailer or fifth wheel behind, you’ll want to know nobody can hitch it up and tow it away. 

That’s why a hitch and trailer lock is integral to an RV security system. It allows you to secure the tongue of your travel trailer or the kingpin of your fifth wheel so your RV can’t be towed away by any truck.

Shop Camping World’s selection of hitch and trailer locks.

Wheel Locks

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Tire locks work for motorized or towable RVs and are one of the most affordable ways to boost your RV’s security. This wheel lock fits most RV tires from 7.25” to 11.25” wide and requires a key to remove. 

At just 4.3 pounds, it’s easy to install, and the lock itself is manufactured with heavy-duty steel. However, it has soft PVC grips on the ends so that it won’t damage your rims. No assembly is required, and it’s compact enough to store in any compartment underneath your RV.

Check the price of this anti-theft wheel lock at Camping World.

Keyless Entry Locks with Bluetooth Capability

Photo by Camping World

You just got back to your RV after a long day of adventuring. Everyone’s tired, ready for a quick meal, a shower, and sleep. You head to unlock the RV door, but your key isn’t on the chain where you always keep it – the sense of dread sets in. 

Many of us have dealt with lost keys – it’s never fun. It’s why most RVs come with two entry door keys, allowing you to keep a backup in a safe, concealed location for emergencies. But what if you lose both keys?

With a keyless entry lock, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. You can program a four-digit pin number for easy entry and exit, but you’ll still have backup keys to provide a second way to open your door. 

With a system like the Bauer Keyless Entry Lock, you’ll also have Bluetooth connectivity that turns your smartphone into a key fob. You’ll be able to unlock your RV’s door from your phone, with the pin pad, or with a traditional key.

It fits 2.75-3.75 inch door cut-outs with door thicknesses ranging from 1.375 to 1.5 inches. You can pair up to six smartphones so the whole family can use the Bluetooth functionality, but it also allows you to view locking/unlocking history to monitor for unauthorized entries. 

Learn more about this Bauer keyless entry lock or shop Camping World’s entire selection of RV locks.

Motion Sensor Lights 

Photo by Camping World

Sometimes, ensuring the security of your RV is all about the right deterrents. If someone, or something, is sneaking around your RV in the dark of night, it might only require a light on the subject to make them think twice. 

Motion sensor lights are another option to bolster your RV security system. These Energizer lights won’t mount directly to your RV, but they can be mounted in your campsite temporarily and won’t drain your RV’s battery

Three adjustable lighting fixtures with LED bulbs produce up to 25 lumens. The lights turn on automatically in low light conditions and when it detects motion within 25 feet in a 180° field of view. 

This motion sensor light allows you to customize its Bright and Eco modes. You can set how early or late you prefer the light to be active so it operates within your preferred timeframe and saves battery power when you don’t need it. It also boasts an IP54 water and dust ingress rating. 

Check out these Energizer motion sensor lights.

Window & Door Alarms

Photo by Camping World

Sure, your RV window latches already provide a degree of security. But what happens when you have a broken latch? Or when you leave your RV unattended, and someone is really determined to get in?

Window and door alarms are another useful theft deterrent for your RV. They’re typically battery-operated and require no wiring for easy installation. This particular model from GE features a 120-decibel alarm, loud enough for your campground neighbors to notice. 

For reference, some RV generators have a noise output of 50-60 decibels.

The alarms attach to your windows or doors with double-sided tape. When the two pieces of the alarm separate due to an intrusion, the alarm sounds and deters the potential intruder. 

Check out these window & door alarms from Camping World.

Security Cameras

Photo by Camping World

If your RV is prepped for a backup camera or a side-view camera over the door, you can also consider adding a security camera to either of those locations. This is a great option for smaller towables where you may want added security but not necessarily need the navigation ability of a backup camera. 

Luckily, Furrion is one of the most trusted brands for backup and security cameras right now. Their Vision S camera offers a 120° field of view, including night vision, motion detection, and an auto-wake function. 

The 720×480 high-resolution camera offers live streaming but not the ability to record and store video. It comes with a Sharkfin mounting bracket, but additional mounting hardware may be required. 

Shop the Furrion Vision S security camera at Camping World.

A Note on Home Security for RVers

Some RVers travel for months at a time, leaving their primary residence empty. While there are many home security solutions out there, everyone has their own preferences on what gives them the most peace of mind. 

We know RVers that install remote video cameras they monitor from the road to check how well their snow removal service clears the driveway in the winter. We know others that rent their home to trusted tenants or ask neighbors to check on their homes and water the plants on a weekly basis. 

A Doorbell with a Video Camera

Photo by Camping World

There’s no perfect answer, but a doorbell video camera can be an affordable solution that gives you more peace of mind when you head out to explore your next RV snowbird destination.

Replace your existing doorbell with this Premier Wi-Fi doorbell with a video camera to check who comes to your front door while you’re away. It works with 2.4G Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely. 

When a visitor presses the doorbell, the sound activates, and the camera sends real-time images and audio to your cellphone.

It also boasts built-in night vision and gives you the ability to record video and still images. This camera also supports real-time audio chats with visitors. So you’ll be free to tell them how much fun you’re having on your RV trip.  

Check the price of this doorbell with a video camera.

When you’ve invested in a beautiful home away from home, protecting it with a security system makes sense. Once you’ve done that, here are a few resources to help you plan your next RV adventure.

How do you ensure your RV’s security and give yourself peace of mind on the road? Share your tips in the comments below!

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