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preventing rv theft

You’re going to meet a lot of great people on the road, many of whom may become lifelong friends. Unfortunately, you may also run across a few not-so-good types. While we don’t like thinking about worst case scenario—when it comes to the idea of theft and your RV, it’s best to be prepared. RVs are a kind of double-whammy for would-be thieves: not only are they a motor vehicle (or trailer), they’re also a home full of belongings that you value.

Here are several ways you can help deter Grand Theft RV, from simple lighting hacks to useful tools.

Trailer Hitch and Fifth Wheel Locks

rv trailer hitch

For Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels, swiping a full rig can be as simple as backing up, hooking up, and pulling away.

Hitch locks fit onto the hitch and lock with a bar over the top, preventing anyone from dropping the hitch onto their own vehicle. A fifth wheel lock wraps around the hitch beneath the trailer and make it impossible to connect to a fifth wheel to a hitch.

Additional Locks and Deadbolt

added RV security

You may well live in one of the towns where you don’t lock your doors at night, and that’s great. But when you’re traveling, you never know who you’re going to be near or how sticky their fingers might be. If you’ve decorated your RV’s interior, you may have heirlooms, trinkets, and personal touches that hold emotional value.

Because your RV is a rolling living space, it comes with door and window locks—just like your home would. And just like in a house, there are varying degrees of security in those locks. Replacing and upgrading the standard door lock on your RV is easy.

And always—always—lock your deadbolt.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

RV blinds

A person is far less likely to try to enter your RV if it looks occupied or like the owners are right around the corner. Leave a light on inside, or the radio. For some high-quality lighting options, check out our selection of RV light bulbs suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Alternatively, keeping the blinds drawn so that no passersby can see any of your goods inside. They won’t want to take what they can’t see.

Camping in groups is also helpful, as others around are more likely to keep an eye out for seedy characters while you’re gone.

Security System

motion sensor light

Various electronic theft-deterrent devices exist for RVs as well. From motion-sensor lights to alarms, equipping your rig is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Add theft prevention to your pre-departure RV checklist to ensure a smooth trip.

You can find loads of security accessories for your RV at your local Camping World. Have other security tips? Leave them in a comment below.

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