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Heartland RV manufactures fifth wheel, travel trailer, and toy hauler campers. They rank in the top five of the largest manufacturers in the US of fifth wheels and travel trailers, and their expansive lineup promises RVers a wide range of selections across various interests and budgets.  

For over twenty years, Heartland has introduced new RVs into the market with innovative features and competitive prices. With popular brands like Bighorn, Mallard, North Trail, and, most recently, Eddie Bauer, Heartland is worth considering for anyone in the market for a new towable. 

An Overview of Heartland RV

Heartland Pioneer travel trailer set up near a lake.
Image: Camping World

Heartland was founded in 2003 and began production a year later, releasing its first RV, the Landmark fifth wheel, in 2004. Founded by industry veterans led by former Damon CEO Brian Brady, Heartland quickly introduced new features and designs with its earliest models, such as unobstructed pass-through storage. So, it’s no surprise they garnered interest from a wide audience of RVers. 

In total, Heartland manages twenty-one unique brands across these three RV types, which positions them to meet RVers’ needs in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points. 

Several of their current brands are based on new or unaddressed consumer demand, including lightweight towables like the Sundance and North Trail or the large Cyclone toy haulers. 

Favorite Heartland Features

Heartland Pioneer set up on a lakefront beach, with campers cooking
Image: Camping World

Each brand and floorplan offers unique features and amenities worth comparing and contrasting to other models. But here are some of our favorite Heartland RV design features.


Heartland RV made a great first impression by introducing the first “Texas-sized” unobstructed pass-through storage on their Landmark fifth wheels in 2004. They’ve continued that theme by introducing “Super King Kong” size storage in certain travel trailers, which provides a whopping 67.5 feet of cubic storage. 

Described as “fifth-wheel-sized storage in a travel trailer,” this expands your storage possibilities on lighter-weight travel trailers like the North Trail Ultra Lite and Mallard. Heartland also includes a patented Super Store-More basement storage with three-sided access that boasts 30% more storage. So make sure you have some RV basement storage ideas in mind


Across the full Heartland RV lineup, you’ll see unique variations on standard RV floorplans that may surprise you. This is a competitive advantage: 

RVers want the known benefits of certain floorplans like the two bedroom fifth wheel or rear kitchen fifth wheel, but with exciting adaptations — like on the new Corterra 3.7 fifth wheel. This floorplan is familiar yet new, with opposing sofas in the living area, one in a smaller slide-out, and an auxiliary middle room to be used as an office or entertainment center. 

That’s one example of the many floorplan design changes Heartland seems well-adept to make. For other examples, check out the Trail Runner 211RD’s unique rear dining space with panoramic windows or the primary bedroom/bathroom layout of the Torque 384.

Heartland production facility
Heartland RV in production facility
Eddie Bauer units in production facility

My Heartland RV App

Heartland’s recent introduction of the My Heartland RV app gives owners an interesting tool to better care for their RV. This mobile resource provides helpful checklists and reminders about routine maintenance and allows owners to track part orders, warranty expiration dates, and more. In addition, the app includes lots of how-to content for first-time RVers. 

RV manufacturers must address several factors to ensure a good customer experience. RV quality and selection are important, but the best manufacturers offer solutions for the full ownership lifecycle. Heartland has done that, at least partly, with their app. While some users have had issues initially connecting to the app, users are happy with the resource once they are able to access the functionality and content. 

Heartland Travel Trailers

Heartland travel trailer towed with mountains in the distance
Image: Camping World

Originally a fifth wheel and toy hauler manufacturer, Heartland began producing travel trailers in 2007 to offer lighter-weight, more fuel-friendly RVs at a more affordable cost. Now, Heartland manufactures well over 100 unique travel trailer models. Its travel trailers often include innovative floorplans and significant storage options—trademarks of Heartland RV. 

Let’s look at three of Heartland’s most popular travel trailer lines: a stick-and-tin, a laminate, and a unique and recent adaptation with the Eddie Bauer line, including laminate and stick-and-tin options. 


Pioneer travel trailer against white backdrop
Image: Camping World


  • Length: 22’5-¾” to 37’5-½” 
  • UVW: 3,880-8,480 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-8

Heartland Pioneer is a stick-and-tin travel trailer brand that offers 17 floorplans. Surprisingly, their smallest unit is able to sleep up to eight, which showcases this brand’s versatility. 

We like Pioneer’s EZ Camp Setup standard package, which includes an outside hot and cold shower, LP quick connect, and TV prep, so you’re ready to facilitate a great outdoor experience and the standard indoor RV amenities you expect. 

The QB300 is one of our favorite Pioneer floorplans. It features a bunk room with a cool work table and an impressive primary bedroom. 


Heartland Mallard travel trailer against white backdrop
Image: Camping World


  • Length: 21’9.5” to 39’5”
  • UVW: 4,340-8,290 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-9+

Mallards are distinct—you recognize their aerodynamic shape almost anywhere. While compact, they offer tall 80” ceilings that contribute to their recognizeability. These laminate travel trailers feature standard “EZ Sweep” slide-out floors and the all-new “Master Chef” kitchen with infinity-edge countertops and stainless steel undermount sinks. Mallard travel trailers also include the Super King Kong pass-through storage compartments. 

Eddie Bauer

Heartland Eddie Bauer travel trailer against white backdrop
Image: Camping World


  • Length: 26’2-⅛” to 38’5-¼”
  • UVW: 4,240-8,824 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-9+

In 2023, Camping World announced a collaboration with Eddie Bauer and Heartland RV to produce Eddie Bauer-branded towables. In 2024, Heartland became the sole manufacturer of Eddie Bauer towables and expanded its offering. 

Heartland currently builds three Eddie Bauer travel trailer lines: Eddie Bauer Aluminum, Eddie Bauer Laminated, and Eddie Bauer Signature, with a total of 15 models. You will see iconic Eddie Bauer branding alongside Heartland features and designs. These RVs merge exciting floorplans with affordable luxury features that are welcomed in the travel trailer space. 

Among Heartland’s offerings, they include an impressive lineup of travel trailers, and their other brands are certainly worth exploring to discover more models and options. 

  • North Trail Ultra-Lite
  • Mallard Pathfinder
  • Sundance Ultra-Lite
  • Prowler
  • Trail Runner
  • Pioneer

Heartland Fifth Wheels

heartland fifth wheel toy hauler pulled by a truck on gravel road.
Image: Camping World

Heartland RV first exclusively manufactured fifth wheel RVs, and this segment still includes many of their most popular and well-known models. Selection won’t be a problem, nor will customization. 

Certain Heartland fifth wheel brands offer standard features across their models. Others, like Big Country, offer more customization, letting you choose your desired options and features. As always, big basement storage remains a significant benefit to all Heartland fifth wheels. 

Starting with Landmark, their first fifth wheel brand, and ending with Corterra, their most recent, we’ll get a good look at how Heartland’s fifth wheels have evolved and maintained consistency. 


Heartland Landmark Fifth Wheel against white backdrop
Image: Heartland


  • Length: 43’1” to 43’10”
  • UVW: 15,657-16,098 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-4

In addition to being their first RV, the Landmark remains Heartland’s most luxurious fifth wheel to date. Landmark now includes three models: Chesapeake, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Each offers luxury features while maintaining a lighter weight and increased durability. Choose from a rear kitchen, rear living, and front kitchen floorplans.  


Bighorn Fifth Wheel against white backdrop
Image: Heartland RV


  • Length: 36’5” to 44’3”
  • UVW: 12,995-14,460 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-6

A favorite among full-time campers, the five Bighorn fifth wheel models offer a wonderful balance of luxury and functionality. While not quite in the same category as Landmark, Bighorn still qualifies as a luxury fifth wheel. 

Enjoy oversized basement compartments, Azdel-laminated sidewall construction, and extra-large panoramic windows. You should also check out the Bighorn bathrooms, which feature marble-style showers, solid-surface counters, large sinks, and faucets. These are truly residential, and, perhaps interestingly, four of the five are rear living floorplans. 


Heartland Corterra fifth wheel against white backdrop
Image: Heartland

Fifth Wheel Specs

  • Length: 34’9-½” to 41’9-½”
  • UVW: 10,450-12,823 pounds
  • Sleeps: 3-8

Travel Trailer Specs

  • Length: 26’11” to 34’11”
  • UVW: 5,246-7,566 pounds
  • Sleeps: 5-9+

Introduced in 2024, the Corterra lineup includes four travel trailers and three fifth wheels. Its fifth wheel floorplans include a rear living model, a rear kitchen, and a lofted double bedroom option. The Corterra 5th wheels also include some of Heartland’s newest innovations, including their new TRIO A/C system to increase airflow. These campers offer residential appliances, Azdel walls, an aerodynamic front cap, and luxury design features RVers will love. 

Heartland offers various fifth wheels across sizes, styles, and budgets. Check out their other brands, including: 

  • Bighorn Traveler
  • Big Country
  • Elkridge
  • Milestone 

Heartland Toy Haulers

Heartland toy haulers are an industry mainstay. These include some of their longest RVs with large garages that push the boundaries of what’s possible with a toy hauler. But it’s not all battleships and monster garages. They also include some lighter-weight, more nimble travel trailer toy haulers that are more affordable, too. 

Let’s explore a classic—the Cyclone—and their most recent toy hauler brand—Torque. 


Cyclone fifth wheel toy hauler against white backdrop
Image: Heartland


  • Length: 42’10-½” to 47’4-¾”
  • UVW: 14,582-17,134 pounds
  • Sleeps: 7-8

Cyclone was Heartland’s first toy hauler and remains one of their most well-known and popular brands. These are large, to say the least. The largest garage on the Cyclone is 17’9”, while the smallest is 13’. Enjoy patio-capable ramps and spacious luxury bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Cyclones are great for those with big toys and big ambitions for full-timing adventures. 


Heartland fifth wheel travel trailer against white backdrop
Image: Heartland

Fifth Wheel Specs

  • Length: 36’2.375” to 46’9” 
  • UVW: 11,479-15,017 pounds
  • Sleeps: 5-8

Travel Trailer Specs

  • Length: 29’11” to 38’9”
  • UVW: 7,225-10,010 pounds
  • Sleeps: 5-9+

Torque is Heartland’s newest toy hauler brand. It includes travel trailer and fifth wheel versions, with 14 floorplans in total. Several Torque toy haulers incorporate an open concept that merges the garage with the living area. Torque includes some of Heartland’s newest innovations, including the TRIO A/C system. Be sure to check out the outdoor “Grill and Go” kitchens, which include three-burner pull-out stoves in some models. 

Be sure to check out Heartland’s other toy hauler brands, including: 

  • Road Warrior
  • Gravity
  • Fuel
  • Lithium

Who Owns Heartland RV? 

Heartland RV is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, one of the “Big Three” RV manufacturers. Thor acquired Heartland in 2010. The company maintains its headquarters, manufacturing plants, and parts and service facilities in and around Elkhart, Indiana. 

Who Makes Heartland RVs?

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While a subsidiary of Thor, Heartland is an independent manufacturer and maintains multiple facilities. Most recently, it opened a brand new facility in Sturgis, Michigan, where it utilizes cutting-edge automated technology to roll out its Eddie Bauer travel trailers. This new facility represents a continuation of Heartland’s dedication to innovation and quality. 

Is Heartland A Good RV Brand?

Heartland has maintained a dynamic production approach over the years, introducing new facilities, technology, and RV updates to better serve its customers. We like Heartland’s approach and believe they offer customers quality RVs with exciting new adaptations. Among other strengths, we expect Heartland will continue to refine its production processes to offer affordable, quality RVs that new and veteran RVers will enjoy. 

Given Heartland’s size, scope, and inclusion of more budget-friendly RVs, it has received criticism over the years from select customers who were unhappy due to construction issues or problems with their RV, service, or warranty. But these experiences shouldn’t negate the overall quality expectation from all Heartland RVs. We encourage those shopping for any RV, including Heartland, to take a critical eye on the individual unit and conduct thorough research before purchasing. 

For more overviews of the best RV manufacturers, check out the following articles: 

Do you own or have you previously owned a Heartland RV? What’s been your experience? Let us know in the comments below. 

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