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In a few short years, East to West RV has established itself as a prominent and respected RV manufacturer by introducing multiple travel trailer and fifth wheel lineups. Founded in 2017 as a division of Forest River, it has likely benefited from the support of its prominent parent company. However, recent innovations and new products have shown that East to West is a unique and formidable manufacturer with a competitive lineup.

For those in the market for a new travel trailer, fifth wheel, or Class C motorhome, we provide this overview of East to West RVs and their notable features. 

Introduction to East to West RV

East to West travel trailer being towed against a winter desert climate
Image by Camping World

When Lisa Rees founded East to West RV, her purpose was clear: to build quality, feature-packed towables at an affordable price. The company is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing, emphasizing recycling, low-impact processes, energy conservation, and waste reduction. 

The company has steadily introduced new products over its eight-year stint, with notable launches like the Alta travel trailers in 2019 (which were expanded in 2023), the Tandara fifth wheels and Silver Lake travel trailers in 2020, the Ahara fifth wheels in 2023, and most recently, the Blackthorn fifth wheels and the Longitude travel trailers in 2024. 

Why We Like East to West RVs

East to West RV being towed by an SUV in the mountains.
Image by Camping World

Before we look at their individual RV lines, we think it’s worth noting what separates East to West RVs from other campers in similar segments. With similar sizes and standard layouts across most RV companies, it comes down to features, selection, build quality, and innovation.

Here are some admirable qualities of East to West RVs.

Innovative Floorplans

While their offerings include the standard floorplans that many RVers love (bunkhouses, rear living, etc.), East to West has demonstrated a willingness to break the mold and experiment with unique floorplans and layouts. They have incorporated hybrid office areas and unique bunkhouse setups. And they’ve adapted their popular Alta travel trailers into toy hauler versions

Add in their willingness to expand their annual product offerings, and East to West is a manufacturer that looks for new and interesting developments that push the envelope while improving their core product lines. 

All-Weather Capability

East to West RV towed in a winter landscape
Image by Camping World
  • Heated and enclosed underbellies
  • Dual pane windows
  • Double and triple-sealed slideouts
  • Azdel composite paneling
  • High-capacity furnaces 

Of course, not all East to West models will include these weather-ready features, designs, and capabilities, but we see a trend. Even on units that are not rated for four seasons, East to West errs on the side of more protection against the elements. Check out Tandara and Ahara fifth wheels for full four-season capability. 

Tall Ceilings & Wide Body Designs

East to West offers spacious 81” interior ceilings, even on more affordable units like the Della Terra travel trailers. High ceilings are helpful for taller campers while giving you more storage, bunk space, and slide-out clearance. Plus, they make interesting aesthetic choices possible, like big panoramic windows or unique slide-out fascias. 

Meanwhile, certain fifth wheels like the Ahara offer 102” wide-body construction and a 6’6” main slide-out interior height. While these are not universal across all East to West RVs, they are great indications that East to West understands RVers’ needs and is willing to push the boundaries in its designs. 

Solid Construction

We like hearing about Azdel composite panels on certain East to West travel trailers, which improve insulation and reduce the chances of mold. On its fifth wheel RVs, we noticed these standout features:  

  • 2” double-welded aluminum framed sidewalls, rear walls, front bulkhead, and slide-outs
  • Walk-on roofs sealed with water-resistant materials 
  • Reinforced, powder-coated steel frame 
  • Suspension enhancements

The more we learn about East to West’s construction, the more we like. Be sure to check out Ian Baker’s factory tour of the Ahara fifth wheels below.

Energy Efficiency 

We noticed some carryover from East to West’s emphasis on sustainable manufacturing to the eco-friendly designs of their towable and motorized RVs. For example, many units include more robust solar prep and they offer several solar option upgrades. Dual-pane windows lend to more efficient heating and cooling and energy-efficient LED lights are prominent. 

Now let’s get a complete product overview of East to West’s lineup, starting with their travel trailers. 

East to West Travel Trailers

East to West Silver Lake RV set up at an outdoor camp.
Image by Camping World

East to West manufactures laminate and stick-and-tin travel trailers across six unique brands: Alta, Della Terra, Della Terra LE, Silver Lake, Silver Lake LE, and Longitude. Explore them below and check out East to West for specs on specific models and additional information. 


East to West Alta against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 22’8”-38’5”
  • Weight:  3,960-10,334 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2-8

The Alta travel trailers are arguably East to West’s most popular and well-known RVs. With recent toy hauler additions, this line offers unique, innovative floorplans, quality construction, and a selection that makes it hard not to find a unit that meets your needs. 

Check out all 12 travel trailers, including their two most recent additions, the “Alta XTreme” models, which are larger and more feature-laden, including the addition of residential appliances. Alta also offers two toy hauler floorplans, which have quickly become competitors to longstanding favorites in this space. 

Della Terra & Della Terra LE

East to West RV Della Terra against white backdrop.
Image by East to West
  • Length: 22’9”-37’5”
  • Weight:  3,899-8,745 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2-8

For East to West’s main stick-and-tin lines, check out the Della Terra and the Della Terra Limited Edition travel trailers. With 19 floorplans ranging from lightweight, compact couples models to substantial family bunkhouses with slideouts, there’s a lot to explore. 

The seven Della Terra Limited Edition models (LE) offer more affordable, baseline versions of the Della Terra line. Meanwhile, the original Della Terra includes twelve floorplans to choose from. 

Silver Lake & Silver Lake LE

East to West Silver Lake RV against a white backdrop.
Image by East to West
  • Length: 21’3”-39’11”
  • Weight: 3,679-9,708 pounds
  • Sleeps: 2-8

Similar to the Della Terra lines, Silver Lake is a stick-and-tin travel trailer that offers affordable units in a range of floorplans, configurations, sizes, and sleeping capacities. You’ll find everything from single-axle bunkhouses to dual-slideout floorplans that are perfect for full-time RV couples.

Choose from nine Silver Lake floorplans and six Silver Lake Limited Edition floorplans. The Silver Lake brand is a private label exclusively sold by Camping World. 


East to West RV Longitude against a white backdrop.
Image by East to West
  • Length: 33’9”-38’1”
  • Weight: 7,628-7,788 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4-9

Ready to meet the newest addition to the East to West lineup? The East to West Longitude boasts comfortable camping in an affordable yet high-quality unit. These travel trailers feature 5” laminated roofs, ⅝” tongue-and-groove plywood floors, aluminum trusses, and 2” Azdel sidewalls. 

The Longitude currently offers three floorplans, including a rear bunkhouse, a rear living, and a hybrid bunkhouse. You can read more details about the East to West Longitude here.

East to West Fifth Wheels

East to West has four fifth wheel brands: the Ahara, Blackthorn, Takoda, and Tandara. Explore each below and check out East to West for more specs and information. 


East to West fifth wheel Ahara against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 34’9”-42’10”
  • Weight: 11,759-14,854 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4-9

Ahara is one of East to West’s most prominent and popular brands. Introduced to the market in 2023, these luxury fifth wheels have already developed a loyal fanbase. RVers love the wide-body floorplans, unique layouts, quality construction, and the three air conditioners included standard. 

Ahara includes five total floorplans. In 2024 it received an RV Pro “Best New Model of 2024” award and an RV News “High End Fifth Wheel of the Year” award for the 390DS


Blackthorn fifth wheel against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 27’3”-41’3”
  • Weight: 7,724-13,179 pounds
  • Sleeps: 4-8

Blackthorn is East to West’s newest fifth wheel addition. These come in half-ton and full-profile models, and East to West boasts a competitive price advantage while still offering many of the same luxury details. Blackthorn includes 11 floorplans with five half-ton layouts and six full-profile designs. 

Takoda Toy Haulers

Takoda fifth wheel against white backdrop, made by East to West RV
Image by East to West
  • Length: 41’11”-46’10”
  • Weight: 16,689-17,574 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 8

The Takoda is East to West’s fifth wheel toy hauler, featuring two large floorplans capable of hauling motorized toys while offering convenient luxury and easy livability. They introduced a new floorplan in 2024 with the arrival of the 400TH, and the smaller 350TH was a top ten finalist for the 2024 RV Business RV of the Year. 


Image by East to West
  • Length: 27’3”-41’3”
  • Weight: 7,724-13,179 pounds
  • Sleeps: Up to 9

As a sibling brand to Ahara, the Tandara promises spacious luxury and high-quality features and amenities. Tandara offers both half-ton and full pro fifth wheels, totaling 11 floorplans. While bunkhouse models are available, you’ll see more rear living Tandaras than anything else, great for full-timing. 

East to West Motorhomes

Focusing on the Class C segment, East to West offers three brands ranging from entry-level to more luxurious: Alita, Entrada, and Entrada M-Class. Explore each below but be sure to visit East to West for more details, specs, and information on individual models. 


East to West Alita against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 25’11”
  • GVWR: 11,000 pounds
  • Chassis: AWD Ford 350 Transit
  • Sleeps: Up to 4

The Alita Class C RV is great for those exploring RVing for the first time or those switching from a towable to a motorhome. Like its towable counterparts, the Alita has Azdel walls and a one-piece automotive fiberglass front cap to protect it from the elements. In true East to West fashion, it comes with an Arctic package, which heats the gray and black tanks. 


Entrada Class C against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 23’10”-32’6”
  • GVWR: 12,500-14,500 pounds
  • Chassis: Ford E-450 and E-350
  • Sleeps: Up to 5

With a slightly more expansive lineup – six models in total – the Entrada is a mid-range Class C motorhome that offers a combination of luxury and functionality. 

Entrada M-Class

Entrada M-Series RV against a white backdrop
Image by East to West
  • Length: 25’7”
  • GVWR: 11,030 pounds
  • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter 3500 3.0L Diesel
  • Sleeps: Up to 5

Take the Entrada and place it on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and you’ve got the Entrada M-Class, a luxurious Class C motorhome with two floorplans, one with a single slide-out. Their shorter length makes these excellent adventure vehicles, perfect for those who prefer a diesel rig. 

Who Makes East to West RV? 

East to West RV in a winter and desert landscape set up at camp
Image by Camping World

East to West is an independent RV manufacturer. While they incorporate components from specialized manufacturers, such as Lippert (LCI) chassis and Solera awnings, they build their RVs in-house at four plants in Elkhart, Indiana. 

Interested in a plant tour? Contact East to West to learn more. They have often accommodated visitors by providing in-depth tours of their facilities and products, which we highly recommend if you are within visiting distance. 

Who Owns East to West RV? 

East to West is a division of Forest River, which is considered one of the “Big Three” manufacturers in the RV industry. East to West’s founder, Lisa Liegl Rees, is the daughter of Pete Rees, who founded Forest River in 1996.

While East to West maintains autonomy in designing and manufacturing its RVs, Forest River’s background legacy should only strengthen consumer trust in the products, infrastructure, and customer support. 

Is East to West A Good RV Brand? 

East to West RV being towed on the highway at dusk
Image by Camping World

Given their recent arrival in the RV industry, East to West has made remarkable strides in building an expansive offering of quality RVs and has earned the respect of RVers and industry experts alike. In this regard, we believe East to West is certainly worth consideration for any serious RVer looking for their next towable or mid-sized motorhome. 

While every RV company experiences push-back on quality control issues and case-by-case issues, especially introductory companies, East to West has responded to criticism with improved processes and products, which we believe is exceptionally important for any  RV manufacturer. 

This responsiveness is indicative of their care for providing quality products to valued customers. As if that wasn’t enough, they have not slowed down in introducing new models, brands, and floorplans into their pipeline to meet customer interest and reach new segments, and we like that energy. 

East to West RV Reviews

We always appreciate reading what RVers who have purchased an East to West unit have said about their experience. Some of the takeaways we’ve seen include the following, but remember that these are based on individual experiences and don’t necessarily reflect what to expect across all East to West RVs. 

Some of these considerations go back as far as two years ago, and improvements may have been made from the time of those reviews. We also can’t know or speculate the level of care or maintenance provided by the owner that may or may not have contributed to issues like leaks, electrical troubles, and others.* 


  • Accessories and details for the price
  • Features
  • Considered a higher-end Forest River company
  • Design and layout
  • Towability and livability
  • Customer service
  • Heating system
  • Fit and finish


  • Shower design
  • Faulty converter
  • Non-US factory tires
  • Leaks (Tandara)
  • Electrical (Backup camera)

Where to Find East to West RVs

Landscape shot with an East to West RV in the distance
Image by Camping World

While Camping World’s relationship with East to West is uniquely positioned based on exclusive rights to sell Silver Lake and Longitude travel trailers, we at the blog have enjoyed watching East to West rise in the RV industry and introduce exciting new products, manufacturing processes, and technologies. We certainly look forward to seeing what they have in store given recent launches like the Blackthorn and Longitude travel trailers.

Explore All East to West RVs at Camping World 

For more information on East to West and other top RV manufacturers, check out the following articles: 

Have you owned or rented an East to West RV? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below, or please tell us what else you’d like to know about East to West RVs. 

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