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One of the biggest benefits of having an RV is taking camping gear and recreation equipment on your adventures. No other form of travel is better suited to pack fire pits, camping chairs, inflatable paddleboards, and other gear in your RV to use when you reach your destination. 

With that freedom comes the challenge of organizing your RV so everything fits and you can easily access individual items when needed. With so many manufacturers increasing basement storage in their units, you’ll need these RV pass through storage ideas to optimize your underneath storage area. 

How To Organize RV Pass Through Storage

RV Basement storage ideas waiting to be organized
Photo by Camping World

The trick to getting the most from your RV pass through storage is revamping your system as your needs change. This hack is far from a one-and-done solution. In reality, you might reorganize your RV’s pass through storage compartment at the beginning of each new camping season. In fact, it’s a great task to add to your spring RV shakedown trip

But where should you start? 

Here are our tips for keeping your RV’s basement storage neat and tidy: 

  • Pick a dry day. You’ll likely pull everything out of the compartment for this task, so ensure you have a dry weather window to complete the job. 
  • Remove and refresh. Take everything out and thoroughly clean the compartment. If you don’t have one, a portable RV vacuum will be handy for this step.
  • Reorganize similar gear together. Create categories for your camping supplies. Some category examples include freshwater accessories, wastewater equipment, campfire gear, power supplies, etc.
  • Repack in bins, totes, or other containers. Loose items are the enemy of an organized pass-through storage area. Regardless of the container style you choose, everything should have a home. 
  • Stow containers from least to most used. The best-case scenario is to insert containers with your least-used supplies first, leaving the most-used camping gear easily accessible when you reach camp. Things like wheel chocks, leveling blocks, your power cord, and a surge protector should be some of the last supplies stowed so you can quickly grab them when setting up your campsite.
  • Close and lock your RV baggage doors. The compartment should be sealed until your next camping trip.  

RV Pass Through Storage Ideas

If you follow those tips, there’s not a ton of room for creativity, but you can customize your RV’s pass through storage to suit your needs. Here are a few other ideas that can help you fit your gear and keep it organized.

Organize in Sealed Bins

Stacked bins are one of our RV pass through storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Sealed bins are best for RV basement storage because things are likely to move around while you’re traveling. Open containers can spill and leave you with a mess before you even reach a campsite. Sealed bins also provide a level of protection from the bumping of the road to keep their contents in one piece. 

The right bin size depends on the design of your basement storage compartment. But I’d recommend using more smaller bins than fewer large ones. 

Larger bins have more storage space, but they get heavy quickly. They can also become disorganized messes themselves. In my experience, you’re better off organizing your gear into smaller piles and packing it into smaller bins, like these 12-gallon totes. If you need a larger option, here’s a 23-gallon storage bin.

Install an RV Pass Through Storage Tray

Camper extending sliding cargo tray
Photo by MORryde

Even with your gear organized from least to most used, you’ll still wind up climbing into the compartment to grab the last few bins. That gets tedious and uncomfortable. For some RVers, it becomes downright impossible. That can lead to neglect of items that you want to use and should maintain but simply can’t easily access. 

Our friends at MORryde manufacture sliding cargo trays for RV storage compartments. And some RV manufacturers have begun to install these trays as standard features in their luxury RV models

These trays offer 60% or 80% extension (depending on the model), allowing you to access everything without climbing into your pass through compartment. They have options for motorhomes, towable RVs, and trays in various sizes to fit the storage compartment you want to renovate. 

If you find a sliding cargo tray you want to install in your RV, Camping Wold’s Service Technicians can assist with this RV storage modification. Find a service location near you.

Secure Everything

Loose items are not one of our recommended RV pass through storage ideas
Photo by Camping World

Your RV’s basement compartment’s contents will likely shift as you drive. From bumps, turns, and unexpected stops, unsecured goods can lead to damaged goods. Open space is your enemy when it comes to protecting your gear. The more tightly packed, the less shifting can occur. 

If you can’t pack tightly because you haven’t stocked up on RV essentials yet, you’ll need to get creative. Use tie-downs or bungees to keep items from shifting, and prioritize the most sensitive items before securing items that are less likely to suffer damage.

Supplement Your RV’s Basement Storage

RV camper places storage bin on bumper-mounted cargo carrier
Photo by Camping World

If you’re running out of space in your RV basement, getting rid of gear isn’t your only option. Cargo carriers are a great way to add storage to your RV, and bike racks are perfect for your two-wheeled toys. Here are a few more creative storage solutions for your RV: 

Inspiration for RV Pass Through Storage Organization

We always love to see what the RV community comes up with, so we went online and compiled some unique RV basement storage ideas for inspiration. Check them out:

Here’s a simple idea to gather all those smaller, loose items and give them better homes: 

Here’s an RVer showing how they use their MORryde storage tray to keep their pass through compartment organized: 

Here’s a camper illustrating the labor of love required to load even some well-organized pass through storage areas: 

Here’s a wonderful before and after detailing how a single organization solution can be a game-changer: 

Here’s another example of a smaller MORryde sliding tray and how easy it makes RV basement storage: 

We hope these pass through storage solutions and RV basement storage ideas inspire you to reorganize your RV. Ultimately, an organized RV allows you to spend more time enjoying the many activities you prefer once you’re in camp. 

How do you organize the basement or pass through in your RV? Share your tips in the comments below.

  • Comment (3)
  • Gary Miller says:

    When I upgraded from a 25 foot pull trailer to a 38 foot 5 wheel, I went crazy with the huge storage area.
    However, you have to remember that you are adding weight. Everything you put in the storage weighs something.
    The slide out tray is nice, but check the weight.
    Go to a truck scale and have your rig weighed after you are loaded . You may be surprised.
    I have had several blow outs on my Montana.
    The tire dealer told me I was probably overloaded.
    Good luck.

  • Tom says:

    I use a rolling under bed plastic bin with wheels. Cost: about $15. I lift it an inch or so to get over the lip and pull it out.

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