6 RV Organization Hacks You Need to Try


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For a comfy and enjoyable home away from home, your RV needs every ounce of your creativity to keep things organized. This is especially true if you’re traveling with kids and pets.

Experienced RVers have figured out many small and imaginative ways of keeping everything in order, even inside the smallest of RV models. After all, a successful trip is about more than just packed bags and choosing the perfect campsite. Here are some of the best RV organization hacks we’ve come across. 

Toiletry Storage

Bathroom caddy

Everyone has their own set of toiletries they use on a daily basis and it’s usually considered quite personal. You need to try to keep these organized so your RV bathroom isn’t a mess. A simple and effective solution to staying tidy and clean is to have a labeled plastic zippered bag for every family member’s personal toiletries.

Ziplock bags work well because they’ll fit easily under the sink or in a small bathroom storage area. You can do small rectangular totes, too, but you may find they’re tougher to fit into storage areas in your RV. Toiletries also fit well in caddies that can hang over the door to the bathroom or even over the top of your shower curtain.

Assess your storage needs and then look for a storage option that works well for your particular RV. For even more bathroom organization, find out how to empty your holding tank.

Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

Little adhesive hooks and hangers are the perfect RV organization idea for many storage problems. The beauty of adhesive hooks and hangers is that you can easily attach them anywhere without drilling holes, and they can be removed and replaced anytime, without leaving damage or marks.

People have used Command hooks on the wall to hold iPads and Kindles, cables, privacy curtains, and so much more. They can also be used for clothing storage if you’re a little short on closet space. Look around your RV for some open wall space and then see what you can hang up and out of the way. 

Cabinetry Organizing Trays and Racks

Foldable cabinet storage rack

Most RVs have usable kitchen cabinetry storage for everything from pots and pans to food and snacks. While those big open storage spaces can be great, your RV cabinets are even more useful when divided up and organized with a rack or tray

Drawers can use a divider tray to separate items and keep them orderly and easy to access. You’ll make the most of large cabinet spaces with shelves and racks that not only properly divide up items, but help you use all of the vertical and horizontal space so none of it’s wasted.

Refrigerator Bars

Refrigerator bar holding back soda cans

Keeping everything safely stored in your RV fridge is a challenge. During a trip, these items can often be tossed around, broken, or waiting to tumble out when you open the door. A refrigerator bar will help keep items in place inside the fridge while you’re traveling. That way there are no accidents. 

Refrigerator bars are easily installed. They exert pressure at either end, like a self-supporting curtain rod, and stop items from falling from their shelves. It’s little more than a specialized tension rod, and they’re well worth the modest price.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can remove them. Other RV refrigerator parts and accessories help keep things in place, while refrigerator basics cover the necessities.

Expand Your Counter Space

Stovetop cover

The stove top is one area that very few people make changes to. However, when not being used for cooking, this is wasted space. Many RVs have a glass top that you can fold down over the burners so you have more prep space, but not all.

Instead, you can get a separate stovetop cover that matches the size of your stove. The solid cover can be removed at any time without anyone ever noticing. Just be sure the burners aren’t hot when you first set the cover down.

Velcro Is Your Best Friend

Velcro for an RV to help with organization

A million little things seem to get in the way or get lost when you’re RVing. Velcro is a very cheap investment but one of the smartest, simplest ways to keep track of all of your items. From remotes to iPads, Velcro is easy to put on and holds like a champ.

With a few simple Velcro strips, you give those items that seem to always be floating around your RV or travel trailer a more secure and dedicated home.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to camper organization. But with the help of Camping World Design Centers, you can find the right storage and organization solutions to make RVing fun. Stop in and talk to a design specialist today!

Do you have any RV organization storage ideas that aren’t listed? Leave a comment below.

6 organization hacks you need to try

  • Comment (9)
  • Roxanne says:

    I don’t own a RV, BUT, i lovRixannee to read about all of ya ‘lls ideas as they are helpful at
    home as well!!Thanks,Happy Travels

  • Deb Priest says:

    Refrigerater bars! Brilliant!!

  • Linda says:

    I can’t get command strips to hold baskets.

  • Cindy says:

    The clear plastic shoe boxes with lids are great to keep things separated and organized. Great for everything from hand tools to spices to toiletries to first aid kits. They stack too. I like the ones with lids that clip on tightly or have latches.

  • Sandi says:

    Cut panty hose and place under register grates on the floor. This keeps crud out of register vents as they always seem to be placed in the flow of footsteps.

  • James Brown says:

    I made a utensil rack using a 3/4 inch oak molding and L-hooks from Home Depot. The molding is cut about an inch shorter than the wall next to my stovetop. L-hooks are spaced about an inch apart and screwed into the molding. Two or three 1 inch screws are used to mount the molding about 12 inches above the stove top. Our trailer has very small drawers, and my rack keeps spatulas and spoons and other utensils next to the stove. My rack is installed on to the side trim of the refrigerator; this is the fourth trailer I have done this to, and often make one for fellow campers for a modest fee.

  • Joy Rogers says:

    Hubby made a sturdy 4-pair shoe rack with small dowels mounted on a 1×2 frame that fit neatly under the mattress overhang (securely attached with Command strips).

  • Becca says:

    If you are not going to move them. My husband used a little contact cement to keep mine in place. Hope this helps

  • Anonymous says:

    What a great idea!!

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