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The Captain once said that space was the final frontier. But not if you have an RV. Chances are, you’ve already explored and exploited every inch. By now, you’re probably looking at ways to create space in your RV – or at least use it more efficiently. 

One of our favorite space-creating features in our previous Class A motorhome was a built-in stovetop cover. This allowed us to maximize our RV’s counterspace when the stove was not in use. Unfortunately, our current fifth wheel did not come with that feature, so we had to get creative. 

Camping World has a great selection of stovetop covers. These vary in materials from metal to glass and, our favorite, cutting boards. But what if you want something a little more unique? Then it’s time for a DIY stove cover.

Where Did We Get the Inspiration for a DIY Stove Cover?

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

Our first idea was to make a stove cover from scratch. After all, it’s really just a flat work surface that fits over your stove – simple enough. For inspiration and ideas, we looked at some crafting and DIY sites. We discovered two things:

  1. Another name for a stovetop cover is a noodle board. History tells us that people needed extra counterspace to make and cut noodles. The name certainly fits.
  2. Wow! The amount of DIYs on this subject is almost endless. Even so, the styles we saw were all quite similar.

While these DIY versions were nice, they certainly didn’t fit our style. 

We wanted something a bit more artistic. As our noodle board wasn’t going to be used for making noodles, we didn’t have to be as concerned about using food-safe materials. If this concerns you, we suggest a cutting board stove topper.

As we thought about what would make a noodle board artistic, a vision of a priceless painting lying across our stove with a waffle iron sitting on top popped into my head. That was my inspiration. 

Why couldn’t a priceless piece of art be used as a stovetop cover? The only thing stopping me from bringing this idea to fruition was…the priceless part. So I decided to lower my expectations of what art looks like and visited a home decor store.

Can You Turn Home Decor into a DIY Stove Cover?

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

Once at the store, I realized that almost every piece of wall art or decor could work as a noodle board with a few modifications. 

The piece I was most drawn to was a wood wall hanging with an old-style nautical map imprinted. We love the ocean and all of the designs surrounding it, so it was a natural choice. It was approximately the right size as well. 

Choosing something close to the size of your stove is a good idea. Too small, and you’re wasting space. Too big and it becomes a hassle to store, wasting even more space. The ideal stove cover is the same size as your stove – otherwise, it’s counterproductive.

The wall decor actually worked great as a stovetop cover before modifications. You might find a rigid wall hanging that serves your purpose without any modifications, but we wanted to complicate things a bit. 

As I was leaving, I saw some awesome nautical-themed cabinet pulls. Then, I grabbed some jute rope that matched perfectly to the roped edges of the wall hanging. Altogether, I escaped the store for under $32.

Our Step-by-Step DIY Stove Cover Process

My thoughts surrounding the project involved a stovetop cover on which we could put our French Press coffee maker and cups and a surface that could double as a serving tray. Here’s my process:

1. I removed the original rope edging.

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

2. I measured and drilled holes for the cabinet pulls to be placed evenly spaced on each corner.

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

3. I installed four of the cabinet pulls, securing them with a washer and nut in the back. I did have to cut the thread on the pulls to ensure they did not extend too far to interfere with anything.

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

4. I ran three rows of the rope around the two short sides and one long side as a railing for the tray. I left the front long side open to conveniently place items on top. I then tied a knot on each rope end to secure it to the pulls.

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

5. That was it! Project complete! Well, not quite. The last step is really why we feel using wall art as a noodle board is perfect for the space limitations of an RV. Hang it on the wall when not in use. Hey, it’s still art, right?

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

DIY Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

We also learned a few things during this project that might help you pick a suitable piece of wall art to transform. Rigid wall art is probably your best choice to convert into a stove cover. 

I certainly wanted to fulfill that vision of a priceless painting being used as a noodle board, but to do so would require a rigid frame underneath and a transparent top to protect it. Doable but a much lengthier project. 

A few pieces of decor we liked had more of an open design while being rigid around the edges. Again, we would’ve needed to install plexiglass or another durable transparent material for these pieces to be transformed. 

Consider whether you want your finished piece to be a topper that merely sits over the stove or a true cover that extends out and has supporting edges that rest on the counter. Ours, technically, is a topper version. 

Ultimately, it’s up to your style and desired project difficulty. We hope this has inspired you to make your own bougie stovetop cover, noodle board, or serving tray thingy. Which one of those names best describes what we made? Yes, Captain.

The Fine Print About Our DIY Stove Cover

Photo by Nate Johnson @2TravelingDogs

As happy as we are with how it turned out, we want to remind everyone to never have a stovetop cover in place when the stove is in use or hot. If you have an oven, any stove cover should be removed during use, as it still could produce heat at or near the stovetop. 

Also, be mindful of any stove vents that should remain uncovered to perform their function. Always check with your RV and stove manufacturers to ensure a cover of any type is acceptable. Also, never have food in contact with any materials not deemed food-safe.

Have you ever attempted a DIY stove cover project? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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