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Tucker Ballister is our Technical Content Writer. He’s a lover of the open road and the proud owner of a 2021 Sunlite Classic travel trailer (his 3rd RV to date). Check out more of his RV adventures, gear reviews, and outdoor advice at thebackpackguide.com.

Set on the 330-acre Florida State Fairgrounds, the 2024 Florida RV SuperShow featured thousands of RVs from every major manufacturer and hundreds of suppliers and exhibitors. I spent four days scouting the newest models and floorplans hitting the market this year, and there’s a lot to be excited about. 

If you didn’t attend, let this list of favorites whet your appetite for what’s to come with 2024 RVs. This list is in no particular order. Bookmark the link below each model to stay updated when inventory hits a Camping World dealership near you. 

East to West Longitude 310RL

L-shaped couch in East to West Longitude 310RL
Photo by Camping World

The Longitude is one of the newest additions from East to West RV. They debuted their rear living floorplan (seen above) and bunkhouse floorplan (the 285BH) at the 2024 Tampa RV show, with plans to introduce additional floorplans in the coming months. 

Why I Chose It: That L-shaped rear couch

That rear entertainment area was the first thing I saw when I walked in. One side is a hide-a-bed if you need extra sleeping space, but there’s also no shortage of seating for your next camp movie night.

Check out the unique storage area for DVDs, indoor games, and other items hidden behind the TV. 

Behind TV storage area in East to West Longitude 310RL
Photo by Camping World

Many floorplans with this much sofa seating rarely boast a dinette, but the 310RL does. I actually set out my laptop and worked for a while at the freestanding chairs on the kitchen side, which allowed me a great view of the comings and goings of the RV show outside. 

Kitchen in Longitude at the Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

There’s lots to love about this Longitude travel trailer. But I must mention the wardrobe closet in the front sleeping area, complete with a flip-up storage area and a pull-out drawer below. Plus, the slide-out extends into the bathroom to give you more bathroom storage and provide a private entry from the bedroom into the bathroom at night.

East to West Longitude 310RL Specs

  • Length: 35’10”
  • Dry Weight: 7,670 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 3,572 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4 

Forest River Nightfall Ultra 21N

Forest River Nightfall Ultra 21N at the Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

The Nightfall Ultra and Nightfall are the newest additions to Forest River’s toy hauler selection. There will be several floorplans in each model introduced in 2024, and the main difference between the Nightfall and Nightfall Ultra is the interior height (the Nightfall Ultra is taller inside). 

Why I Chose It: Thoughtful hauling capability

The 21N was my top choice of the three models they debuted at the 2024 Tampa RV show (they also debuted the 25N and 27N). Features in the kitchen – like toe-kick lighting, ample drawer and cupboard storage, a large refrigerator, and a stainless steel undermount sink – stood out when considering cooking meals in this toy hauler. 

Furniture in Forest River Nightfall Ultra 21N at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

I loved the inclusion of 10 tie-downs (this will vary based on model and floorplan), its sleek furniture, and the fact that the convertible sofas can easily be removed. This last point indicates that the designers of the Nightfall Ultra toy hauler went above and beyond to make it easy to customize this toy hauler’s garage space to your preference.

Forest River Nightfall Ultra 21N Specs

  • Length: 27’3”
  • Dry Weight: ~7,060 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: ~4,427 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 6 

Coachmen Northern Spirit 2565FK

Front kitchen with window and skylight in Coachmen Northern Spirit 2565FK
Photo by Camping World

The 2565FK is the newest floorplan in the Northern Spirit and Northern Spirit XTR lineup. These travel trailers include feature-laden interiors. Consider such additions as a pull-out pet bowl tray, sink cover storage, and hidden shelves behind the entertainment center. As couple’s trailers go, the 2566FK should definitely be on your list for 2024.

Why I Chose It: A front kitchen with a view

What really catches your attention in this new floorplan is the spacious front kitchen with a panoramic front window and a skylight. Natural light while cooking is a major plus. Coming from a camper who loves to cook, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of cooking in a cave – or constantly hitting your head on the cabinets above the cooktop. 

Kitchen and living area in Coachmen Northern Spirit 2565FK at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. I was shocked by the massive sleeping area in the 2565FK. It boasts a king-sized bed across from ample closet and drawer storage. Oh, and the rear bathroom includes dual sinks with a vanity above each, so you and your partner don’t have to take turns brushing your teeth after a long day of adventure.

Coachmen Northern Spirit 2565FK Specs

  • Length: 29’8”
  • Dry Weight: 6,438 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,430 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 2 

Keystone Sprinter Limited 3810QBS

Bunkroom in Keystone Sprinter Limited 3810QBS at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

There’s no shortage of bunkhouse floorplans to choose from these days from Keystone and other manufacturers. There are even bunkrooms that can be closed off for added privacy. But this is the first bunkroom design I’ve seen with the capability to sleep up to eight kids. 

Why I Chose It: That unique rear bunkroom

For big families, or those traveling with kids and their friends, this is easily one of the most spacious bunkrooms I’ve seen. There’s even a separate entry door right into the bunkroom, its own bathroom, and plenty of storage. 

Kitchen in Keystone Sprinter Limited 3810QBS
Photo by Camping World

The main sleeping area doesn’t skimp on space, either. You’ll have a sizable wardrobe closet next to a full-height storage closet with prep hookups for a washer and dryer. And with a two-door refrigerator and a kitchen island, you’ll have storage and prep space to feed all those little campers. 

Keystone Sprinter Limited 3810QBS Specs

  • Length: 42’11”
  • Dry Weight: 13,350 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 3,650 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 12

Keystone Outback OBX 17BH

Keystone Outback OBX 17BH at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

I’ve traditionally – and maybe falsely – associated Keystone with larger fifth wheels and toy haulers like the Sprinter Limited shown above. So I was surprised to see this compact, lightweight travel trailer, built for the road less traveled, bearing the Keystone insignia.   

Why I Chose It: Rugged off-grid capability

With two current models and more on the horizon in 2024, the Outback OBX is worth a second look for couples or small families seeking a boondock-ready camper. This might be a small feature for many, but I loved the flip-down sink in the bathroom because it makes the room feel more spacious while giving you a second sink (no teeth brushing over the kitchen sink, either). 

Kitchen in Keystone Outback OBX 17BH
Photo by Camping World

What’s really unique about the Outback OBX is the soft-start AC and the solar charging system. With Keystone’s SolarFlex Protect 220i system, a 2,000-watt inverter, and an 18,000-BTU solar-compatible Furrion air conditioner, this is one of the first RVs I’ve seen that allows you to power up and run the air conditioner without being plugged into a portable generator or shore power. 

Keystone Outback OBX 17BH Specs

  • Length: 20’4”
  • Dry Weight: 3,890 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,110 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 5

Coachmen Concord 321DS

Coachmen Concord 321DS at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

Class C motorhomes always have a special place in my heart. The first RV I bought was a Class C. That unit was a far cry from the Coachmen Concord 321DS, a new floorplan in a reintroduced model that makes a perfect choice for retired RV couples looking to downsize from a Class A motorhome. 

Why I Chose It: That panoramic front window

Built on a Ford F-450 chassis, the gas-powered Concord can tow up to 7,500 pounds and boasts two slide-outs – one in the bedroom and another in the living area. While still classified as Class C, you’ll notice the lack of the traditional cabover sleeping area in the 321DS floorplan. 

Front panoramic window in Coachmen Concord 321DS
Photo by Camping World

Instead, Coachmen reduced the size of the front cap to improve fuel economy and installed an automotive-grade front window for panoramic views when sitting at the dinette. A comfortable reclining loveseat sits across from the TV, and a king-sized bed awaits in the rear bedroom.

Coachmen Concord 321DS Specs

  • Length: 32’9”
  • Wheelbase: 223”
  • GVWR: 14,500 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 2

Winnebago M-Series 2326RK

Winnebago M-Series 2326RK kitchen
Photo by Camping World

Winnebago made a splash at the 2023 Hershey RV Show when they introduced their Access travel trailer. In my opinion, they’ve outdone themselves with the M-Series at the 2024 Tampa RV show, which provides more compact and lightweight floorplans for couples, solo travelers, and small families.

Why I Chose It: The L-shaped rear kitchen with a view

Walking in, I felt drawn to the rear kitchen with those two large windows behind it. As an oft-aspiring camp chef, I love the flow of this space from the refrigerator to the two-burner cooktop to the sink. Plus, there’s clearly no shortage of kitchen storage. 

Winnebago M-Series 2326RK Sofa at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

In a trailer under 27’, you often get that east-west bed in the main sleeping area, but not with the 2326RK. There’s also no shortage of space to move around the bed and no lack of closet storage next to the bed and on the wall at the foot of the bed. 

I also love how bright, light, and open the entire floorplan feels for its size. Sure, it’s partly because my current trailer is 19’ long, and I don’t have a bathroom sink with a vanity, but I still think Winnebago is onto something here.

Winnebago M-Series 2326RK Specs

  • Length: 26’7”
  • Dry Weight: 4,510 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,490 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4

Grand Design Momentum G-Class 27G

Garage in Grand Design Momentum G-Class 27G at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

The 27G is the newest floorplan in the trusted Grand Design Momentum G-Class toy hauler lineup. When I first walked in, I noticed how much light there was in the garage, thanks to the two opposing windows on either side. It’s simple, but I feel like many other toy hauler garages get dark when the rear ramp shuts. So a nod to Grand Design.

Why I Chose It: That wardrobe slide-out

In the main sleeping area, the bed faces north-south (a big plus for me), and the slide-out is situated on the off-camp side. The entire slide-out is dedicated to clothing storage, with two mirrored wardrobe closets and two pull-out drawers below each. That’s tons of room for your clothing essentials, and you and your partner don’t have to fight over hanging storage space. 

Kitchen in Grand Design Momentum G-Class 27G
Photo by Camping World

Plus, you get a wide body design (101”) that makes the interior spacious and open, a 30-gallon fuel station for your motorized toys, and electric awnings on the side and rear for shade once you hit camp. 

Grand Design Momentum G-Class 27G Specs

  • Length: 32’3”
  • Dry Weight: 8,804 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 4,196 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4

Winnebago EKKO 23B

Winnebago EKKO 23B exterior at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

Though I’d seen Winnebago’s EKKO 22A online and once in person, I was curious to see how they’d adapt the floorplan in the 23B to provide a truly differentiated offering. They made some slight tweaks that allowed for surprising functional improvements. 

Why I Chose It: The variations from the 22A

Starting outside, the 23B is built on a Mercedes Benz, all-wheel-drive Sprinter chassis versus the Ford Transit chassis the 22A is built upon. This makes the 23B sit higher and gives you more ground clearance when exploring further off the beaten path. The wheelbase is longer at 170”, making the 23B 18 inches longer than the 22A.

Redesigned living area in Winnebago EKKO 23B
Photo by Camping World

You notice a major change the moment you step inside: The entry door is set slightly further back in the floorplan, so you step in directly across from the refrigerator and have the multi-use living area in front of you, where they upgraded the lounge seating and added a small sofa. Together, these can convert to a second small bed. Winnebago even offers an option for an inflatable cockpit bed if you’re packing the crew in for a weekend getaway.

But in a small Class B motorhome like this one, you’d expect a wet bath. I know that’s the most efficient use of space, but what happens if you need to use the restroom right after someone showers? Well, Winnebago is one of the only manufacturers I’ve seen working to remedy that predicament by creating a hinged panel that transforms the wet bath into a dry bath (and back) at your convenience.

Winnebago EKKO 23B Specs

  • Length: 24’6”
  • Wheelbase: 170”
  • GVWR: 11,030 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 5  

Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 296URK

Kitchen in Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 296URK
Photo by Camping World

Kitchens with abundant natural light and panoramic views always catch my eye. So if you share that appreciation, you’ll also like the U-shaped rear kitchen in the Keystone Outback 296URK. There’s no shortage of counterspace for meal prep, ideal for hosting guests in this travel trailer. 

Why I Chose It: Clever workspace

For the remote workers and digital nomads out there who missed the 2024 Tampa RV show, Keystone built a dedicated workspace into this Outback floorplan. Of course, I’ve seen floorplans with office desks before, but I like what Keystone is going for with this circular, swing-out stool, even if the exact length and size need a slight tweak (something a Keystone rep assured me they’re already working on). 

Desk in Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 296URK at Tampa RV Show 2024
Photo by Camping World

I liked the look of the workspace so much that I sat and logged on for nearly two hours while other show attendees popped in and out. But I didn’t leave without noting the huge kitchen island and the comfortable theater seating across from the entertainment center.

Outback Ultra-Lite 296URK Specs

  • Length: 33’11”
  • Dry Weight: 7,075 pounds
  • Cargo Capacity: 2,425 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 6

Explore Keystone Outback RVs

Some of the RVs at the Tampa RV Show 2024 are so new that we found the original prototypes in Tampa. As 2024 progresses, we’ll have more info on the newest models to answer your questions about features, specs, interior measurements, and more. 

Leave your questions in the comments below, and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

  • Comment (14)
  • Linda says:

    You mentioned several floor plans that closed off the bunkhouse area for privacy. Which ones were those?

  • Martina Truck says:

    Why the infatuation with the glass fronted Class C? A view, yes but a huge sun trap for most of the year adding a heat load to the coach that even 2 AC units battle to accommodate. Not much help with sub zero Winter temperatures either plus assembly risks of leaks, distortion of the cap and cracks from stones throw up from our deteriorating highways.

    • Hi Martina!

      I loved the extra light allowed in through that front windshield. Personally, I hadn’t seen a design like this in a Class C and, to me, it made a lot of sense for the RV couple who didn’t need that space for extra sleeping capacity. You do, however, make some important points about insulation, but I should point out that the glass front is an automotive grade windshield, much like the front window in the cab. So it’s designed to withstand the possibility of rocks and debris from highway driving!

  • Marilyn Beth Chase says:

    Why didn’t you highlight some of the smaller trailer designs? I guess it’s about $$. There are MANY campers, like me, who travel solo and aren’t into large travel trailers.

    • Hi Marilyn!

      Some of the smaller trailers that caught my eye were that Outback OBX and the Winnebago M-Series that I highlighted. Some honorable mentions would include the East to West Silver Lake 16RBLE and 18BHLE, the Coachmen Northern Spirit 1943RB, and the Crossroads Zinger 18RB.

      Unfortunately, my time at the show didn’t permit me to get around to see some of the newer offerings from folks like NuCamp, Aliner, and others. Is there anything specific you’re looking for?

  • Can you, or do you have a write-up on Class B’s from the show?



  • Steve says:

    I would have enjoyed your reviews of some of the 5th wheel trailers. I especially look for 5th wheel trailers that are not so long, especially in the length of 30 ft. or less. I have found some 5th wheel trailers that do NOTallow entry into the front portion of the trailer when the slide out is closed. Never understood how the engineers felt that was a good design, especially when the entrance to the front of the unit could just as easily been place on the curb side of the floor plan. Thank you for your reviews. Much enjoyed.

    • You’re welcome Steve!

      Some of the smaller fifth wheels that narrowly missed my top 10 were the Keystone Cougar Sport (the 2400RE is the new floorplan) and the Forest River Wildcat One 25BH. If you’re interested in something slightly larger, Grand Design’s new Influence model is worth a second look too.

      Hope that helps!

  • Ali Almuwallad says:

    I can’t trust your company already been cheated by your staff ex Mount Comfort in Greenfield Jordan. Megan. Steve. and sales manager Including my State visit plan to represent the company which I bought My Viking 272 RLS 2022 I paid cash amount since same staff running your then I confirm any Saudi Citizen will make a deal you will cheat him for your information my establishment a member of Jeddah Chembur of Commerce. Ministry of Commercial
    I am working to send email to the Owner soon to advise Saudi Dealers to avoid deal with your company and avoid stealing their Money like what your Finance Sales Parts Sales and Sales Manager

  • Richard Yood says:

    A paltry selection of driveables 2. Not much joy for the motorhome crowd 😕

    • Hi Richard!

      Some of the motorhome models that narrowly missed this top 10 list were the Winnebago View 24T and the Winnebago Vista 34R (both with very cool Murphy bed designs). I also loved that new Coachmen Concord that I mentioned above.

      Is there a specific motorhome class you’re most interested in?

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