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A longtime household name in the RV industry, Coachmen manufactures a wide range of quality towables and motorhomes, from entry-level to luxury, yet always at a competitive price point. Impressively, they maintain a loyal customer base across their many RV segments, which is a testament to the priority placed on quality, innovation, and customer service for all Coachmen RVs. 

Year after year, Coachmen produces award-winning RVs with new designs and floorplans, incorporating ever-changing manufacturing technology and materials into their processes, including, notably, their integration of Azdel composite panels across their towable units. 

As a result, there are many options from Coachmen, including multiple RV lines, different models, optional upgrade packages, and more. This Coachmen RV overview will help you understand their various offerings as you narrow your search. 

Let’s get started with Coachmen’s towables. 

Coachmen Travel Trailers

Coachmen Catalina being towed by SUV
Image by Camping World

As you explore Coachmen’s towable options, you’ll find affordability and quality across several different models. From stick-and-tins to laminates – and even within individual model offerings – you’ll see variations in construction, weight, size, and features. For our purposes, we’ve included the Coachmen pop up campers, teardrop trailers, and micro tent campers in the travel trailer category. 


Clipper Travel Trailer by Coachmen
Image by Coachmen

The Clipper travel trailers by Coachmen are their most affordable, entry-level towables that are great for those with limited towing capacity. Across their two traditional travel trailer lines (which include multiple series), you have a choice of 13 floorplans, with seven weighing less than 3,000 pounds. These single-axle units should be a consideration for any first-time RVer considering a towable. 

The all-new Clipper Camping Trailers include pop-ups, teardrops, and micro tent campers, with a total of 12 unique floorplans. 

Did you know? Once a part of Coachmen, Viking travel trailers are now a brand under Forest River RV, but you’ll notice some similarities across the Viking travel trailers and the Clipper lines if you ever see them paired together. 

Explore floorplans from Coachmen:

Explore Clipper travel trailers at Camping World.


Apex travel trailer against white backdrop
Image by Coachmen

Next up are the Apex lines from Coachmen, including the Apex Nano and the Apex Ultra-Lite. Both lightweight travel trailers are still towable by smaller trucks and some sport utility vehicles but include more features and upgraded designs. All Apex Nano travel trailers weigh less than 5,000 pounds. The Apex Ultra-Lite includes larger, double-axle travel trailers in 7.5 and 8-foot wide versions. Altogether, these two lines offer a total of 21 floorplans. 

Explore Apex floorplans at Coachmen:

Explore Apex travel trailers at Camping World.

Northern Spirit

Back of Northern Spirit Travel Trailer
Image by Camping World

With convenient RVs designed to make every aspect of family camping easier, Coachmen offers their Northern Spirit and Northern Spirit XTR lines, with practical features you’ll notice right away. Coachmen coined the term “Camping Simplified” to describe these features, which include stretchy mesh storage compartments, laundry hampers, toothbrush holders, dog-friendly features, and more.

The Northern Spirit XTR line includes lighter models than the popular Northern Spirit line for easier towing and accessibility. Following suit, these travel trailers feature innovative solutions to make the most out of every space, including the Max Bed Storage system. The Northern Spirit XTR earned an RVPro Best New Model award in 2023. 

Between both lines, there are 13 total floorplans in the Northern Spirit brand. 

Explore Northern Spirit floorplans at Coachmen: 

Explore all available Northern Spririt travel trailers at Camping World. 

Freedom Express

Freedom Express Liberty travel trailer against white backdrop
Image by Coachmen

The Freedom Express travel trailers provide lightweight, mid-range options for families and couples looking for an affordable, easily towable RV with improved design and features. The Freedom Express Ultra-Lite and Liberty Edition offer the lightest models, with the Ultra-Lite running shorter than the Liberty Edition. In total, there are 19 models across the Freedom Express travel trailer lineup. 

Each Freedom Express travel trailer gives you multiple packages to choose from, including upgraded interior and exterior features. Explore all the offerings to see which makes sense for your family. 

Check out Freedom Express floorplans at Coachmen: 

Explore all available Freedom Express travel trailers at Camping World:


Coachmen Catalina Travel trailer on ridge, being towed
Image by Camping World

Totaling four distinct RV lines and 28 total floorplans, the Catalina brand offers Coachmen’s most extensive RV lineup. T While they include a wide range of features and amenities, the Catalina brand hangs its hat on versatility, boasting many units that appeal to different types of campers. 

From their smaller Series 7 and Expedition lines that are lightweight and easily towable to their larger Legacy and Series 8 lines with more size and features, there’s something for every budget and preference. This provides a lot of selection at the stick-and-tin level that campers will appreciate.  

Explore the floorplans for the Catalina travel trailers at Coachmen:

Shop the Catalina floorplans at Camping World:


Remote travel trailer against white backdrop.
Image by Camping World

Ready to meet Coachmen’s off-grid travel trailers? Here’s the award-winning Remote line, recognizable by its sporty green paint job and large, oval windows. This single-axle towable – available in four models – comes with an optional solar package, standard all-terrain tires, an RV bike rack, and more. Featuring dual-layer Azdel walls, this unit is ready to provide respite wherever your adventures lead you. 

Explore floorplans for the Remote at Coachmen. 

Coachmen Fifth Wheels

For those looking for that sweet spot of quality, luxury, and affordability, Coachmen’s fifth wheels certainly earn a spot on our list of contenders. These premium RVs provide incredible value by offering impressive amenities and luxury design without crossing into the most expensive luxury segment. 


Chaparral fifth wheel against white backdrop
Image by Coachmen

Chapparal fifth wheels by Coachmen are an industry standard for many, well-known and beloved by campers for their functionality and affordability. The brand includes the Chapparal mid-profile and Chapparal Lite, which is Coachmen’s half-ton option. All told, there are 18 different models, so you still get a significant selection. 

Built to last, you get through-frame slideouts (no cable slideouts for Coachmen), double Azdel construction inside and out and across all sides, and an optional extreme weather package, among others. 

Explore the various Chapparal floorplans at Coachmen: 

Shop Chapparal fifth wheels at Camping World:


Brookstone Fifth wheel against white backdrop
Image by Coachmen

Introduced in 2008, the Brookstone brand features Coachmen’s top-of-the-line fifth wheels. While incorporating more luxury design features, Brookstone fifth wheels remain affordable and practical, designed for optimal functionality. Decked with Thomas Payne furniture, residential appliances, and windows galore, a first walkthrough of any Brookstone will feel inviting. 

Noted for their six-point leveling system and a drop-frame design that provides additional storage, you’ll find three rear-living models, a rear kitchen option, and a rear bathroom floorplan in the Brookstone lineup, totaling five. We also like that these, like other Coachmen towables, feature the double Azdel walls across every exterior, what we’ve heard Coachmen call “6X” Azdel. 

Explore the various packages available for Brookstone fifth wheels, including a complete solar setup, extreme temperature upgrades, and interior design upgrades. 

Explore Brookstone floorplans at Coachmen. 

Shop available Brookstone fifth wheels at Camping World. 

Coachmen Toy Haulers

While the Catalina and Freedom Express brands (from the travel trailer lineup) include toy haulers, the Adrenaline is Coachmen’s only stand-alone toy hauler RV line, so many of the features on the Catalina and Freedom Express lines will follow suit. But let’s check out what makes Coachmen toy haulers intriguing. 


Image by Coachmen

Adrenaline is an all-new toy hauler option from Coachmen, boasting six floorplans ranging from just under 28 feet to nearly 38 feet. While only two models (at either side of the length spectrum) offer a slide-out, this intentional design choice is indicative of the Adrenaline’s appeal: lightweight, affordable, and highly functional toy haulers that are towable with half-ton trucks. 

Check out the Adrenaline’s standard interior and exterior features, including nitrogen-filled tires, a Winegard Air 360 antenna, heavy-duty Dexter axles with Nev-R-Adjust trailer brakes, and many more. 

Explore Adrenaline floorplans at Coachmen. 

Check out all available Adrenaline models at Camping World. 

Freedom Express Select

Image by Coachmen

This single-model toy hauler offers a lightweight option for those who want a compact towable under 5,000 pounds that can still haul. Coming in at just over 20 feet, the Freedom Express Blast toy hauler is Coachmen’s most compact toy hauler, ideal for couples, solo travelers, or even small families.

Explore the Freedom Express Blast toy hauler at Coachmen.

Catalina Trail Blazer

Trailblazer toy hauler Coachmen
Image by Coachmen

The Trail Blazer is the newest addition to the expansive Catalina lineup and is the only stick-and-tin model in the Coachmen toy hauler category. Offering four floorplans ranging from 30 up to nearly 36 feet, the Trail Blazer toy haulers provide the functionality of a great toy hauler with the livability of a luxury travel trailer. The extended lengths are representative of this design focus, and owners will love the steel-to-steel tie-downs in this toy hauler’s garage.

Explore the Catalina Trail Blazer floorplans at Coachmen. 

Check out all available Trail Blazer toy haulers at Camping World. 

Coachmen Destination Trailers

Catalina Destination Trailer against white background
Image by Coachmen

Coachmen currently offers a single destination trailer line, also labeled under the Catalina brand. Let’s take a closer look at this RV segment: 


With five floorplans all over 40 feet long, the Catalina Destination Series offers an easily towable RV for extended living. With the rising costs of the fifth wheel segment, destination trailers are increasingly popular for full-time RVers. Coachmen’s lineup features a rear kitchen, mid-kitchen, rear living, bunkhouse, and two-bedroom floorplans, with optional upgrades like a 200-watt solar package, stackable washer and dryer, and an enclosed and fully sealed corrugated underbelly available across the entire lineup.

Explore our selection of Catalina Destination Trailers.

Coachmen Motorhomes

Coachmen Class C Motorhome
Image by Camping World

Coachmen also offers a substantial lineup of Class A, B, and C motorhomes. And, following suit with its towables, these generally appeal to those looking for quality at an affordable price point.   While less expansive than their towable lineup, buyers have a range of options in each RV class, ranging from entry-level to more luxurious models. 

Let’s cover them in order from smallest to largest, starting with camper vans.

Class B

Galleria Class B
Image by Coachmen

Coachmen offers three Class B RV lines with a total of ten floorplans They offer models built on the RAM ProMaster (Nova), Ford Transit (Beyond), and Mercedes Benz Sprinter (Galleria) chassis. 

The Nova is the most recent introduction to this segment and offers a more affordable, mid-to-entry-level van camper, while the Beyond and Galleria include more luxury features. The Galleria is the only diesel option and comes with a turbo-diesel Blue TEC engine. 

Shop the Coachmen Class B lines at Camping World: 

Coachmen Class C

Coachmen Class C RV set up at a campsite
Image by Camping World

From their affordable and functional Cross Trail to the famous Leprechaun and the luxurious Concord, the Coachmen Class C lineup provides one of the most varied collections in an already versatile segment. 

Totaling 47 floorplans across six brands, Coachmen Class C motorhomes are primarily gas units, with diesel options available in the Entourage and Prism lines. Similar to other Coachmen RV lineups, their Class C segment is successful in providing affordable, functional models for families and couples to maximize their investment without compromising on quality. 

Shop all Coachmen Class C motorhomes at Camping World:

Coachmen Class A

Euro Class A Motorhome by Coachmen against white background
Image by Coachmen

With six brands totaling 18 models, the Coachmen Class A segment offers a diverse range of gas and diesel RVs at various price points and degrees of luxury.

Explore their well-known, entry-level Class A motorhomes with the Pursuit and Mirada and their luxury lines with the Sportscoach SRS and RD (the RD claiming title as the most affordable diesel pusher on the market). But don’t miss out on the truly innovative, award-winning Euro, or the luxurious yet affordable diesel Encore

Explore all available Coachmen Class A motorhomes:

Coachmen Camping World Dealerships

In 2024, Camping World will open its first Coachmen exclusive dealership in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This location will specialize in the full lineup of Coachmen motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, destination trailers, and tent campers. In addition, the dealership’s service and maintenance department will specialize in Coachmen repairs, part orders, and renovation products. 

Who Owns Coachmen RVs? 

Coachmen Leprechaun driving in the mountains
Image by Camping World

In 2008, Coachmen was acquired by Forest River Inc., a company by Berkshire Hathaway. Forest River Inc. is known as one of the “Big Three” RV manufacturers in North America, and Coachmen is one of their primary subsidiary RV manufacturers. Coachmen was founded by brothers Tom, Keith, and Claude Corson in 1964.  

Who Makes Coachmen RV?

Coachmen Northern Spirit being towed in the mountains
Image by Camping World

While owned by Forest River Inc., Coachmen operates independently as a subsidiary RV manufacturer headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana – the RV capital of the world – with manufacturing facilities in Middlebury and Centerville, Michigan. 

Coachmen-branded motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers are manufactured in Middlebury. Its camping trailers – pop up campers, micro campers, and teardrop trailers – are manufactured in Centerville, Michigan. 

Is Coachmen A Good RV? 

Overhead shot of a Coachmen Catalina being towed
Image by Camping World

When searching for fairly neutral evidence of Coachmen’s quality, know that their towables and motorhomes consistently receive industry awards across multiple segments, which is indicative of an RV manufacturer that is doing at least a few things right. Coachmen’s award-winning RVs and reputation in the industry reflect a comprehensive degree of quality. That, and RVers who like Coachmen RVs tend to remain loyal. Though, of course, no brand is without critics.

But given Coachmen’s longstanding reputation, their ongoing effort to meet market and consumer needs, and their ability to retain products, processes, and people through their acquisition in 2008, Coachmen is a brand worthy of your interest when shopping for a new towable or motorhome. 

Want to learn more about specific Coachmen RVs? Check out some of our RV roundups that feature Coachmen models: 

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Do you currently own a Coachmen, or have you owned one in the past? What has been your experience? Leave a comment below!

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