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Making sure that your RV is being properly cared for and maintained is a crucial part of RV ownership. By neglecting your RV septic system, you introduce yourself to numerous pesky issues that could have easily been avoided.

Throughout this post, we will discuss a few tips for maintaining your RV toilet and a couple of solutions to common RV bathroom issues.

1. Repair the Toilet Seal

The toilet seal in your RV toilet serves the purpose of keeping water in your RV toilet at all times. This keeps black tank odors in your black tank. When the seal gets hardened or dried out, a leak can emerge within your toilet causing the water that usually stays inside the toilet bowl to fall into the holding tank, releasing all of those yucky smells from your black tank.

An easy fix to this common problem is to take plumber’s grease and simply apply it, (make sure you are wearing rubber gloves!), to the seal. This will lubricate the seal and allow water to come back into your bowl. Source

2. Clear Your Holding Tank Sensor

A common issue that many RVers experience is a false reading on their holding tanks. Those sensors can be sensitive, and if yours consistently reads full even after you have emptied it then it is likely there is residue sticking to the sensor. A quick and natural way to “reset” these sensors is to simply drop a few trays of ice into your RV toilet.

The cubes will move around and work to remove anything that is lodged inside your tank. Within hours, the ice will melt and hopefully clear your sensors of any residue.

3. Treat Your Tank

Tank treatments are a must when it comes to RV bathroom maintenance. These treatments work to help break down wastes and toilet paper and allow for a cleaner rinse while pumping out your tank. Anyone who owns an RV should routinely use treatments and deodorizers to lengthen the life of their system. Coming in both liquid and drop-in form, this maintenance tip is hassle-free!

4. Make Sure Your Toilet Bowl Stays Clean

Nowadays, many RV toilets come with an attached sprayer to use on your toilet bowl when the flush isn’t powerful enough.  However, if the toilet you have is an older model, or just simply doesn’t come accompanied with a sprayer, keep a small plastic cup beside your toilet. Simply fill the cup with water and pour it around your toilet bowl as you flush. Some RVers have even mentioned keeping a small plastic water gun beside their toilet to help with this issue!

5. Use RV Friendly Toilet Paper

The type of toilet paper you are using can greatly influence the behavior of your RV septic system. By making sure that the toilet paper you are flushing down your toilet is RV safe, you are greatly lowering the chances of having a clogged or broken system. Improper toilet paper can also stick around on your holding tank sensor, causing false readings.  Simply purchase RV friendly toilet paper, or check to make sure the toilet paper you are using is dissolving properly.

Have any witty tips for taking care of your septic system? Share them with us!

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