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Camping World donated this product for the purpose of review.

If you are looking to upgrade your RV in a way you haven’t considered before, you need to check out the Clean Camper RV Bidet. When you think of RV upgrades, you probably think of sink faucets, lighting, and other easy fixes found in this article. But have you thought about upgrading your bathroom experience?

This bidet has quickly become one of our favorite RV upgrades. One of the biggest things we hear about as full-time RVers is how to take care of your waste tanks, and every person seems to use different methods and treatments. However, the one thing we all agree on is that more water is better.

Here, we examine the Clean Camper RV Bidet’s ease of installation and use. We also review the bidet’s versatility and universal fit across RV toilet brands and models. 

Can You Put a Bidet on an RV Toilet?

Have you pondered adding the modern luxuries of a “sticks and bricks” home, into an RV? 

One of the household items we missed the most in our RV was our bidet. When we saw the Clean Camper RV Bidet, we were so excited to install it and see if it was the same as our household bidet. We were SO impressed when it was exactly what we wanted! This bidet fits most standard RV toilets, and the reversible controls accommodate different bathrooms and tight spaces.

Clean Camper RV Bidet At-a-Glance

Clean Camper RV Bidet in the box
Photo by Shawn O’Connell

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the specs for this RV bidet:

  • Weight: 28.3 ounces
  • Material: ABS
  • Hose Length: 29.5”
  • Compatible Dometic Models: 320, 311, 310, 510, 8740, 321, 4310, 5009, 511, 7640, and 7640 macerator
  • Compatible Thetford Models: Aqua-Magic Style II, Aqua-Magic Residence, 42161, 42169, 42153, 42165, 42173, 42157, 42163, 42171, 42155, 42163, 42175, 42159, 42162, 42170, 42154, 42166, 42174, 42158, 42164, 42156, 42172, 42168, 42160, and 42176

Learn more about the Clean Camper RV Bidet

Who Is This For?

The Clean Camper Bidet is perfect for RVers who want modern luxuries and amenities while enjoying campgrounds or boondocking spots. The added advantage of reducing toilet paper use makes this a great fit to have healthier holding tanks. It lowers the chances of a clog or issue and provides a modern touch to your home away from home.

How To Install a Bidet in an RV

RV Toilet with lid open and Clean Camper Bidet installed
Photo by Shawn O’Connell

Our first RV required some repairs and maintenance that we knew about, and we spent a few weekends getting everything up to par. We fixed things, and when we could, we made improvements. When we bought our new RV, we were grateful to plunge right into the upgrade phase, making it our own by adding higher quality, more convenient features.

Admittedly, I was nervous about getting the bidet but pushed myself to install it myself. Plumbing is something I’ve done sparingly before RV Life, but we all know that an RV and Water don’t mix well. 

The instructions were very easy to understand, and the package came with everything you would need to install, including Plumber’s tape. We shut off the water to the bathroom, laid down a towel to catch any water remaining in the line, and connected the T-Valve to the fresh water line between the fresh water line and the toilet. 

This allows the water to flow from the fresh water line into the bidet. We unscrewed the toilet seat, placed the bidet in place, and reinstalled the toilet seat. After ensuring all of the connections were snug, we turned the water back on, and that was it! 

Installation took about twenty minutes, half of which was learning as we go and being overly cautious. We have since installed a second Clean Camper RV Bidet for our half bath, and that took even less time as we were familiar with the process and product. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Clean Camper RV Bidet?

Clean Camper RV Bidet in the box outside fifth wheel
Photo by Shawn O’Connell

Our experience with this RV bidet has been incredibly positive. Those interested in buying and installing an RV bidet should be aware of these benefits and drawbacks of this Clean Camper product: 


  • Fits Most RV Toilets. Dometic and Thetford are two of the most common RV toilet brands, and this bidet fits a wide variety of their models.
  • Multiple Settings. The two nozzle sprayers allow you to choose rear or front wash, and there’s a knob for regulating your desired water pressure.
  • Water and TP Savings. Installing the RV Bidet has cut down immensely on the amount of toilet paper we use, ensuring that our waste tanks primarily hold only waste and water. This reduces clogs and sludge build-up, lessening the chance that our tank sensors will become covered by leftover toilet paper.
  • Reversible Controls. Not only is it well made and sturdy, but it is also made with the understanding that not all RVs are the same, so the control knobs are interchangeable. They rotate to fit either side of the toilet, making it perfect if one side has more clearance. These small design thoughts gave us the reassurance that the intention was there to make a high-quality product. 


While we racked our brains to come up with the downsides of this RV bidet, we honestly don’t have any. We had a bidet when we had our sticks and bricks, and this works exactly the same way as the previous residential one did. For what we were expecting, it was exactly what we were hoping for!

Clean Camper RV Bidet Features

View of RV toilet with Clean Camper Bidet installed
Photo by Shawn O’Connell

From our experience installing and testing the Clean Camper RV Bidet, we selected these top features: 

  • Reversible Controls. The hand controls can be reversed from the left side of the toilet to the right side of the toilet, ensuring that if there is a wall or cabinet next to the toilet, the handles can be flipped to the other side to fit. 
  • Controllable Water Pressure. The turn knob on the controls can be turned to increase or decrease water pressure, ensuring maximum comfort. 
  • Front and Rear Cleaning Nozzle. The Nozzle can be adjusted simply from the hand control for Front or Rear Cleaning and can also be adjusted to clean the nozzle itself for ease of use.  

Would You Recommend the Clean Camper RV Bidet?

Clean Camper RV Bidet in a box with orange flowers behind
Photo by Shawn O’Connell

Not only would we order this product again, but we already have! With close friends and family who are also RVers, we have given the RV Bidet as a gift, and we always enjoy showing it to friends as an easy, DIY upgrade.

We love the ease of installation and quality of the Clean Camper RV Bidet. It works perfectly, and we love the adjustable water pressure knob as well as the adjustable nozzle and cleaning mode. The quality is fantastic and the wooden look on the control knobs adds a high-end feel.

The most surprising thing about this RV upgrade is that we rarely think about it now that it’s installed. However, when fellow RVers come over, it’s a huge talking point. No one expects a bidet in an RV – it’s an added level of unexpected luxury! We joke that we need to keep a box of these bidets in a cabinet to hand out to guests, as we commonly hear “Okay, we’re ordering one of those tonight!”

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Do you have any questions about installing or using this RV bidet? Let us know in the comments below!

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