Is It Really Necessary To Use RV Toilet Paper? 4982

While there is toilet paper that’s specifically made and marketed for use in RVs, many people wonder whether or not it’s really necessary.

RV-friendly toilet paper is supposed to disintegrate quickly to avoid clogging up your sewage system or tank. However, recent tests suggest testing your favorite toilet paper brand to see if it’s acceptable for use on the road in your motorhome.

RV enthusiasts Russ and Tina DeMaris say they’ve found that most conventional toilet paper is perfectly fine for RV use. They’ve even developed an at-home test for it: fill a jar with water and put a couple of sheets of your favorite brand of toilet paper inside, then put the lid on and shake it. If the TP starts to dissolve after a few seconds of vigorous shaking, it should be fine for RV use.

The DeMarises say that they’ve tested many conventional toilet paper brands – both single and double-ply – and have found that most should be safe for your RV toilet.

Thetford Quick-Dissolve RV Toilet Paper

RV Toilet Paper

However, some RV experts do suggest using special RV toilet paper. If you feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry, you should opt for these brands.

We recommend the Thetford Quick-Dissolve RV Toilet paper. It helps prevent clogs and makes for easier tank dumping. Thetford toilet paper is 100% biodegradable. It’s specifically made for RVs & Boats, and best of all, it’s soft & highly absorbent.

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  1. With RV TOILET PAPER we use more and it does not work as well for the job. It is a hassle it is so thin. At home we use cottonel. Has anyone used that in their RV?

    1. Hi Sandra, generally, it’s not smart to use regular toilet paper in an RV. Go by the brands or types of toilet paper suggested in your RV’s owner’s manual.

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