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Talking about toilets isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but it is practical. As RVers, we all have to deal with the result of flushing the toilet in our RV.

While most of us are used to the typical gray and black tanks for waste water, there’s another type of toilet out there that is popular overseas and available to you. It’s called the cassette toilet, and its a different way of making the bathroom in your RV work.

What Is a Cassette Toilet?

The cassette toilet is really pretty simple. It’s a permanent toilet in your RV with a portable black tank. 

A portable black tank? Who would want to take that with them? Well, there are some advantages. Cassette toilets offer a portable tank that you can remove from your RV. It’s usually about the size of a suitcase and often comes with rollers.

This portable black tank can be emptied virtually anywhere—public restrooms, dump stations, etc. This opens up some new possibilities.

Cassette toilets are primarily found in camper vans and Class B motorhomes. The portable black tank isn’t very large and that makes transporting and emptying it very easy.

How to Determine If It’s Right for You

Don’t get me wrong. Cassette toilets are not better. They’re just different. They give you some options when it comes to disposing of your sewage waste. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves to camp anywhere and you don’t always have access to a dump station (vanlifers come to mind), then a cassette toilet’s versatility might be right for you.

If you camp in campgrounds and have no issues finding a dump station, then you might be better off with a toilet with a more traditional black tank.

Either way you have to deal with the waste. Either you get out your hoses and you empty your tanks or you pull out your black tank and go about emptying it at a public restroom or dump station.

Before you jump on the cassette toilet bandwagon, really think about if you want to deal with the portable tank. Some people have no problem doing that, but others find it far easier to go the traditional route. Personally, I see the benefits of a cassette toilet, but I would only really be interested in that solution if it was just me and my wife camping. If we had friends or family members along, I’d much rather have the traditional toilet system due to the larger black tank.

The choice is yours, just make sure to think about it ahead of time and discuss it with the person or people who will be camping with you.

If a cassette toilet sounds right for you, consider checking out a Class B motorhome. Camping World has a full selection!

Is an RV with a cassette toilet right for you?

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