Turning an RV Into a Home: An Interview with the Royals, of Crazy Family Adventure 1431

RVing is different for everyone. For some, it’s a weekend getaway. For others, it’s an entire summer or season, crossing terrain and following the weather. And for a few more, it’s a full-time lifestyle.

Bryanna and Craig Royal of Crazy Family Adventure fall into that last category. For the past seven years, their family of six has lived full-time in an RV – traveling the country and growing as a family, without putting down roots. The couple recently sat down with Camping World to discuss their full-time RV life and how they turned their RV into a family home.

To RV or Not to RV
“There was no ‘Aha’ moment,” explains Bryanna Royal regarding the decision to full-time RV with husband, Craig. They seemingly had it all – a newly built home with four young children (ages 6, 4, 4, and 2) and steady jobs. However, something was missing. “We wanted to do more, travel more, see more,” explains Bryanna. They saw other people, including extended members of their family, living full-time RV lives. The two began to question if it was something they could do too

The answer evolved into a “yes.” The Royals decided they could always pack it up and go back to their “regular life” if the lifestyle didn’t pan out.

Seven years later and still RVing, it’s safe to say the Royal family is a fan of RV living.

As a party of six, plus two dogs, Craig and Bryanna knew it would be tricky to find an RV on the market that would fit their family perfectly. Brenda adds, “We couldn’t find a model with four beds for our kids.”

That’s where DIY and interior customization comes to play. They purchased their first RV, a 39’ Class A, and set to work making modifications – adding bunks, sleep areas, baskets, and storage space to fit their family.

“Some of the renovations were done out of necessity, but some because we wanted to do it–to make it feel more like home,” says Brenda, adding, “This is our house. Of course, we want to paint the walls and make it our own.”


Finding the Right RV
Crazy Family Adventure has had an adventure indeed, just trying to find the right RV for their family. They started their full-time RV life in a 39’ Class A, but later downsized to a 23’ Class C, and then again to a 21’ travel trailer. This might seem bizarre for a family of six but they had their reasoning.

“We wanted to be more flexible in our travels, get to some places that allowed smaller rigs like national parks,” Craig explains. The smaller RV also allowed them to go south of the border to Mexico, which with its smaller roads, would have proven difficult in a 39’ diesel pusher.

The family eventually grew tired of “roughing it” and upgraded to their current rig, a Keystone Montana. This has proven “just right” for the Royal family, providing some luxuries they were hungry for including a residential fridge, bedroom areas for each child, and a bedroom just the parents.

Craig and Bryanna still did some DIY and reno projects to make their fifth-wheel a perfect fit. They removed the dinette and couch, and added a couch that could accommodate more members of their family.

They chose to replace the dinette as they don’t often eat inside, but rather at picnic tables at campgrounds. The Royals experienced their fair share of renovation blunders, like a kitchen backsplash fail, and a new couch that lost a wrestling match a mere month after purchase. There will always be some setbacks on the RV renovation front.

Full Time on the Horizon
Despite starting their full-time RV adventure with hesitation, Craig and Bryanna now don’t see any other way of life for their family. It required some growth, some fixes, some paint and some personal touches, but their RV now perfectly fits their life and they wouldn’t have it any other way.



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