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Now that you’ve decided on a Class A Motorhome, and maybe the fuel type, it’s time to narrow down your size preferences.

Class A Motorhomes come in a wide range of sizes. Here’s how to decide what’s best for you.

How Many People and How Much Stuff Are You Bringing?

class a camper and people

The length of a motorhome directly influences how much living space and storage space you’ll have to work with.

Are you traveling solo or as a couple? Are you thinking about bringing friends, family, or maybe several grandchildren on trips?

Are you a full-timer who needs to bring everything everywhere, or are you a tailgater who only needs supplies to last over long football weekends?

Also, take into account the slide layout of the Class A. Opposing slides in the main living area or bedroom can make a big difference in how spacious an RV feels.

Where Do You Plan to RV?

The length of your RV can affect where you’re able to travel.

Most campsites in RV parks have a length limit. The longer your RV, the fewer campsites might be open to you.

If you’re looking to visit National Parks, a shorter Class A Motorhome might be a better choice. They’re more maneuverable on tight National Park roads and will be allowed in more National Park campgrounds.

If you’re primarily tailgating, there aren’t too many size restrictions. Wide-open parking lots and open fields are great for large Class As.

Likewise, if you’re planning on boondocking, size is less of an issue—just make sure you can navigate to your destination. Bigger motorhomes actually do better for dry camping, with their bigger tanks allowing you to stay out longer.

How Long of an RV do You Feel Comfortable Driving?

The main rule here: don’t buy an RV without spending time test driving it.

You’ll definitely get better at handling an RV the longer you spend driving it, but the reality is, you need to feel comfortable and safe from the moment you leave the RV dealer’s lot.

Do you live in a neighborhood with tight streets? Even if you plan to spend most of your time on the road, you may not want the inconvenience of navigating a long RV through narrow neighborhood streets.

Additional Considerations

2019 Thor Motor Coach Aria

While those are the main factors in choosing the perfect RV size, here are a few more things to think about:

  • Where are you going to store your RV? Does it need to fit on your driveway or a concrete pad somewhere else on your property?
  • Are you going to be towing anything? Be sure to account for that added length.
  • Are you planning to stick to highways where there are plenty of easy-access gas stations? Or are you looking to be off the beaten path, where maneuvering your rig next to a fuel pump could be a challenge?

Class A Motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious RVs available. As long as you’re thoughtful about how you’ll use your new motorhome, you’ll find the perfect size for your lifestyle.

How big of a class a motorhome should you buy?

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