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One of the questions I often get is, “Why are RVs so ugly?”

Now, the way that something looks is subjective. For every person who asks me that I get others who are genuinely impressed with the way new RVs look, especially the Happier Camper. However, I can say that there are plenty of folks out there who want to renovate or change up the interior of their RV and repainting the inside of your RV is a great way to do that.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve ever wanted to repaint the interior of your RV. It can be a big job, but it’ll go a long way towards making your home-on-the-road feel like a real home.

Spend Most of Your Time on Prepping Your RV

painter's tape for prepping an RV's interior


When you think painting, you think about paintbrushes and the actual paint, but the fact of the matter is that you should spend more time prepping your RV than actually painting. Once the RV is prepped and ready to go, the actual painting process goes quickly.

Prep ahead of time and everything will go smoother. You should do things like remove cabinet doors (if you’re painting the cabinets), cover everything you don’t want paint on (floors, furniture, etc.), and clean the area you want to paint extensively.

When cleaning, use TSP or a TSP substitute, mineral spirits, or some other pre-painting cleaner that is residue-free. You need to have the surfaces you want to paint as clean as possible so the primer and paint can spread evenly and adhere well.

Prime First, Paint Second

Painting the interior of an RV
Image by Malte Lu from Pexels

The actual painting process can be done with either a paint sprayer or brushes and rollers. Personally, I like paintbrushes and rollers. The reason is that there’s a fair amount of overspray with a paint sprayer and that can be disastrous if you have things you don’t want to get paint on.

Once you decide what method to use, the first step is priming every single surface that you want to paint. Make sure to fully cover the area with primer and get a low-VOC primer that’s designed to go over wallpaper and laminate walls. Sometimes it will take a little more primer than you expect, so don’t be scared to do multiple coats.

With the interior of your RV primed, you can then begin painting the color of your choice. I would like to advise you to choose high-quality paint. If you cheap out on the paint, it won’t last as long and that could mean you’ll be doing touchups often and maybe the whole entire job again only a short time down the road. High-quality paint will last the longest and look the best.

Take Your Time

Throughout the whole process, it’s important to note that you need to take things slowly when repainting the inside of your RV. The moment you rush is the moment something will go wrong.

Make sure you have plenty of time to get the job done and ask someone for help if you need to. This will help ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed by the project. Repainting can be a tough project to finish, but you’ll be extremely happy once it’s done. Your RV will feel more like home than ever before.

Consult Camping World’s Design Center

Camping World Design Center
Camping World Design Center

While doing a job yourself is always admirable, there’s no shame in asking for advice or help. With over 46 locations nationwide, Camping World Design Centers help RVers plan and create custom interior design projects unique to their RV. From bedroom accessories to living room furniture, lighting to decor, and, yes, even repainting the interior of your rig, the Design Center can help you achieve the RV of your dreams.

What colors would you like to repaint your RV’s interior? Leave a comment below.

What you need to know if you want to paint the inside of your RV

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