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Whether you RV fulltime or only a couple weekends a year, it is YOUR tiny home on wheels. Just like a house, it’s nice to add your personal touch.

While each year our favorite brands of RVs are coming out with nicer interiors, it still might be hard to find one that exactly fits your style. Chances are you’ll want to update the light fixtures or fabric.  Luckily, in a small area, a little will go a long way in terms of decor. Here are five ways to personalize your RV. Does your RV need more than just a touch up? Check out why you should upgrade your RV’s interior.

1. Curtains

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RVs are known for coming with less than appealing cornices or valances over the majority of windows. They generally come in busy patterns that might not fit your personal style. By removing the factory installed cornices and replacing with curtains and rods, you can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the interior of your RV.

These window fixtures are easy to remove, and once taken out, you are able to replace with any rod that suits your vision. Most curtain rods are adjustable in size, making it easy to fit your preferred rod over only RV window. As for the curtains, they come in a variety of length which should make it easy to find the right one to fit any sized window.

Consider placing the curtain rod several inches above the window and using floor-length curtains to make walls feel taller. Can’t find the right pattern in the right length? Simply hem the bottom of the curtain to make it the ideal length. Want more privacy than curtains can provide? Hang your curtains and add custom window shades for additional light control and privacy.

2. Wall Decor

The walls come pretty much bare when you purchase a new RV. While it may seem tricky to hang a ton of decor from the walls of your traveling home, there are plenty of ways to secure pieces to the walls to give it a personal touch. To avoid putting holes in your RV walls, use Command hooks to hang decor.

Command makes a variety of hooks ideal for hanging different types of decorations. Use large hanging strips for bigger frames or small wire hooks with hanging items. While Command hooks are extremely reliable and are sure to keep your personalized pieces hanging on travel days, consider using plastic frames or only hanging decor that won’t shatter if the unexpected happens.

Ready to switch up the look and feel of a wall you’ve personalized? The best thing about Command hooks is they come off the wall easily and without doing any damage!

3. Rugs

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Just like in a house not on wheels, floor coverings can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. To personalize your RV, add a rug to any or all areas!

A welcome mat is both functional and a nice way to be greeted when you open the front door. If you have a motorhome or fifth wheel with a long hallway, a runner can make a nice transition from the living space to the sleeping area.

Consider adding a large rug to your RV living room not only to make the space feel more like yours, but to provide extra padding when walking or for kiddos playing on the floor.

4. Bedding

Choosing a comforter that fits your style is a simple way to personalize your RV. You are able to use the same bedding you’d use in a traditional home. Your bed should be your sanctuary while on the road so chose bedding that makes you feel comfortable and ready for a good nights sleep.

Adding throw pillow to the bed (and couch for that matter) is a great way to further personalize your sleeping area. Traveling with little ones? Let the kids pick out the bedding for their bunk so they feel more comfortable and ready to sleep as snug as a bug!

5. Light Fixtures

Imagine turning on the lights and A/C in your RV remotely while on your way back from adventuring.

Regardless if you buy a new or used RV, there is a chance you may not be thrilled with the light fixtures. Sidewall lights may look outdated and overhead lights may just be domes and provide nothing aesthetically to the room. Replacing light fixtures is an easy way to make your RV feel more like home. Replacing old, dimming lights with fresh RV light bulbs is another quick and easy way to bring new life to your RV’s living space. Camping World carries assorted varieties and bulk packs to ensure you always have a fresh bulb on hand.

Start with lighting in the areas you spend most of your time in. Chances are you spend a lot of time at the table and a new light fixture over the dinette will make a noticeable difference. Or a new pin-up light next to the couch will give your RV the personalized touch you are looking for. Switching out just one or all of the light fixtures in your RV is a great way to give it a personal feel.

The best thing about having an RV is the ability to take your home with you wherever you may roam. Even if you only spend a few nights a year in the RV, it’s still so nice to have the comforts of home with you. Make it a cozy and organized space with savvy RV hacks that will save your sanity. Since your RV is a home no matter if it’s 365 or 1 day a year, you might as well make it feel like your own.

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5 Ways to Personalize Your RV’s Interior

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