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The adventure of owning an RV is an ongoing one, with new and exciting turns along the entire journey. Once you have taken a few trips down the road, you may start to look at what ways you can add enjoyment to your experience, and what upgrades may be available.

Don’t stress! An upgrade to your RV experience doesn’t need to include an entirely new unit or even a full overhaul. In fact, you can upgrade your entire space with just a few easy changes. 

Focus on Your Enjoyment and Comfort

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Your RV is your home on wheels, and should be comfortable, useful, and inviting. After all, the lifestyle is what’s enjoyable! So why not take your travel space, and make it your own! RV floor plans and interiors are designed to support a variety of lifestyles, functions, and activities.

With tweaks being made between product lines and models, manufacturers do their best to accommodate as many different aspects as they can within the space. Even at their best, these designs can leave you wanting for more space, different colors, or even another sleeping arrangement. Sometimes, the best option for sprucing up your RV is a simple, personal touch!

That’s when you turn to new RV furniture. Adding a few simple new pieces of furniture to your rig, whether it be in the bedroom or living space, will help make it feel more like home. Don’t neglect your outdoor space, which will shine as living room for lounging in camp chairs by the fire.

Upgrading Can be Easy

The good news? Optimizing your RV living space is easier than ever! Whether you are looking to simplify, add lifestyle accents, or change the interior color scheme, or you want to fully redesign the furniture and layout of your unit, the options are truly endless.

Adding a coat of paint, for instance, can brighten up a room, and attaching drapes can make it feel like home! Manufacturers often will know unit-specific measurements, making ordering online a breeze. For items that are not RV-specific, be sure to keep an eye on your unit’s measurements when selecting new items!

Update When Your RV Needs It

While on the road, your RV will take on some wear and tear. You may begin to notice this with the carpeting, and even some of the cabinetry and furniture may begin to take on some dings. This is to be expected.

While creating each new space, designers sometimes opt for less weight in lieu of durability; all with the goal of creating the best product for the market. Read on for more ideas on how you can personalize your RV’s interior. While each year our favorite brands of RVs are coming out with nicer interiors, it still might be hard to find one that exactly fits your style.

How to Update Your RV’s Furniture

When taking on a furniture change in your RV, it’s good to keep a few things in mind. First, be sure to measure the entryway. When adding or removing furniture, ensure the doorway is wide enough to allow access. This is the most-often overlooked aspect of a redesign and has stopped many in their tracks. Be sure to measure and double-check your sizes, especially for RV beds.

Second, consider the weight of the furniture. When towing or driving an RV, weight matters. Be sure you aren’t overloading your rig. This can be done by purchasing RV-specific furniture items, or by sourcing furniture made of lightweight materials from a vendor of your choice. A few pounds here and there can really impact how your RV goes down the road. Reach out to a dealer with any questions on capabilities or limits to be sure.

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Lastly, extra inches can mean a full transformation. Even small gains in free space can greatly impact the atmosphere of your RV. Don’t overlook what an updated couch or end table can do for a tight living arrangement! 

Decreasing clutter and maximizing efficiency in your RV can be the key to happy RVing. Along your path, you’ll encounter what aspects of your RV model work for you, and which ones you could do without. As these come up, don’t be afraid of taking them on. You’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable these changes can be. For style, for comfort, for innovation. Whatever your reason, upgrade with confidence and adventure on.


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Why you should think of upgrading your RV's interior


  1. I’m interested in swapping out my dinette / love seat that is in a superslide. How would I go about finding the weight limits (if any) of the slide when it’s slid in vs out?
    It’s a coleman lantern 2019

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