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The adventure of owning an RV never ends, with new and exciting turns along the journey. After a few trips, it’s natural to assess how you can add to your experience and upgrade your RV’s interior to better suit your camping style. 

Don’t stress! An upgrade to your RV experience doesn’t require an entirely new unit or a full overhaul. You can easily upgrade your entire space with advice from the specialists at a Camping World’s Design Center.

Why An RV Interior Upgrade Might Be Right For You

If there are parts of your RV that you’re “living with,” don’t be shy about making changes. Here are a few reasons to consider RV renovations:

Your Enjoyment and Comfort are a Priority

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Your RV is your home on wheels and should be comfortable, useful, and inviting. After all, the lifestyle is what’s enjoyable. So why not take your travel space and make it your own?

RV floor plans and interiors are designed to support a variety of lifestyles, functions, and activities. With tweaks between product lines and models, manufacturers do their best to accommodate as many different aspects as possible within the space.

Even at their best, these designs can leave you wanting more space, different colors, or even another sleeping arrangement. Sometimes, the best option to make your RV feel more like home is a simple, personal touch. It may be as easy as adding LED lighting to illuminate the space under your awning or a new shower head to conserve water. 

Or it may be replacing your old sofa and chairs with new RV furniture. Whether it’s in the bedroom or living space, adding new pieces of furniture will make it feel more like home. Don’t neglect outdoor spaces and RV kitchens either. Adding camp chairs for lounging by the fire or investing in new kitchen fixtures can dramatically improve your RV camping experience.

Upgrading Can Be Easy

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Optimizing your RV living space is easier than ever. Whether you are looking to simplify, add lifestyle accents, change the interior color scheme, or redesign the furniture and layout, the options are plentiful. One of the easiest RV upgrades to help you save money is to add window treatments that make heating and cooling your RV more efficient. 

Adding a coat of paint is another easy upgrade that brightens up a room and makes it feel more inviting. You may just need to add home decor like a wall clock or strategically-placed adhesive hangers to make your RV more functional. Be advised that. hanging wall art in an RV is a little different than in your home, so check out these tips for hanging a picture in your RV before you do.

When sizing up RV accessories and other interior appliances you want to add, you’ll need precise measurements. Manufacturers know unit-specific measurements, so they’re your best bet if you want to order online. For items that are not RV-specific, measure twice to ensure they’ll fit before you order online. 

Your RV Might Need It

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While on the road, your RV experiences wear and tear. You may begin to notice stains in your RV carpet, dings on the edges of kitchen cabinets and furniture, or worn seals on doors and windows. This happens over time. But, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” 

When designing new RVs, some manufacturers opt to reduce weight in lieu of durability; all to create the best product for the market. The result can be interior furniture and accessories that don’t necessarily stand the test of time.

But if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, upgrading your interior can be more budget-friendly than buying a brand new RV. And if you plan on selling or trading in your RV one day, upgrading the interior can increase your eventual asking price. 

Check out 25 of the best RV upgrades by price and value.

How to Update Your RV Furniture

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While each year our favorite brands of RVs are coming out with nicer interiors, it still might be hard to find one that exactly fits your style. That’s when personalizing your RV’s interior becomes your best option. 

When making a furniture change in your RV, it’s good to keep a few things in mind. First, be sure to measure the width of your RV door. When adding or removing furniture, ensure the doorway is wide enough to allow access.

This is the most overlooked redesign aspect and has stopped many in their tracks. Be sure to measure and double-check your sizes, especially for RV beds and larger interior accessories.

Second, consider the weight of the furniture. When towing or driving an RV, weight matters. Be sure you aren’t overloading your rig. This can be done by purchasing RV-specific furniture items or by sourcing furniture made of lightweight materials from a vendor of your choice.

A few pounds here and there can really impact efficiency on your next RV road trip. Reach out to a dealer with any questions on capabilities or limits to be sure.

Extra inches can mean a full transformation. Opening up your floorplan or adding storage space can greatly impact the atmosphere of your RV. Don’t overlook what an updated couch or end table can do for a tight living arrangement! 

How To Paint an RV Interior

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A fresh coat of paint can completely alter the interior feel of your RV. But you’ll need to be careful to find the right paint for the job. Start by consulting your RV manufacturer to find paint brands that will adhere to your RV walls.

From there, most of the time is spent in the prep stage. Tape off everything that you don’t want to paint. That means cabinet edges, flooring seams, and anywhere interior appliances or accessories contact the walls.

Then, you’ll need to cover your RV furniture and countertops to protect them from paint drippings. Take the time to cover anything you don’t want to be painted.

Then, you’ll need to prime the walls before you paint them. Unless you plan to remove the wallpaper that originally came with your RV, priming preps your walls and allows the paint to adhere. This may require multiple coats before you apply the first coat of paint.

Read more advice on everything you need to know to repaint the inside of your RV.

How to Replace RV Flooring

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In many older RVs, the carpet can be in rough shape. It may be aesthetically displeasing, but it may also be holding years of dander and allergens that aren’t great for your RV’s inhabitants. If you want to replace your RV flooring, your first step is to consider alternative flooring options.

Laminate and vinyl flooring are two of the most popular choices for modern RVs. They provide good water resistance, and they are relatively durable. They are also easy to clean and affordable as a flooring replacement choice.

The toughest part about this RV DIY project is removing your RV furniture. Cutting out old carpet and laying new flooring really isn’t that difficult. But everything has to be out of the way if you really want to do this job correctly.

And in many cases, RV manufacturers bolt furniture in place before completing the exterior walls of an RV. That means removing that furniture and getting it out your RV door is impossible.

That’s why consulting a design specialist about flooring options and replacement procedures is your best bet. Check out more tips for updating your RV flooring to help you prep for this renovation project.

Why Trust A Camping World Design Center?

Camping World Design Center Design Specialist
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With over 46 locations nationwide, Camping World Design Centers help RVers plan and create custom interior design projects unique to their RV.

Created specifically to assist the RV enthusiast in achieving the ultimate home away from home, Design Specialists recommend products and design elements that are budget-friendly and aesthetically desirable.

With RV mattress and bedroom furniture options from brands like CozyWay and Enclave, as well as RV furniture selections from names like Kathy Ireland and Thomasville, you can renovate your RV from front to back or room by room – the possibilities are endless.

Decreasing clutter and maximizing efficiency are keys to happy RVing. Learn which aspects of your RV model work for you and which you could do without. As opportunities for RV home improvement arise, take them on. RV interior upgrades can be surprisingly easy and affordable.

For style, comfort, or innovation; whatever the reason, make RV upgrades with confidence and adventure on!

Looking for new furniture in your RV? Check out the offerings at Camping World.

Why you should think of upgrading your RV's interior

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