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Whether you have a motorhome, a travel trailer, or a fifth-wheel RV, you’re going to still want to have some camping furniture for outside your RV. This kind of furniture will give you a place to sit around a campfire, relax under an awning, or just take a load off after a long day of hiking and sightseeing.

While any camp chair will be better than none, I’ve found the reclining camp chairs with footrests are the best. They really allow you to get comfortable and enjoy lounging outdoors. There are plenty of chairs out there, but I thought it best to showcase some of my favorites. Here are my top five choices.

1. XL Deluxe Zero Gravity Recliner

XL Deluxe Zero Gravity Recliner

The XL Deluxe Zero Gravity Recliner is possibly one of the more comfortable camping recliner chairs out there. It features a padded seat and seatback that also uses elastic lacing to make you even more comfortable. It features a locking mechanism to lock the chair in a specific position. This helps make it extremely easy to recline with your feet up. It also has a small tray to the right side with a cup holder and an adjustable head pillow. It’s perfect for lounging at the campground or at a tailgating event.

2. Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger Black/Grey

Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger Black/Grey

Another option a lot like the one above is the Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger. This chair offers much of what that chair offers, but it lacks the back padding. It has the locking mechanism and adjustable headrest to allow you to pick your comfy spot and stay there and the elastic lacing to help keep you comfortable. Although it lacks the padding on the seatback, it comes with a mesh material that will offer better airflow, keeping you cool on those hot days. The chair also comes with a small tray that is slightly larger than the one on the chair in the first spot.

3. Zero Gravity Recliner, 2 Pack


Zero Gravity Recliner, 2 Pack

Like the idea of the chairs above but need two? If you buy the Zero Gravity Recliner Pair, you’ll get two of these chairs for roughly the same price as one of the ones shown above. These chairs lack some of the padding in the seat, but they still come with a locking mechanism, adjustable headrest, and elastic lacing that will keep you comfy for hours. You can lounge with your significant other or sit back and enjoy a beverage with a friend easily in these recliners.

4. Mesh Canopy Zero Gravity Recliner


Mesh Canopy Zero Gravity Recliner

If you want truly breathable fabric on your camp recliner, then the Mesh Canopy Zero Gravity Recliner is the chair you want. The woven polyester material that makes up the seat allows for plenty of airflow while still being extremely durable. Pair that with the elastic lacing and you have a chair that works extremely well on hot summer days of keeping you comfortable. This chair, like a couple of the others shown above, features a nice fold out tray with a cup holder, giving you a place to put a beverage and some snacks if you have them.

5. Zero Gravity Recliner, Green

Zero Gravity Recliner

Last and certainly not least is the basic Zero Gravity Recliner. While it lacks some of the features of the other chairs on this list, you can’t beat its price. Although it doesn’t have the unique mesh material of the chair above, the padding of the first chair on this list, or the little fold-out table, it does come with the elastic lacing and a smooth and comfortable textile material as well as a locking mechanism for reclining, and an adjustable headrest.

These are five of the best reclining camp chairs with a footrest. On a nice day, you’ll want an outdoor lounger, especially after hiking, fishing, or mountain biking. If you’re not interested in a reclining camp chair, there are several other designs out there.

I highly recommend a camp chair for outside your RV, but don’t forget about customizing cozy interior RV furniture too. Rainy days call for comfy interiors. Relax indoors with Camping World’s selection of RV furniture.


Do you own a reclining camp chair? Leave a comment below!

5 Best Reclining Camping Chairs with Footrests

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  1. I used to go camping and loved it. There’s nothing like sitting back in a camping recliner to relax.
    These type of recliners sure have come a long way over the years. The zero gravity is the best. The best part is that they fold up and don’t take up much room!
    Are these good for larger people?

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