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Your RV comes equipped with all the furniture you need for inside. However, you’re not going to be spending all your time inside the RV. In fact, you’ll likely be spending far more time outside your RV doing all kinds of activities and games.

While there are picnic tables at many campgrounds, that’s not going to be perfect for everyone and you might want more or just different types of furniture.

Here’s a look at the types of furniture and decor you should think about packing and bringing with you. These items should easily fit in your camper’s exterior storage and passthrough storage areas.

Camp Chairs

camp chair

Having a good camp chair at your campsite is an absolute must. After a long day of hiking or swimming or mountain biking, you’re going to need a place to sit and relax. While you can always do that inside your RV, it’s smart to have something outside your RV.

There are a wide variety of camp chairs available from simple foldable or collapsible chairs to more elaborate recliner camp chairs. Choose the one that suits how you like to travel and your seating preferences. Personally, I like a simple collapsible camp chair because they’re easy to put away. I don’t like to leave my camp chairs out if I’m not at the campground.

Patio Mats and Step Rugs


outdoor rug or mat

It can be easy to track a lot of dust, dirt, and grime into your RV while camping. A mat or small rug right inside the door can help, but putting a large outdoor rug or mat outside the door will help even more. If you plan on deploying your camper’s awning, then think about putting down a large rug or mat for your RV’s patio area.

These rugs are designed for outdoor use and many even come with stakes to anchor down the corners, giving you a good place to take off dirty boots or at the very least wipe your feet before entering the RV. You can also get small mats for the individual steps up into your RV. These work great as a place for you to wipe your feet.

Camp Tables

Camp table

As I’ve said above, your campsite will likely come with a picnic table of some kind. However, an additional table can be helpful for food prep, a place to set snacks or whatever else you need. If you have camp chairs, a small end table can be ideal for drinks.

There are plenty of foldable tables out there of various sizes that can be exactly what you need. You can get a simple table with a plastic top or something with built-in cup holders. There are even tables designed for your portable grill. For the cooking itself, make sure you have all the essential campfire accessories.

Having these three different kinds of camp furniture can make your life a whole lot better. No matter what campsite you’re at, you’ll be able to get comfortable.

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Outdoor camping furniture you should take with you on your next trip

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