Ultimate Dog Lover Guide to RVing 22101

Looking to take your four-legged friend along on your next RV Trip? Being prepared is essential to making travel enjoyable for you both. RVing wouldn’t be near as fun if we couldn’t share the adventure with our furry friends. Consider these 10 items when planning for your next adventure:

1. Pet Bowl

Worried about messes? Avoid spills in your RV by getting a dog bowl that comes with a containment area. This product also comes with 2 stainless steel bowls that are easy to disassemble for cleaning and refilling. Bonus – this style of pet bowl is elevated to alleviate neck strain and promote better digestion.

2. Pet Bed

Comfort when traveling with your best friend should be a top priority. Both comfortable and sturdy, this foldable pet bed will make your dog feel right at home. It’s compact and convenient to store away when not using it.

3. Retractable Cable Tie Out

Let your dog roam free for up to 15 feet with a retractable cable tie-out. It stakes into the ground and rotates 360° to keep your pet secure at the campsite. There is also a reflective strip on the reel that allows you to easily see it at night, so you can avoid tripping over ropes or cables.

4. Pet Fence

If you prefer to keep your dog safe and contained with a fence this one’s for you! It stands 36” tall and you can even buy extensions to expand the fence depending on how big your campsite is. The pet fence folds flat for convenient storage and transport. There’s no better way to let them enjoy the outdoors safely when you are occupied.

5. Retractable Leash

Hiking or simply walking around the campsite and want your dog at your side? This leash gives you control and security over your pet. Walk your dog with confidence and style!

6. Waste Bag

Make cleaning up after your pup a breeze with these waste bags. It has a zip-close dispenser for the bags that can be attached to a belt loop, backpack, or leash for easy, quick access while walking your dog.

7. Pet Tee

Nothing says happy camper like a camping boss tee! Style your pup up with some festive apparel this season. More dog clothes are available online or in stores.

8. Rug

Spice up your décor with a dog-themed rug. This works both indoors and outdoors. Its durability makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and porches. And not to mention – it’s adorable!

9. Collapsible Dog Swimming Pool

The Collapsible Dog Swimming Pool creates a personal fun splash zone for your dog. Made with a durable vinyl shell, this portable dog pool sets up easily on any outdoor flat surface. Simply unfold and fill with water. No inflation needed. When finished just unscrew the drain cap to let the water out and fold it flat for storage. Makes a great place for your dog to cool off after playing. Can also serve as a handy pet bathtub to take with you on the road.

10. Coaster


A reminder to all dog lover’s that you never have to camp alone. Making memories with our four-legged friend is what RVing is all about! These coasters are soft, won’t harm any source, and dishwasher safe. Makes for a great gift to your RV friends who, just like you, travel with their pup.

Be sure to check out other pet products, including pet furniture, toys, grooming supplies, waste management, and more to ensure your pup has everything when hitting the road. Tell us below what else you would add to our Dog Lover Guide. Happy travels!


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