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When it comes to RVing, having fun isn’t the only prerequisite. There are several RV must haves if you want to get the most out of your adventures on the road.

Everyone has a different idea of what are “must have” items, but this collection of all of our must-have lists is a good place to start in customizing your own camping experience.

You’ll find essentials here for a full-timer or weekend warrior, nomads working from the road and escaping the 9-to-5, travelers pulling a travel trailer, or driving a Class A motorhome. Your RV trip will be better — arguably your best — if you stock up on everything you must have for RVing.

Must-Have Kitchen Essentials

Design Center Upgraded RV Kitchen Appliances
Image: Camping World

The heart of every home, even your home-away-from-home, is the kitchen. The table is the place where everyone comes together over a warm meal, a family game, or cozy drinks after a long day. In the kitchen and at mealtime, conversations turn into memories.

So, what are the must-have essentials that take your RV kitchen from standard to superb? I’m glad you asked. Check out the must-have kitchen essentials below:

  • Cast Iron Skillet. It’s a camping cooking staple. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and durable. You can take it from your RV kitchen to the campfire creating numerous one-pan meals in the process. Check out the Lodge 6.5” Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, perfect for frying eggs or bacon!
  • Food Storage Containers. Whether you are meal prepping or storing leftovers, food storage containers are super convenient. The Thinstore Collapsible Bowls, for example, take up very little room when not in use while their leak-resistant lids help reduce spills when storing food. Food storage containers help eliminate single-use plastic too, essential for sustainable traveling.
  • Quality Cookware Set. Space is limited in an RV kitchen, so it’s a good idea to opt for items that stack together to save space without sacrificing function in the long run. Take a look at the Granite Stone Stackmaster 10-Piece Cookware Set, an ultra-nonstick set of pots and pans that nest inside one another to maximize space inside your cabinets.

More RV must haves for the kitchen:

RV Must-Have Kid and Pet Essentials

Girl and Dog at RV Campground
Image: Camping World

There’s no denying the value that comes with experiencing travel as a family,. Experiencing it through the eyes of a child, both human and the furry kind, takes the adventure to an all-new level.

For some, kids or pets in tow encourage taking the path less traveled. Prepare for traveling with the group with gear that makes things easier.

3 Must-Have Essentials for the RV Kid

  1. Day-Night Roller Shades. The perfect solution to keep kids from rising with the sun.
  2. Games & Toys. Keep the little ones (and adults, too) entertained while on the road.
  3. State Sticker Map. Get them in on the fun of traveling by tracking their own adventures.

More must-haves for RV life with kids.

3 Must-Have Essentials for the RV Pet

  1. Waggle RV Pet Monitor. Get real-time updates on your mobile device regarding the temperature of your RV and keep your pets safe when you step away for a minute.
  2. Lippert Screen Defender Entry Door Screen Protector. Protect your RV screen door from damage by providing an additional layer that keeps your pet safe at the same time.
  3. Portable Water Bowl. Ideal for hikes, long rides, and campsites to quench your pup’s thirst quickly and conveniently.

That’s not all! More RV must-have pet essentials:

Must-Have Winterization and Storage Essentials

Image: Camping World

While winter RV camping is definitely a thing, many RV enthusiasts choose to snooze their adventures for the colder months. The result? The camper gets tucked in for a long winter’s nap.

Don’t let the idea of winterizing your RV cause stress though! It’s not as challenging as you might think, especially with these seven must-haves for RV winterization.

Think of storing your RV as the easiest way to protect it. And what makes that process even easier? With must-have products for storing your RV, of course.

More details about winterizing and storing your RV:

Must-Have Electronics and Accessories for RVing

Holcombe Famagogo Family Driving Winnebago RV
Famagogo Family drives their Winnebago RV from one white water destination to the next with the latest technology.

Depending on who you ask, there are a ton of electronics and accessories that are considered must-haves when it comes to RVing. We’ve rounded up a few of our tried-and-true favorites that are sure to enhance your next trip.

RV Must-Have Electronics

  • RV-Specific GPS. Unlike a map app on your phone or a standard GPS unit, an RV-specific GPS will alert you to factors specific to RVing like downhill grades, sharp turns, and bridge heights.
  • Rear View and Trailering Camera System. Unfortunately, mirrors can only reflect so much and blind spots tend to be everywhere. With a trailer rearview camera system, a series of mounted cameras are your eyes where you need them the most.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Monitoring your tire pressure levels can be your lifeline while on the road. With a tire pressure monitoring system, you can electronically monitor each individual tire at all times.

Must-Have Accessories

  • Surge Protectors. Protect your RV from unwanted power surges with a quality surge protector.
  • Leveling Blocks. Having your RV level is super important when it comes to the performance of your appliances as well as your comfort. Get it right every time with leveling blocks.
  • RV Toilet Paper. It’s the epitome of an RV must-have item! RV toilet paper is specially formulated for RV septic systems.

Must-Have Boondocking Essentials

Truck camper aerial view with couple around campfire
A truck camper is an agile RV for boondocking in remote locations.

For the RVer that chooses to boondock, a must-have list is appreciated so you don’t head out of reach without the right gear. There are a few things that your RV must have to make boondocking easier and enjoyable (check out three below). Otherwise, your trip may risk running off the rails when you simply wanted to be off the grid instead.

  1. Generator. A trusty generator can help run your appliances, especially your AC. While onboard generators come with many RVs, not all RV manufacturers include them as a standard option.
  2. Power Inverter. With an inverter, you can do simple tasks like making coffee or charging your devices without connecting to shore power.
  3. Water Heater. If you’re looking for hot water even when you’re not plugged into shore power, then an efficient water heater is a must. By circulating water through your pipes when the water isn’t in use keeps the water hot on-demand.

More information about boondocking:

There you have it! Everything you must have for RVing — well, other than a love for the adventure of course.

What did we forget to mention? Tell us in the comments below.

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