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There will come a time in every RV owner’s life when they stop to wonder: how much is my RV worth? Whether you’re looking to finance, sell, trade it in, or upgrade by purchasing a new RV, you still want to learn what your RV is worth before exploring any of those options.

There are several factors to consider when you are trying to evaluate the value of your RV. While age is important, what holds your RV’s value the most is its condition. How well have you taken care of your RV? Through trip after trip, memory after memory, how well has your RV held up? How much more life does it have in it?

When it comes to selling, you want your RV to look its best for potential buyers. Follow the tips below to have your RV ready for its close-up.

RV Selling Tips

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Make it as “showroom ready” as you possibly can. Effort gains rewards. If you keep your RV in tip-top shape over the years, then you’ll get the most out of it when it comes to trading your RV in or selling it.

We recommend you make an honest appraisal of your RV. Create a checklist of those items that will gain the most attention from a prospective buyer. Break this checklist down to Exterior and Interior.

Cosmetic changes can upgrade your RV’s value quickly. No one expects perfection with a well-traveled RV, but no one will pay good money for a leaky one either.

The RV’s Exterior

  • How faded is the paint? Can it be touched up a exterior paint job?
  • Would a good wax job benefit your RV?
  • Cracks in fiberglass or dents in panels—can those be easily repaired?
  • Are all light fixtures operating and have bulbs?
  • The roof—when was the last time it was re-sealed? Is there noticeable water damage from a leaky roof?
  • Is the A/C unit in a good position and in good shape? Is there recent caulking around it?
  • How do the LP tanks look? Are they free of rust? Were they covered and are the covers still on your RV?
  • Was your RV covered for winter storage? The grime and dirt on the cover can tell a prospective buyer how well you protected and took care of your RV during the off-season and colder months.

The RV’s Interior

  • Is the floor clean and free of cracks? An older RV free of cracking means its owner took care to store it in a place where temperature extremes wouldn’t affect it.
  • Are your appliances in good shape and in working order? Most importantly, the refrigerator and stove. These appliances are usually RV-specific—the new owner will have to replace them with a specific RV stove or RV refrigerator. Do you still have the manuals? Buyers are impressed and thankful for this level of organization, attention to detail, and forethought.
  • Is the bathroom clean? Make sure everything functions well, all personal items have been tucked away or removed, and the bathroom smells fresh and looks clean. This ensures it won’t be a topic of negotiation at all.
  • Did you travel with pets? Clean the RV so that no one can tell a pet has ever been there.
  • General aesthetics—make sure everything looks neat and clean. You can’t make someone love your RV’s interior style and decor, but you can certainly make someone appreciate the care you put into it.

Other RV Selling Tips

Traveling RV
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For a motorhome—Class A, Class B, or Class C—its condition also includes the engine, tires, and mileage. It’s a motor vehicle and its value is very much tied to those specific parts and their performance.

Keep great records of your RV’s service. It’s the best way to prove how well you have taken care of your RV, and you’ll give yourself the best chance to get the highest compensation in return. The place(s) that have serviced your RV should be able to print out the records for you in the event you aren’t able to locate them.

Sell Your RV with Camping World

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Photo by Camping World

While there are plenty of options to consider when selling your RV, the easiest might be through a retailer. Camping World has an easy, 3-step process for selling your RV that’s straightforward and convenient, especially for you the seller.

  1. Bring us your RV. Bring your RV to your local Camping World. We’ll perform a safety inspection, clean your RV, take professional photos, and market your RV through our nationwide dealer network and website.
  2. Let us do the legwork. Once we have your RV in our inventory, we will market it to millions of potential buyers. We will set appointments with prospects, walk them through the RV, and help them with trade-ins and financing.
  3. Collect your money! Our experienced staff will handle all of the paperwork to finalize the sale — close your current bank loan and transfer the title of your old RV to the new buyer. Once done, you’ll receive a check.

Find Out Your RV’s Worth with a Quick Tool

Selling and Buying an RV
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A simple way to get an idea of what your RV is worth at any time, whether you’re planning to sell or not, is by using Good Sam’s RV Quote Valuator. Enter your RV information (year, make, model, trim) and your zip code into the appropriate fields and find out how much your RV is worth at first glance.

Have you been through the RV selling/trade-in process before? Let us know your tips in the comments below!


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