10 Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom 14375

RV bathrooms are one of the trickiest areas to keep orderly. They are usually the smallest space in the rig and are short on spots to stash everyday items. But every seasoned camper knows that keeping a clean and organized RV is the secret to camping bliss. These storage ideas for your bathroom offer savvy solutions to curbing clutter. Explore some of our favorite creative storage solutions and leave your own ideas in the comments.   

1. Hanging Pocket Organizer

Shower storage is in short supply in an RV. Accommodate multiple shampoo, conditioner, and bath wash containers with a shower curtain organizer. Your toiletries will always be at your fingertips

2. Drawer Storage Box

Keep small items like earrings or coins organized with a divided storage box. Small items move around as the RV rolls down the road. Keep everything together and organized with a snap lid and small dividers.

3. Storage Baskets

Keep open shelving looking tidy with storage baskets. Label each basket to find things quickly, like “extra towels or “bug sprays and sunscreen.” Match the baskets with your décor and you’ve got a sharp-looking bathroom that’s organized too. 

Storage baskets for the bathroom

4. Magnetic Wall Storage

Magnets are an RV’ers best friend. A no-drill solution, magnet wall storage solution provides a stronghold without damaging your RV walls. Look for heavy-duty peel and stick magnets online. Mount the magnets to your RV walls and then snap on this handy wall storage so you can easily access items like Q-tips, cotton balls, or toothbrushes.

Magnetic Wall Storage

5. Peel-and-Stick Wall Hooks

Drilling into your RV walls can seem daunting. If you would rather not risk putting deep holes in your wall, try heavy-duty adhesive hooks. These command hooks are made for outdoors, which makes them great for a high humidity space like the bathroom. Rated by the pound, the hooks are ideal for light items like umbrellas or raincoats. If you’d like to remove them, they release from the wall without leaving behind damage. 

6. Collapsible Laundry Basket 

The laundry basket is always the hardest item to find space for in an RV bathroom. Try this camp-themed collapsible storage container to house dirty laundry. It doesn’t take up too much space when expanded, and when not in use, can shrink down and fit underneath the sink.  

7. Over-the-Cabinet Basket

An over-the-cabinet basket creates organization within under-sink cabinets. Be sure to measure your cabinet depth before buying an over-the cabinet basket. This device does not work on all cabinets, but when it does it makes storage oh so simple. 

8. Clear Storage Bins for the Medicine Cabinet

See all your medicine bottles or toiletries with at a glance with this clear storage bin. Rocky rides can jostle around loose items in cabinets and cupboards while you’re on the road. Keep them stationary with small bins designed for narrow medicine cabinets.

9. Suspended Tissue Holder

RV counter space is always in short supply. Keep your counters clutter-free by mounting your tissues up and out of the way. This suspended tissue holder mount also keeps tissues in place in transit. Fewer loose items mean a cleaner RV. 

10. Shower Caddy Storage

Create instant shower storage with a caddy that hooks over your RV’s shower head. This bamboo caddy adds a touch of style and minimalism to a shower setup. Use sticky museum putty to keep the caddy from swinging around. Access your soap, shampoo, and shaving cream without having to reach down at your feet.


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