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There’s nothing more important than staying safe and healthy on the road. For both full-timers, road-trippers, and weekend warriors, staying in good health while traveling is a priority. Eating healthy recipes, and staying fit and mobile may help keep doctor’s visits down. Still, health insurance should be an important part of your pre-departure checklist. Though it can be confusing at times, there are a number of options for traveler’s insurance 

RV’ers who plan on living and traveling in their rig full time, or even part of the year, should take note of some important enrollment periods for Medicare and ACA Health Insurance.

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It goes without saying, that health insurance is not the same for everyone. Consider the features of your health and history. Add on your activity level, place of permanent residence, employment, and income and you’ve got a unique set of characteristics used for choosing a plan best suited for youCamping World is not an insurance broker or healthcare professional and is not offering healthcare advice or guidance. Always solicit the help of an insurance professional who can help you choose a plan that takes into account your unique healthcare needs. 

Why RVer Health Insurance is Different 

Traditional health insurance plans are typically limited to an area, like a state. For full-time roamers, this sort of plan may not work. A simple workaround would be to batch your doctor’s visits and schedule them when you plan to be in your home state. To cover an accident while traveling, supplemental emergency packages may be a smart add-on. 

For those that cannot operate within a narrow geographic network, there are RV traveler specific health plans that have no network. They usually feature benefits like telemedicine and remote-based care. Navigating health insurance options suitable for this unconventional lifestyle can be a real headache. But, there are several companies that make the process easier.  

RV’er Insurance Exchange: This broker is a one-stop-shop for insurance. Bundle your health insurance with other packages like RV insurance and pet insurance.  

Nomad Insurance Group: Kyle Henson, an insurance broker and full-time RV’er himself is a real expert on the matter. His insurance group can help you find a variety of plans. The catastrophic coverage I got through Kyle this year helped save me from an $800 MRI bill after tearing my MCL in Arizona! Digital nomads will find his knowledge of coverage for the self-employed helpful. A popular supplement plan covers the entire family with telehealth for as little as $20 a month. 

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Health Insurance for RVers: Full-Time and Part-Time 

For snowbirds or seasonal travelers, an entirely new health insurance plan may not be necessary. Check with your provider to see what your plan covers out of state. If you’re content with this coveragepurchase an accident or critical illness coverage add-on to cover emergencies.

Think about where you’ll be traveling: Remote, or near a city or town? What you’ll be doing: Rafting? Thru-hiking? Fishing? In the unfortunate event you have to make an unexpected trip to the emergency room, these accident supplement plans could help. 

Both RV’er Insurance Exchange and Nomad Insurance group can help with supplemental plans. 

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Health Insurance for Occasional Travelers  

Even weekend warriors need to consider health insurance, particularly if you’re traveling to partake in a rigorous activity like hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing. In the event of a sprain or break, you don’t want tend up paying that bill for remote rescue. Even something as simple as a run-in with poison ivy can warrant a trip to urgent care. Travel Insurance, like Travel Assist with Good Sam, can be of enormous help in these kinds of situations. Good Sam Club Members can activate No Cost Travel Accident Protection today.

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Staying Healthy on the Road  

The best kind of healthcare is preventative healthcare. Do all you can to stay healthy, like maintaining a balanced diet and staying active and exercising. Note where your nearest urgent care is while traveling. If traveling solo and in remote areas, let someone know where you’re going as an extra safety measure. 

Don’t let daunting health insurance keep you from living a life of freedom out on the road. As this lifestyle becomes more mainstream, more options and services come available for roaming nomads.

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  • Diana Jones says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    I am already on medicare, husband retires June 2023 at age 65. Will loose his insurance through work. Our plan is to RV full time. Confused about what to do about not having permanent address and looking for supplamental Plans F or G plus drug coverage that will cover all our meds. Really could use help as I am very confused!!!
  • Stephen Mingear says:

    Looking for health insurance for 2 adults late 50’s
    US and Canada we currently live part time in our RV and travel abroad the other half of the year

  • Hi Stephen!

    I’d recommend checking out the options for Good Sam Health Solutions: You can explore options for insurance coverage, health and medical benefits, and no-cost benefits there. You’ll also find a customer support number if you want to talk to someone about your specific situation and your health insurance options through Good Sam. Hope this helps!

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