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Learning how to back a trailer into a campsite is one of the harder skills for new RV owners to master. But even if you know how to back up a trailer, you still need a spotter or you’ll have to check your own alignment several times before you’re satisfied. 

For solo RVers, that means putting your tow vehicle in park, getting out, checking your spot, shifting your trailer, and repeating that process until it’s where you want it. Even if you’re traveling with a partner, backing into a campsite frequently involves trial and error. 

To alleviate shouting matches and reduce the risk of backing into something unseen, consider adding one of the best wireless backup cameras for RVs to the back of your unit. 

Benefits of a Wireless Backup Camera for RV Use

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Many modern travel trailers and fifth wheels are built with a backup camera prep. That means they are pre-wired to accept a camera, so installing one is easy. Backup cameras are built into many motorhomes, which can become foggy or damaged over time. 

A quality wireless backup camera eliminates your RV’s blind spots, assisting with easier navigation into campsites and other parking spots. Most include a display monitor that mounts in your tow vehicle to display video feeds from one or multiple cameras. 

Here are a few reasons to add a wireless backup camera to your RV or upgrade your existing camera: 

  • Improved visibility. In addition to eliminating blind spots behind your RV, some monitors integrate with multiple cameras to provide nearly 360° visibility.
  • Quicker campsite setup. Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth to check your RV’s alignment.
  • Safer RVing. Reduce the risk of backing into someone or something. 
  • Financial savings. Save money by avoiding RV damage that requires expensive repairs.
  • Added security. Capture security footage around your RV while it’s parked. 

See what Jenny (Girl of 10,000 Lakes) and her family thought about adding a wireless backup camera to their travel trailer.

How to Install a Wireless Backup Camera

The camera’s manufacturer is your best resource for detailed installation instructions. Every manufacturer’s process varies, but here are the basic steps to follow when installing a wireless backup camera for your RV: 

  1. Secure your trailer using wheel chocks so it doesn’t move during installation.
  2. Sync the camera and the display. 
  3. Mount the display in your tow vehicle (or RV’s cockpit for a motorhome). 
  4. Remove the old camera or the camera prep cover if installing a camera for the first time.
  5. Install the new camera. 
  6. Adjust the camera’s antenna and test. 

Of course, installing a wireless backup camera on an RV that is not prepped for one requires more electrical work than we’ve described above. Reach out to the manufacturer for more specific instructions in this case, or contact a Camping World service center to schedule an appointment to have your camera installed for you. 

The Best Wireless Backup Cameras for RVs

If you’re ready to install a new wireless backup camera or upgrade your existing camera, compare these popular models. 

Trailer Life Pathway 7” and 5” Wireless Backup Cameras

Photo by Camping World

Camera Specs

  • Resolution: 1024 x 3 x 600
  • Maximum Vehicle Length: Up to 65’
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

Trailer Life’s Pathway backup camera takes the guessing out of backing into an RV space by recording in 1080 at 30 frames per second. The display monitor features adjustable backlighting to see your camera’s feed in all lighting conditions. 

It offers full-color night vision and six white lights that can be turned on to illuminate a dimly lit campsite. Gone are the days of your spotter shouting corrections because the camera also captures audio and transmits it to the monitor in your tow vehicle. 

Learn more about the 7” Trailer Life Pathway backup camera.

When backing up, your monitor shows marker lines to help you reverse safely. And with new wireless technology, the Pathway wireless backup camera reduces video lag. It provides a better connection between the camera and the monitor, supporting vehicles up to 65 feet long (trailer and tow vehicle combined). 

Check out the 5” Trailer Life Pathway backup camera for a smaller monitor.

Furrion Vision S 5” and 7” Wireless Backup Camera

Photo by Camping World

Camera Specs

  • Resolution: 720 x 480
  • Maximum Vehicle Length: Up to 50’
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65

Furrion’s Vision S backup cameras come with their own proprietary sharkfin bracket to make installation easier. The camera includes night vision, motion detection, and auto-make functionality, making it an excellent option for road navigation and improving your RV’s security

The display for the cockpit of your RV or tow vehicle comes with multiple mounting options. It comes with a windshield mount that’s best for driving and navigating. It also has a table stand mount that can be placed anywhere inside your RV for security monitoring. 

See if the 7” Furrion Vision S is the right camera for your RV.

Most RVs feature a backup camera prep that’s compatible with the design of the Furrion sharkfin bracket. Once installed, the camera also transmits audio from the back of your RV so you can hear your spotter’s directions more clearly.

Discover the 5” Furrion Vision S camera for a more compact monitor.

Hopkins vueSMART Wireless Backup Camera

Photo by Camping World

Camera Specs

  • Resolution: 720 x 480
  • Maximum Vehicle Length: Up to 50’
  • Viewing Angle: 152°
  • Waterproof Rating: IP69

The Hopkins vueSMART wireless backup camera is one of the most affordable and easy-to-install options out there. It uses wireless technology to send video directly to your smartphone in lieu of a display monitor in your tow vehicle. 

The installation utilizes an existing marker light on the rear of your RV, meaning it also doesn’t require a backup camera prep. The universal mounting bracket works on any trailer, and the camera delivers a wider viewing angle than many of its competitors. 

The power for the camera comes from your trailer’s lights, and the mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices. Once installed, the camera transmits HD video and includes LED lights for better nighttime operation.

Discover the Hopkins backup camera if you want something connected to your smartphone.

Ensuring the safety of your RV is arguably the biggest reason to install a wireless backup camera. So here are a few other resources to help you protect your RV and maximize its value: 

Do you have any experience installing a wireless backup camera for your RV? Share your tips in the comments below.

  • Comment (7)
  • Elona Taylor says:

    Do you have a recommendation for truck campers. One that can be mounted to truck.

  • Dean C says:

    Having tried two of the Hopkins back up camera systems, both were found to be inferior in regards to the actual distance they will transmit from the rear of the trailer to the interior of the truck. Even after purchasing longer antennas (sold separately), our total best camera viewing distance from the back of the tow vehicle to the outside of the cab of the truck was about 40 feet. However, once actually inside the truck cab where you will actually view your image with your phone or lap device, viewing connection was completely lost and therefore left the camera completely worthless in regards to its use.
    The other issue was, that during winter storage due to cold weather here in Idaho, the cameras are removed. This is accomplished by gently bending outward the holding tabs on the plastic mounting bracket. These plastic tabs crack and break easily, and there are NO single mounting bracket replacement options other than purchasing new complete camera kits.
    One more thing to add as a frustrating and annoying issue is that the viewing image on your phone/lap device is actually seen in reverse compared to what the actual image is. (i.e. Left is right and right is left.) This is very confusing when attempting to back your coach into a parking area in which there are fences, bushes , picnic tables, etc. in which you are trying to view and navigate your distance away from or around.
    Therefore, based on my personal experience, I can not recommend this product.

    • Thanks so much Dean!

      This is the exact kind of experience we want to share to help folks make a better buying decision.

      Your experience is quite valuable.

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Darryl says:

    The best backup camera for us fit over the (useless) rearview mirror AND has a front facing and recording dash camera. Installed myself but had to find an extension cable as it was for a car.

  • Richard says:

    Many backup camera systems do not work with GM vehicles. It requires an additional cable connector which may or may not work with your tow vehicle. Have the dealer install the camera for you and check to make sure it works before you leave the RV store. I purchased one and installed it myself but it did not work. Dealer would not take it back. I may have to hard wire it from the camera to my truck dashboard.

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