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Backing up and parking our RV might be my least favorite part of camping. It takes time, practice, and knowing the angles of the RV. Plus, I’d rather go camping than spend time backing up, but it’s just one of those RV skills that are necessary. 

It’s all the more reason to test Camping World’s Trailer Life Pathway Wireless Backup Camera System. Today’s RVs typically come back-up camera ready or already have a backup camera installed. 

Our fish house RV has neither, making it the perfect RV to test the new backup camera. Here’s what we love about the Trailer Life Pathway Backup Camera.

Easy Installation

Photo by Jenny Anderson

One of the main advantages of the Trailer Life Pathway Wireless Backup Camera System is its ease of installation. The camera has simple instructions, making it easy for even a novice to install. That means we’re saving time and money, as we don’t have to hire a professional to install the camera. 

We did have to drill holes in our RV to access the wires attached to the running lights. We aren’t big DIY people, so the fact that we figured out how to do this and successfully installed the backup camera impressed me.

Improved Safety

I’ve grown so accustomed to having a backup camera on our vehicle. Having one on our RV is a game-changer. I feel much safer now because the camera lets us see areas behind the RV that we normally can’t. 

It ultimately makes it easier to back up and park safely, especially if I don’t have someone guiding me. Getting that extra visual will help prevent accidents and damage to our RV in the long run. 

Wide Viewing Angle

Photo by Jenny Anderson

The Trailer Life Pathway Wireless Backup Camera System boasts a wide viewing angle, which allows us to see more of our surroundings. This feature is especially useful when backing up in tight spaces or maneuvering in crowded areas.

Excellent Range

One of the main advantages of the Trailer Life Pathway is its far-reaching range of 984 feet. The camera shows a crisp, clear picture on the monitor, and even larger RVers shouldn’t run into any issues with range.

Night Vision

The camera also has night vision capabilities, which means we can see what’s behind our camper even in low-light conditions. We found the night vision capabilities acceptable but not super clear, which is fine for our needs since we typically don’t travel at night.


Photo by Jenny Anderson

The Trailer Life Pathway is relatively affordable compared to other RV backup camera systems. This makes it an attractive option for RVers who want to improve their safety and convenience without breaking the bank. 

The Trailer Life Pathway Wireless Backup Camera System is already helpful for our camping adventures. It’s an affordable tool for RVers who want to improve their safety and convenience while on the road.

Check the price of this backup camera at your local Camping World.

How to Install the Trailer Life Backup Camera

The installation is easy if your RV already has a backup camera or is prepped for one. Your camera will come with a step-by-step installation manual, but here’s a quick summary:

1. Sync the camera to the display.

Start by mounting the antennas to the display and the backup camera. Then, connect the 12-volt power cord to the pairing cable. This supplies power to this display and camera. The display should turn on and reflect a live feed. 

2. Mount the display. 

The Trailer Life Pathway Backup Camera has two mounting options: a center console mount with a 3” adhesive pad, or a suction cup mount. This allows you to mount the display where it’s most convenient, based on your vehicle’s dash design. 

Safety tip: Check your local guidelines for dash-mounting regulations to ensure proper visibility while towing. 

3. Ensure a safe installation environment.

Your trailer’s tires should be secured with wheel chocks before installation. It should also be leveled and stabilized properly to ensure your safety while you’re up a ladder completing the rest of your installation. 

Here’s our tutorial on how to properly level and stabilize your RV. 

4. Remove the old camera or camera prep cover.

Check the screws used to mount your old camera or prep cover and find the appropriate bit to remove them correctly. With that bit in hand, remove the old camera or cover and disconnect before removing the backer plate.

5. Install the new camera. 

Use the Trailer Life plug-and-play wiring adapter to connect the new camera to your RV’s backup camera prep wiring. It’s a good idea to test that the camera connects to your tow vehicle’s display before using four screws to install the backer plate, which secures the new camera. 

Technician Tip: Your trailer’s 7-pin electrical connector must be plugged into your tow vehicle to power your backup camera. You may also need to turn your vehicle’s lights on. 

6. Adjust the antenna and test the camera.

Trailer Life recommends positioning the antenna to point up and away from your RV. With that step complete, find a partner to check the display in your tow vehicle. They can help you adjust the camera angle up or down to display the optimal view. 

You should also check that your display shows at least three connection bars. If you don’t, adjust the antenna’s position until the desired connectivity is achieved. 

With your new Trailer Life Pathway Backup Camera installed, enjoy easier navigating into campsites, parking lots, and driveways. Plus, it’s easy to remove and re-install if you ever decide to upgrade your RV!

Do you have any questions about this backup camera and how to install it? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Comment (18)
  • Jason Lance says:

    Can this camera be paired to a phone ?

  • Flip says:

    I want an extra camera for a second camper but I can’t find one. I’m not sure what other brand cameras would work. Since I can’t find who manufactured this, I have no way to contact them.

  • Daniel Gilbert says:

    I purchased and installed this camera. In the driveway it worked great. I went to use it for the first time on a trip and the camera would not show on the display. Do you have to pair the camera each time you use it for a trip?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I reached out to our technical service team to get their take on your question and here’s their reply:

      The system has flash memory powered by capacitors. They are similar to batteries, but not intended for long term storage. If the system is left unpowered for a certain length of time, that power fades away and the pairing memory will be lost. How long is too long varies between manufacturers. Powering up and turning the system on periodically just as a part of routine maintenance may resolve these issues.

      Hope that helps!

  • Rick Newton says:

    I installed the side marker cameras and at first, one camera paired with the monitor without even having the antenna on. This was before I even connected the rear main camera. Now that all cameras are installed and connected, receiving power, the side markers do not pair. I have tried everything noted in the limited instructions.
    The pairing buttons on the side of the cameras have no indication that they are being pressed. No click or tactile indication. Do I hold the so called button down or press and release?
    I test them with direct line of sight and 18 feet away – no luck.

  • Michele says:

    Why is the menu on the monitor not operational when the camera is on? I am trying to make connections to the rear camera and the second side marker camera. I synced the rear camera as instructed, it showed up originally but now it wont show up and i cant seem to sync the second camera. I am very frustrated

  • Patricia Sherman says:

    What is your travel trailer has no camera in the rear and this will be a new install. Can this be done with this camera? And where in the back? Will it take the middle light in the rear top?

    • Hi Patricia,

      If your trailer is prepped for a backup camera, the Trailer Life camera will install where that prep is located based on the manufacturer’s decision. Like on Jenny’s trailer, this is usually centered in the middle of the trailer’s back wall.

      What is your trailer make and model?

      If your trailer isn’t prepped for a backup camera, I’d recommend contacting our Performance & Improvement Center to discuss the additional wiring work that will be required to install the Trailer Life backup camera. Here’s a link where you can find contact information for the center nearest you:

      Hope that helps!

  • Trevor Evans says:

    What about my pre mounted Furrion camera base on the back of my 2021 Forest River Flagstaff Classic? Will that work? Do you review those cameras as well? Thanks

  • Steve Press says:

    Got that.

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