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One of the easiest ways to make your RV feel more like home is to remodel it. While manufacturers are becoming more and more aware of what RV enthusiasts are looking for when it comes to design, there’s no denying the mileage you get from adding your own personal touch.

Whether it’s a little change here and there or a full interior remodel, we wanted to know if you could remodel your RV what one thing would you change. So, we asked, and you answered!

Replace the Flooring

Flooring Samples
Image: Shutterstock

It should come as no surprise that a remodel often starts from the ground up. The flooring in your RV may be outdated, damaged, or simply not your taste, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it that way. Updating your RV flooring is an easy fix that quickly provides a new foundation for all your remodeling desires.

“No carpet on the stairs or slide-outs!!!! It’s so much easier to care for and keep clean [without carpet].” -Kim P.

Not sure which flooring to choose? No worries. There are pros and cons to all RV flooring types including carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. One thing to keep in mind is how your flooring choice will tie into the rest of your design decisions.

“Get rid of the carpeting and put in a really durable vinyl flooring!” -Deborah S.

Don’t forget to factor in more than just durability when updating your RV flooring. It’s important to consider how it will feel under your feet, the maintenance level when it comes to keeping it clean, and how it fits into your budget.

Update the Furniture

If a remodel of your RV is on your list of things to do, then updating the furniture is a must. The Camping World Design Center can help you plan design upgrades that include furniture as well as install the new pieces for you.

“I would replace the cheap, uncomfortable couch and rockers with better furniture.” -Bonnie J.

New RV furniture is an easy way to revive an old RV. With a comfortable rocker or two, a better sofa, a dinette with a smaller footprint, or even a new mattress, the next time you step into your RV will feel like the first time all over again.

“The mattress! Then I would address an easier way to make the bed… not sure I’ll have the flexibility to put sheets on [by standing] under the shelf and closet door forever.” -Carrie M.

If consulting Camping World’s Design Center isn’t within the scope of your remodeling project at the moment, no worries. There are plenty of custom RV furniture DIY projects anyone can do. A common toolkit that consists of paint, fabric, and a drill can go a long way in achieving the look you’re after.

“Wouldn’t have my water tank under the couch so we could get recliners.” -Connie H.

Before you purchase the new furniture, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions first. Starting with what’s underneath the existing RV furniture. The last thing you want to do is cause more work by biting off more than you’re ready to chew.

Change the Interior Color Scheme

RV Interior Wellness Escape
Image: Shutterstock

Let’s face it, the color schemes of the older, used RVs leave a little to be desired. They’re often dark and gloomy, failing to reflect or highlight the beauty of the destinations surrounding them. Luckily, switching up the interior color scheme of your RV is an easy and often inexpensive remodeling choice.

“All the brown… the walls, the cabinets, and the curtains.” -Heather T.

The obvious choice might be to paint everything white to achieve that light and bright feel that is the complete opposite of the darker colors of the past. However, there are several interior design styles that you can do in your RV that aren’t centered around all-white everything.

“Would love some color on the walls or even white walls with colorful valances. There’s too much brown.” -Kim F.

Creating the look and feel in your home away from home should be fun. Even more, spending time in your RV after a long day of adventures should be something you crave. The easiest way to ensure that happens is by customizing your camper’s interior.

Upgrade the Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are often the two most expensive rooms to remodel in any home. The same applies to an RV. But upgrading the bathroom or the kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are RV bathroom renovation ideas that are possible regardless of your budget.

“The bathroom. I love everything about ours except the bathroom. The sink is not big enough.” -Mkay D.

Switching out the sink for a larger option can make all the difference in the bathroom while upgrading to a sink with two sides can enhance your time in the kitchen. Remodeling a room doesn’t always have to mean ripping everything out though. Sometimes you can work with what you have by repurposing or reorganizing it for an entirely new feel.

“I’m going to change the backsplash in my camper… I need some color! Neutrals are nice and marketable, but I live in color.” -Wendi H.

A quick change like a new backsplash can completely transform the kitchen. Combine that with a few new must-have RV kitchen items and you basically have yourself a brand new kitchen that still allows room in the budget for remodeling elsewhere in your RV.

Remodeling Your RV

Design Center RV Furniture
Image: Camping World

Taking the path less traveled doesn’t mean leaving your personal style behind. Upgrade your RV with the Camping World Design Center and see your dream design come to life. If you’re in the market for a used RV, you can even wrap the cost of the Design Center into the financing of your purchase. Change up the look of your RV and change your life in the process.

What is the number one thing you want to remodel in your RV? Join the conversation by telling us in the comments below.

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  • Shiree says:

    Lighter colors for sure. Brown is ok but how about a pine or a lighter brown versus all walnut or cherry.

  • Aletha Heckendorn says:

    Need California King cut down to Queen size bed.
    Cannot walk between bed and closet. Xannot open closet door on closet.

  • rene j Leblanc says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    RV’s are expensive. Especially now with inflation. If you’re going to raise the price of RV units, Put “Real” fixtures and appliances in them. Even now, expensive top line units have garbage/cheap faucets, lights and entertainment systems.
  • Hi Aletha!

    Check out our selection of RV mattresses:

    There are bed sizes that are shorter to accommodate this very issue in RVs.

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