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RV interiors can be a bit bland but consider the stock interior a blank canvas awaiting your creative customization. Use your imagination and dream up ways to modify and create custom RV furniture. A common toolkit of paint, fabric, and a drill can go a long way in tweaking your rig. After camping in your RV a few times, consider ways to adjust the interior to suit your needs. Add elements that lend to efficiency, comfort, and style. 

DIY Cushions 

RV fabrics are designed to be durable, but not always fashionable. Spruce up your interiors by covering dinette cushions with new fabric. Washable slipcovers make cleaning up spills a cinch. A splash of color will add pop and style to your living space. 


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DIY Storage Ottoman 

There always seem to be a few items that don’t fit in the RV storage. Craft some extra space with a portable ottoman. Use furniture-grade plywood to craft a basic box using a jigsaw and staple gun. Paint it, then affix a cushion to the top for comfort. An easy one-day DIY, a storage ottoman can also act as extra campfire seating or overflow board game storage. 


Butcher Block Table Top 

RV tables can accumulate scratches and dings over time. Upgrade the tabletop with something unique. Scour the local lumberyard for reclaimed wood or a live-edge slab. Sand and stain it to make it durable. This DIY project adds a rustic touch to your interior. 


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Custom Lighting 

Motion sensor LED bars affixed to stairs and bedsides make navigating the rig at night easier. Try color-changing LEDs for a touch of personality and fun. Warm white under-cabinet lighting makes RVs feel like a showroom. 

Mattress Topper

RV mattresses don’t win awards for comfort, but they do make a great foundation for adding a plush mattress topper. This small, tool-free addition to your RV gives you that at-home level of comfort. It’s hard to enjoy the camping experience with a crick in your neck. Pick up a mattress topper and rest easy. 

Custom Hardware

If painting your cabinets seems like too big a task, try updating them with new drawer pulls. Modern hardware can add luxury to cabinetry with little technical skill to install. Pick up a matching faucet to complete the new look.   


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