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We’re Lindsay + Chase from We’re Out N’ About on social media. We’re married traveling nurses who live fulltime in our RV with our cat, Moka! We’ve been traveling the country in our home on wheels for over 3 years, moving city to city every 3-6 months for work. When we’re not working, you can find us roadtripping around the US or traveling internationally!

Before we began full-time RVing, we had a household refrigerator with freezer, and a giant deep freezer in the basement for extra frozen goods. Downsizing to an RV refrigerator and freezer was one of the biggest challenges we faced when exploring the RV lifestyle.

It required frequent trips to the grocery store since we couldn’t stock up like we used to. Then one day, we got the bright idea to get a cooler to supplement our RV’s refrigerator space.

Is the Camco 350 a Regular Cooler or Electric Cooler?

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The first cooler we tried was one of those large models that are advertised to hold ice for days. It worked okay, but obviously, the ice melted. It left us with wet, soggy groceries too many times. Frequently draining and restocking ice in a traditional cooler isn’t ideal for a full-time RVer.

This led us to explore portable electric coolers. The Camco 350 portable electric cooler is a game changer for RVers needing more fridge or freezer space or even those who hate dealing with ice.

Once we got this electric cooler, we could stock up on more groceries, keep them longer, and avoid soggy cooler messes. We recommend an electric cooler to fellow campers because we have loved ours so much.

Features of the Camco 350 Portable Electric Cooler

The days of freezing hands as you dig through a cooler of ice are over. The Camco 350 looks like your ordinary cooler, but it’s far from ordinary. Here’s what you need to know to decide if this is the right portable electric cooler for you.

App Control

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The Camco 350 has a dedicated app with Bluetooth connectivity. We can check our cooler’s temperature and adjust it from our smartphones. This is ideal for road trips to check that our portable power station keeps it powered and cool, helping prevent spoiling our food.

Besides adjusting the temperature, we can adjust specific settings using the app or the cooler’s built-in LED control panel digital display. This includes changing the temperature readings to celsius, changing modes to conserve power when boondocking, or even setting limits on voltage, so the cooler knows to shut down before draining our RV batteries. We love devices with phone connectivity and app capability and love that this Camco 350 has that technology.

Two Power Source Options

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The Camco 350 can be powered in two ways, but it does require electricity. It comes with a 12-foot DC power cord with a car plug adapter for 12v DC vehicle outlets, and a seven-foot AC power cord for standard 120v AC outlets.

When camping with full hook-ups, we plug it into our AC outlet. On travel days, we use our EcoFlow DELTA or Jackery Power Stations to keep it powered and keep the contents fresh or frozen while traveling.

If we want to use it for tailgating, this electric-powered cooler plugs into the 12-volt outlet on our truck since the Camco comes with a longer 12-volt power cord. The Camco 350 is always a hit at tailgates, and people always talk about how “cool” of a cooler it is.

Dual Internal Compartments with Independent Temperature Control

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

Inside, the Camco 350 features dual internal compartments with single-zone temperature control. You can use the main compartment with the removable wire basket as a freezer or refrigerator. The temperature range is from -4℉ to 68℉, and with the ability to set the temperature anywhere in that range, you can easily store contents you want to cool or freeze.

We personally use ours as a freezer for extra food storage. Even while using the main compartment set at 0℉, the smaller compartment remains a refrigerator. This has been super convenient for storing drinks and extra condiments.

Storage Capacity

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The Camco 350 has a 35-liter capacity that allows you to store up to 36 twelve-ounce cans. If you need bigger, Camco makes a few larger options. This size was perfect for us. We can easily fit multiple bags of frozen chicken, vegetables, ground meat, and more in this cooler.

Easy To Carry

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The Camco 350 weighs only 28 pounds when empty and has two durable, easy-carry aluminum handles, making it easier to carry with a friend. At just over two feet long, it’s not too bulky to grab both handles and carry alone either.

LED Lighting

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

Another great feature inside the Camco 350 is the LED lighting, which helps us quickly find what we need without keeping the cooler door open for too long. Whether using it inside as additional storage or outside at a campfire, the LED lights help you find exactly what you’re looking for without needing a headlamp.

Benefits of the Camco 350 Portable Electric Cooler

Photo by Chase & Lindsay @WereOutNAbout

The biggest benefit of this cooler has been the freezer and refrigerator space we’ve added to our RV. It has saved us thousands of dollars because we were considering trading in our RV for a floorplan with a bigger refrigerator and freezer since we live in it full-time.

Another benefit is eliminating the hassle of dealing with ice. There’s no more running to the camp store to restock, and since there won’t be melted ice inside the cooler, the contents don’t get soggy and spoil as quickly. It gets bonus points for keeping our hands warm and dry when we reach for our favorite beverage or a pack of hot dogs.

The Camco 350 cooler has made our RVing experience much more enjoyable. We love having a good stock of groceries; this cooler has made that possible. We find the size perfect for a few bags of frozen chicken, frozen ground meat, and frozen vegetables – not to mention the fridge space in the second compartment for extra drinks or condiments.

This is one of the RV products we use daily and highly recommend to fellow RVers, especially full-timers or those with smaller RV refrigerators.

Check out the Camco 350 portable electric cooler.

Since getting this cooler, we’ve never looked back at the conventional camping coolers we used to use. Whether for road trips, RVing, camping, boating, or tailgating, the Camco line of electric coolers is perfect.

What do you think about this portable electric cooler? Share your thoughts below!

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