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RVs alone are awesome. Endless floorplan options and the debate over new versus used (there’s no wrong answer by the way), make shopping for an RV a ton of fun. But the real fun comes afterward. Accessorizing your RV with cool upgrades and useful gear is when camping gets kicked up a notch.

Once the RV is officially yours, there are many RV add-on accessories to make RVing easier… and more fun. What’s not to love about that?

Plus, Camping World Design Centers are your one-stop shop for all of your RV interior decor, organization, and renovation needs. Stop in to check out your options for RV flooring, furniture upgrades, and other RV accessories that will make your living space completely unique.

Sway Bars and Hitches

EZ stabilizer system
Stabilizer bars help with road sway and “fishtailing.”

Towing your RV should never be a stressful experience. In fact, it should be one of the simplest tasks involved with RVing. Explore a variety of sway bars and weight distribution hitches. Sway bars and weight distribution aren’t necessarily a necessity, but they’re sure are nice to have.

Ask any veteran RVer and they’ll tell you this upgrade is some of the best money they’ve ever spent. These hitch additions may seem intimidating, but you don’t have to worry about installation or assembly if you don’t want to–sway bars and weight distribution hitches can be installed before your RV or tow vehicle ever leaves the lot!

Since the bars or hitches need to be fitted to the vehicle towing the RV, Camping World service centers provide installation for worry-free towing once you’re on the road.

Leveling Blocks

andersen camper levelers
Leveling blocks make leveling your trailer or RV easy and quick.

When leveling your RV, leveling blocks quickly become your best friend. No one likes walking around a lopsided RV. Unique designs now make stacking and fastening a breeze, plus many have handles that retract while in use but pull out for easy transport and storage.

In the past, leveling your RV or trailer was a chore that required a combination of guessing and luck, but not anymore. Leveling on the first try is now possible and leveling blocks are tougher and stronger than ever. It’s an accessory worth investing in. So go ahead–level up.

Entertainment Add-Ons

Thor Chateau Dinette
The Thor Chateau Dinette with a television mounted above is the perfect indoor getaway.

It’s easy to get caught up in the destination instead of the journey when RVing, but it’s important to enjoy every second of the ride. Installing a quality television truly gives your RV that home-away-from-home feeling we all crave. Throw in a DVD player or an articulating mounting system for easy viewing.

The entertainment customizations are endless. You could even install a TV on the outside of your RV for movie nights under the stars. Some RVs are already prepped for the addition, simply add the TV. But even if yours doesn’t, adding this feature is straightforward enough that you’ll be glad you looked into it.

Wi-Fi 4G Boosters

RVers on the internet
Using a Wi-Fi booster means lightning-fast internet almost anywhere.

Being off-grid doesn’t have to mean offline. Stay connected by investing in a quality Wi-Fi system and/or a cell phone booster. Mobile internet is only getting more accessible for RVers, particularly with initiatives like Starlink internet. This add-on accessory is a necessity for any modern camper.

Whether you’re working remotely during the day, streaming movies at night, or playing video games with the kids, having a dependable Wi-Fi connection could mean the difference between a dream trip or a headache.

Two-Way Radios and Back-Up Cameras

Furrion Vision S 7
Backing up your RV has never been easier thanks to backup camera technology.

Looking to revisit your inner child? Get yourself a set of two-way radios and feel like a kid again when communicating. Today’s two-way radios are heavy-duty and handy in more ways than one. Use them to communicate when your backing into a campsite or when organizing a campground scavenger hunt.

Use them for fun when playing around at the campsite or use them for function when backing in or out of tight campsites. Speaking of backing up, most RVs and travel trailers come prepped for backup cameras. Eliminate the stress of backing up entirely by investing in a backup camera that makes setting up camp faster and much easier.

GPS Units

Garmin RV 780 & Traffic GPS Unit
RV-specific GPS units have paved the way for worry-free traveling.

Without a doubt, RV campers love GPS units. In a world where our cell phones and tablets come equipped with their own navigation options, RV-specific GPS navigators provide insights about the roads you plan to drive, whether they’re popular or those less taken.

Focus on the adventure ahead and let your GPS inform you of tunnels with low clearance and unfavorable roads to use under construction. No need to weigh yourself down with research before the trip. Let a GPS automate all of that for you so you can find your preferred RV parks with ease.

Water Filters

RVer demonstrating inline camco water filter
Water filters ensure clean drinking water is available on the grid and off.

Hopping from campsite to campsite is bound to make anyone parched. Quench your thirst with clean drinking water and the peace of mind you’ll gain from using an RV water filter and a water pressure regulator. These are great additions to your drinking water hose if you want your water to taste good and be as healthy as possible on your next camping trip.

If you’re curious about how to get clean drinking water in your RV, consult our thorough guide. Whether you’re looking to install a filter inside or outside of the RV, explore which option is best for your setup and ensure your drinking water is clear, crisp, and waiting for your next sip. It’s hot out there.

Interior Organization Accessories

bin organization in an RV keeps things tidy.
Baskets and bins keep supplies stowed away so the RV doesn’t feel cluttered.

Any RV enthusiast will tell you the main reason for having an RV is to relax, chill, and soak in your ever-changing surroundings on a road trip. However, a messy camper will derail that goal entirely. Give every item a place to call home by stocking up on a few interior organization accessories.

Think baskets and bins and car seat organizers to corral items in their respective groups. Think cup holders or center consoles to hold drinks and snacks securely while on the road. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a seasonal topic; a system that promotes cleanliness year-round will result in more time for exploring once you get to camp.

New Furniture

RV end table lamp
RV furniture pieces take your RV from “on the road again” to “home sweet home”.

While we’re on the topic of a clean and organized interior, let’s make the inside of your RV feel like home. New RV furniture can really elevate your RV experience.

A more comfortable and customized look is more accessible than ever thanks to custom designs and Camping World Design Centers that work together to bring your vision to life. Whether you need more seating or more storage space, our design specialists can help you pick out new furniture that meets your needs.

Whether it’s a chair or a couch or a media center for a new TV, make sure your home on the road reflects the same comforts of your permanent home. The whole family will feel comfortable and be begging for the next family RV trip.

New RV Mattress

young sleepy woman on bed of a camper RV van motorhome
A quality mattress always leads to a night of quality sleep.

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why most people upgrade from sleeping on the ground, in tents, to sleeping on a bed inside an RV. Sleep! We all love it and we all need it, especially after a long day on the road or exploring the surroundings of a new campground.

Stock mattresses that come with an RV are fine, but who wants a night of just fine sleep? Upgrade your mattress or get a mattress topper and have night after night of great sleep that fuels epic adventures.

Less is more, we get it, but sometimes more is simply more fun. While these accessories aren’t essential to the success of your next RV adventure, they sure are nice to have. Choose one or several add-on accessories to make RVing easier and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner.

Which accessories have you added to your RV that you can’t imagine living without? Tell us in the comments below! 

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  • Mark Michaels says:

    If you need a back-up camera in order to spot your RV, you should probably be driving something else.

  • hspb says:

    Mark, as I understand the use of mirrors, having a back-up camera is just another aid in safely getting your rig in its proper spot. A back-up camera is not to be used in place of mirrors, but in conjunction with mirrors. 90% of the time a driver should use their mirrors, but to glance down at the screen will give the driver that sense of safety to see what is directly behind you. It is always best to use a second person to help spot for you, even if you are traveling solo. In a campground, it is as simple as asking an adult that is already in their spot or get a hold of the park superintendent to spot you. The camera is not to be used 100% while backing.

  • Wade Thiel says:

    I completely disagree Mark. Backup cameras are a nice thing to have. Why wouldn’t you use one? No reason not to.

  • Bryan Pennington says:

    I use all three. My mirror, camera and spouse. I have gotten by without my spouse, only to do the work from the drivers seat and from behind our RV.
    Safety is paramount and if you are not using all of your tools available to you then you are a couple of tools away from a bad experience.
    Mirrors are only a good start. Good luck.

  • Wade Thiel says:

    Hey Mark, I get what you’re saying. Ideally, someone would be able to back up with the camera and without it. I think they’re great and would encourage their use. These cameras are very good and rarely fail.

  • Mark Michaels says:

    There is a very good reason not to depend on backup cameras:
    If the camera system fails, or the camera lens is occluded, the driver will be forced to back up using his/her mirrors. If said driver is NOT FAMILIAR with the correct use of the mirrors, the backing-up process will likely be… unpleasant.
    And, yes, camera systems do fail and lenses are often opaque, given that the device is mounted at the rear of the RV. Using the mirrors on a regular basis rather than depending on cameras is a good idea.

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