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Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the greatest perks of RV travel. But sometimes you just can’t miss the game or your favorite show. Fortunately, the right RV can help you enjoy the outdoors without giving up the comforts of home.  

Your RV entertainment system options are as plentiful as home entertainment options. From basic cable to satellite TV and streaming services, here’s the full spectrum of choices to help you design the ultimate RV entertainment center.

Satellites & Receivers

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Basic cable can be a standard amenity at most RV parks and resorts. You’ll still find cable hookups at these developed campgrounds, but modern satellite dishes and receivers have revolutionized RV entertainment no matter where you camp. 

Network providers like Spectrum and Dish now offer RV-specific packages that provide the same channel selections as your home address. You can still tune into local news broadcasts or sports programming even when you’re camping far from home. 

Satellites are designed to provide optimal reception by selecting the strongest signals from overhead satellites. They’re also great for boondocking spots or poor over-the-air TV reception areas. 

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These resources will help you choose the right satellite and receiver for your RV: 

Wireless & Cellular Signal Boosters

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Stream or download entertainment using wireless networks or mobile cellular data. Many campgrounds now offer wireless internet networks for campers to join, though their reliability and strength can differ. That’s when some RVers turn to Wi-Fi boosters or range extenders to improve their connection strength and speed.

Another way to get connected to the internet is with cellular data. If you have a smartphone, chances are you use cellular data to check the news, social networks, or browse the internet when you’re away from home. 

Another way to get cellular data is with a mobile hotspot, a portable device that provides gigabytes (GB) of cellular data through providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. Your mobile hotspot’s quality reflects the area’s cell service, which differs based on your carrier. If you have a poor signal at your campsite, a signal booster is a fantastic RV accessory for improving your service.

Explore a wide range of wireless and cellular signal boosters for your RV. 

Whether you need an internet connection for work or play, these resources will help you find your perfect solution: 

Portable RV Antennas

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You can opt for a portable RV antenna if your unit lacks a roof-mounted satellite or over-the-air antenna, which often comes standard. The main benefit of a portable antenna is avoiding a costly and time-consuming roof installation if your RV isn’t prepped for it. 

It can also help you avoid one of the most common forms of RV damage – a busted antenna because you forgot to lower it before driving. Portable antennas are also highly versatile because they can be moved around for the best connection. They are also versatile RV accessories for car camping or tailgating.

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Winegard is one of the leading providers of portable RV antennas, so here’s a resource to help you continue your research: 

Smart TVs, Cables, and TV Mounts

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Once you’ve figured out how to acquire local channels, connect to wireless internet, or secure cell service, think of your TV display. Is your used RV ready to upgrade to a smart TV that provides easy access to your preferred streaming subscription services?

Remember that RV TVs are designed to handle the bumps and vibrations of life on the road. Normal TVs are not, which means you can’t substitute them in without taking added precautions. 

Plus, upgrading your RV’s TV often requires new cables to ensure your existing DVD player, Blu-ray player, gaming console, and other accessories display correctly. And don’t forget to look at TV mounts. A bigger (and heavier) TV may require a more robust wall mount to ensure its safety while driving down the road. 

Explore TVs, DVD players, and TV wall mounts for your RV.

RV Stereos and Speakers

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Background music, jams while you cook, listening to your favorite podcasts – there are many ways your quality stereo and RV speakers can enhance your camping experience. With surround sound outdoor speakers, your RV tailgating game goes to a new level. 

Whether you need to replace your RV’s waterproof outdoor speakers or you want to invest in a portable audio system that goes anywhere, you have options. Fun options like the Nuvelon FLARE Bluetooth Speaker provide high-quality sound while putting on a colorful display as your camping table’s centerpiece.

Upgrade your RV’s sound system with a new stereo and speakers. 

Portable RV Radios & Weather Stations

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Accent your RV’s interior decor with a classic clock radio that connects to your smartphone. Or install a 5-in-1 wireless weather station with Wi-Fi and a solar panel to keep tabs on incoming storms. 

Monitoring the weather is smart camping, and it’s good practice to have a weather radio in your road kit. Don’t forget a pair of two-way radios, which come in handy for communicating with your backup spotter or organizing a campground scavenger hunt. 

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RVing and camping are great activities for disconnecting, but they should also be comfortable, convenient, and safe. If your RV’s entertainment system (or any other part) needs an upgrade, stop by a Camping World Design Center to speak with a specialist about your RV upgrade dreams.

What are your favorite shows or entertainment choices on RV road trips? Share them in the comments below!

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