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RV travel season is upon us and the open road is calling your name. Whether you’re pulling your RV out of its winter storage spot or buying a new one, it’s time for some spring cleaning! The key to a clean RV is all about organization. Here, we’ll help you make the most of your small space and show you the top organizational tips and hacks for RVs of all types.

3 Tips For Organizing an RV

Keep counters and tables clear

Avoid putting too many items on the kitchen or bathroom counters or on your tables. Not only will these items need to be stowed during travel, but they will also make your RV feel cluttered. Every item needs a storage space.

Use walls and cabinets to mount storage units, hooks, or shelves

You have to get creative with RV organization! Once you start looking, you’ll realize how much wasted space there is. Mounting storage solutions to the inside of cabinet doors and open walls will give you lots of extra space.

Utilize baskets, boxes, and bins

Storage containers will help you to make the most of every cabinet and drawer while still being able to easily find and access your belongings. However, you’ll want to avoid round containers because they create space gaps. Square or rectangular containers fit together and allow you to use the entire space, and can even be stacked. Just be sure that containers hold related items and it’s also helpful if they are labeled. Plastic drawers and tubs are great for your closet and external storage compartments.

Top Products For Organizing an RV


Over-Cabinet Cutting Board and Bakeware Holderrv spring cleaning

Cutting boards and baking dishes can take up an entire drawer in an RV kitchen! This Over-Cabinet Holder doesn’t require you to drill holes in your cabinets and maximizes your kitchen storage.

Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammockspring cleaning an rv

Counter space is very limited in every RV, but fruits and veggies are important! Keep your produce off the counter and out of your way with this Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammock.

5 Piece Twist-Lock Canister Setspring cleaning an rv

These stackable canisters are perfect for maximizing your pantry space while also keeping your food fresh! Use this 5 Piece Twist-Lock Canister Set for storing your sugar, pasta, rice, cereal, etc. instead of their original boxes and bags.

Collapsible Bowlsspring cleaning an rv

Everyone needs bowls for preparing meals or storing leftovers, but they can take up a lot of your kitchen storage space. These Collapsible Bowls are the perfect solution and stack nicely for compact storage.

Sliding Organizerspring cleaning an rv

Not all RVs have a pantry, and if they do, they tend to be very deep and narrow, making it nearly impossible to access your food. This Glidez Sliding Organizer solves that problem and creates a stackable and sliding organizer for cans, jars, and other food containers! This is an absolute must-have for RV kitchens and comes in different sizes.

Knife Safespring cleaning an rv

Knives are typically stored in a big, bulky block that sits on your counter space. This just isn’t practical or safe for an RV. This Knife Safe will mount your knives conveniently and safely inside a cabinet.


Command Clear Organization Caddy

Sometimes it’s the smallest items that can be the trickiest to find a spot for, like travel sized bathroom products. This Command Clear Organization Caddy are great for those items and can be attached to the back of your cabinet door or mirror in the bathroom without nails, screws, or other permanent adhesives!

Source for more bathroom products: https://www.campingworld.com/inside-rv/bath

Shower Pocket Organizerspring cleaning an rv

Keep your shower items secure during travel and out of your way to maximize your shower space with this Shower Pocket Organizer. Don’t have a shower curtain rod? No worries! Use command hooks on the shower wall or door instead!

Over Cabinet Waste Basketspring cleaning an rv

There’s hardly any room to move around in an RV bathroom, let alone floor space for a trash can. Check out this Over Cabinet Waste Basket!


Canvas Shoe Pocketsspring cleaning an rv

Shoes are one of the hardest items to find a spot for in an RV. These Canvas Shoe Pockets can be attached to your queen sized bed so your shoes are out of the way and not taking up precious closet space!

8-Shelf Organizerspring cleaning an rv

Attach this 8-Shelf Organizer to any closet rod to create the perfect spot for folding pants, sweats, or really any item you choose!

Laundry Hooksspring cleaning an rv

Save drawer space in your bedroom with these clever little Laundry Hooks for hanging small clothing items like swimsuits or tank tops!

Living Area

Add-A-Drawer Kitspring cleaning an rv

Using this Add-A-Drawer Kit, you can store office supplies, playing cards, or other small items below any of your tables! What a great way to free up some space in the overhead cabinets and keep your tables clear.

4-Hook Storage Rackspring cleaning an rv

Keep your keys, pet leashes, and other items off the counters with this 4-Hook Storage Rack that has an adhesive backing and is strong and durable without damaging your walls.


Storage Ottomanspring cleaning an rv

Any item that is multipurpose can help with organizing an RV. This Storage Ottoman allows you to get comfy and put your feet up, while storing blankets, remote controls, and other accessories.

Wicker Collapsible Storage Binspring cleaning an rv

You’ll need a place for all the miscellaneous items that tend to add up. Use this Wicker Collapsible Storage Bin for storing books, games, throws, or anything else you need.



Organizing an RV can help your small areas feel much more spacious and your camping trips feel much less hectic. An organized camper is a happy camper! Hope these tips and storage solutions help with your spring cleaning projects and get your RV ready for your upcoming adventures.

Lindsay McKenzie Contributor
Lindsay McKenzie travels full-time in her Winnebago Navion with her husband Dan and their 2 dogs. Originally from Colorado, they have been seeking adventure together for 10 years now and have done a lot of international traveling, including living in Costa Rica. They took the leap into full time RVing after experiencing life-altering news. They viewed the news as a life “detour” and started a travel and inspirational blog called Follow Your Detour. Lindsay has grown more passionate about pursuing her dreams and a leading a fulfilling life, while inspiring others to do the same. She loves that RVing allows her to be in nature and do more of what she loves. You can usually find her on the river fly fishing, hiking to sunset spots, or at a local brewery. (All photos by Lindsay McKenzie, except where noted.)



  2. Some great tips, but things hanging Inside cabinets take up space, too. I had the drawer added under my table!!

  3. Such helpful ideas! I’m ordering a few of them! I have two 13 yr old boys that sleep in rear bunks. There is no storage for their clothes. Do you have any ideas?

    1. If you do not use your shower, put something flat over the top of your tub, and then put plastic drawer units on top of it. And a bar across the back of the shower.

    1. We put it in the shower and remove when showering. We also line the shower floor with a towel so no litter goes down the drain.

      1. We also put it in the shower. Just got a covered litter box. Less messy. We tape the shower drain with duct tape until we need to use it

    2. While parked, hide under the stowed steering wheel, with the driver’s chair facing the living area. Place table cloth over steering wheel to hide box.

    3. We removed washer from bathroom closet. Added doggie door from bedroom side. Perfect since she stays in bedroom mostly. Cleaning easy from bathroom side. Added shelf right above dryer vent so litter box even has a vent. lol perfect!

    4. We also put our litter box in the shower but use an old yoga mat in shower floor to keep litter from going down the drain. The yoga mat is easy to sweep or vacuum tracked litter off of. We also put the cheap formats from dollar tree in front of the box to cut down on litter being tracked to other parts of the RV. These are easy to take out several times a day and shake if necessary

    5. During travel I store under the table and if entertaining guests, move it to the shower and cover the drain. Works great!

    6. We have an angled kitchen counter with a small cabinet door near our entry door. I removed the cabinet door, put the litter box inside and made a curtain which I hung over the opening. No one could see the box and she could go in and out at will!!

  4. Love your suggestions on making an RV more homey. Will be living in my just purchased fifth wheel as soon as I sell my house. Can’t travel with it because I can’t drive a big truck. Looking forward to your future post on RVing.

  5. We’ve camped using a van for several years now. This past summer we bought our first Class A motor home, a Brave Winnebago. I’m working on learning how to utilize the space in it. I’m curious, do most people buy pots and pans and dishes for their motor home and leave them there? If so, what are the most important ones to have? Thanks for the GREAT tips!

  6. On pots and pans. Nothing else needed. My present MH has a combo microwave & conventional oven. With 3 corning ware pans, pizza pan (it fits the turntable) Now the 3 corning ware, pizza tray, muffin tin, do it all. Also have two 8 inch skillets.

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