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If you are familiar with the types and classes of RVs available, then you’ve at least heard of a Super C RV. This hybrid motorhome is a larger Class C RV that’s built more along the scale of a Class A diesel motorhome in terms of power and luxury. However, the Super C RV is still not built on a bus chassis. It uses a large commercial truck chassis as its foundation. This enables some advantages that make the Super C special.

Personally, I think these RVs are super cool and a good alternative to a Class A motorhome, especially if you plan to use it to tow a boat, dinghy, or trailer or want additional levels of safety. I know I’m not alone in favoring the Super C motorhome, so let’s take a closer look at all that makes them so awesome.

What Is a Super C RV?

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Super C RVs are motorhomes that offer a design similar to a Class C coach but with a larger chassis and a larger powerplant. The super-large frame and extra-powerful engine open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to the details of the motorhome, allowing more and bigger slides than a regular Class C and additional luxury amenities.

So the chassis on Super C’s are a lot bigger, but how much bigger? While regular Class C motorhomes will typically use the Ford E-450 chassis or a comparable chassis from Chevrolet or another manufacturer, Super C RVs get the larger truck chassis. For example, the 2024 Thor Motor Coach Omi Motorhome features the F-550 or F-600 chassis, depending on the floorplan.

Now, talk to different Super C RV owners and you’ll find there are some disagreements on what exactly defines a Super C. Some even argue that a true Super C won’t use anything smaller than an F-650 or comparable Freightliner, Navistar, or Peterbilt chassis. But you’ll see many manufacturers refer to Super Cs in the F-550 range. And a truism that exists across all of these Super C definitions is that it must run on a diesel engine.

What are the Advantages of a Super C RV?

So, it’s bigger. But Is bigger better? In some cases, no. In other cases, yes. It really depends on how you plan to use the RV and what destinations you have in mind. There are many advantages to a Super C motorhome. Some of these advantages are:

Wider Wheel-Base

Typically, a Super C RV will have a wider wheelbase than a standard Class C. These types of RVs can even have a wider wheelbase than some Class A RVs. This means you’ll feel safer and more secure on the road. The Super C RV is an RV that is well-planted and ready for any type of road condition. Many Super C owners boast a better

Spacious Floorplans

super c floorpan
A look at the Thor Magnitude Super C floorplan.

As you might imagine, a larger chassis means more room to work with in terms of the floorplan. A Super C will have plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy the interior of the RV. While not every family needs a huge floorplan, most will be happier with a little more space.

High Towing Capacity

Want to bring a toad or tow a boat with you on your next camping trip? Get yourself a Super C RV and you’ll have plenty of towing capacity for whatever you want to tow. Typical Class C motorhomes usually have a pretty good towing capacity, but they pale in comparison to a Super C. Same goes with Class As. It’s not uncommon for Super Cs to be able to tow up to 25,000 pounds or more.

High Durability and Numerous Service Stations

The last big advantage of the Super C motorhome is the fact that it uses a typical large commercial truck chassis that features the engine in front of the cockpit. These large truck chassis can be serviced by a greater number of service stations than a Class A motorhome might. In fact, many service stations won’t touch a Class A whereas they’ll be less apprehensive about working on a Super C. You can also always bring your Super C motorhome to your local Camping World service center.

I touched on this a little before, but these larger, more substantial chassis were designed for hundreds of thousands of miles of heavy use. They are likely to take more wear and tear without issue, especially when towing.

Class C versus Super C

2020 thor Magnitude
Photo by Camping World

You are more likely to find RV shoppers comparing Super C motorhomes to Class A diesel motorhomes rather than regular Class C motorhomes. Super Cs and diesel pushers tend to have more in common in regard to power, size, and high-end amenities. But you also typically pay more for those qualities, as Super C costs rival Class A diesel motorhomes.

But there remain some similarities between Class Cs and Super Cs. Regular Class C RVs still include an engine in front of the cockpit, which many consider to be a safety feature. Both Super Cs and Class Cs include the coveted cab-over bunk area that offers additional sleeping space.

The big difference between Class C RVs and Super Cs comes to tow capacity. Super Cs will consistently outperform Class C RVs in what they can tow, in some cases more than tripling what a regular Class C motorhome can tow. They have a more substantial chassis and turbo diesel engine that allows this. But families will suffice with a regular Class C RV over a Super C if they don’t have towing needs or require additional interior space.

If you aren’t convinced the Super Class C RV is the right RV for you and your family, no worries! Check out a few of our detailed Class C posts to help you decide.

Class A versus Super C: Which Is Best for You?

Types of motorhomes lined up in a campground with mountain background
Photo by Camping World

So if Super Cs are so similar to Class As, let’s explore the primary differences to help you decide which is right for you.

Cockpit Safety

I mentioned that, with the engine located in front of the cockpit, service shops have an easier time working on Super C RVs than Class A Diesel pushers. While this setup does reduce the amount of storage you’ll find on Super Cs compared to Class As, the front engine offers considerably more advantages, including safety.

If a Super C is involved in any kind of front-end collision, the bumper and engine will absorb the damage and may even pass beneath the driver and passenger, reducing the possibility and severity of injury. With a Class A, you only have a thin windshield separating you.

Super C Maneuverability

Similar to the engine being located in front of the driver on a Super C, the front axle is located in the front as opposed to underneath, as is the case with a Class A. The effect is two-fold: many Super C owners attest to a smoother ride less affected by the jostle of an axle located directly beneath them, and, secondly, that a Super C will turn sharper than a Class A due to the axle location.

While we’re on the subject: engine noise may be considered a downside to having an engine located at the front of your motorhome, as is the case with a Super C. A diesel pusher will eliminate the engine noise but may gain wind noise and possibly wind resistance.

Towing Capacity

Super Cs outperform Class As in towing capacity, often as much as two or three times what a diesel pusher can tow. While most diesel pushers have a tow limit of around 10,000 pounds, Super Cs commonly tow upwards of 20,000 – 30,000 pounds.

Does a Super Class C RV Require a Special Driver’s License?

Behind the Wheel of an RV
Photo by BublikHaus via Shutterstock

Many RV enthusiasts wonder if driving a Super Class C requires that they obtain a special driver’s license before hitting the road. The good news is no. A Super C RV falls under the 26,000-pound weight limit, so you can drive your Super Class C RV with a regular driver’s license — no questions asked.

Is a Super C Motorhome Your Next RV?

When it comes to a Super Class C RV, it really is the ideal marriage of the Class A and the Class C motorhomes. It gives you all the luxury, space, and power of Class A without sacrificing the flexibility, convenience, and navigability that comes along with Class C. If there were ever a win/win scenario that speaks to choosing an RV, a Super C is the solution. How awesome is that?

Whether you choose to invest in a Super C or find yourself leaning towards a smaller, more affordable Class C — or even going all-in a Class A — one thing will always remain the same: fun and adventure (and a little bit of learning) is ahead! There isn’t a one size fits all RV for everyone and that’s part of what makes the RV lifestyle so rewarding. You can upgrade, downsize, trade in, fix up, redesign, or a combination of all the above when it comes to discovering the perfect RV for the adventures you have planned. Seeing where the road takes you applies to more than just the pavement under your tires.

If you like the idea of a Super C, check out some of our favorite models:

Have you had experience owning, renting, or traveling in a Super C motorhome?

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