188sqft: Ep. 2—How to Pay Off Your Student Debt 3849

When Kevin and Mandy hit the road in their fifth wheel, they were loaded with a mountain of student debt. It might sound crazy to think that they could pay it off while traveling across the country, but that’s exactly what they did.

Through technology (like WiFi), and roughing it (that is, boondocking), they were able to cut their monthly expenditures significantly. Now, instead of spending $600 a month at restaurants, they cook on the road and eat under the stars.

They put the money they save directly toward their debt. While they acknowledge they could save even more cash, they still wanted to live an adventurous and inspired lifestyle. That meant traveling from place to place a bit more, spending a little more on fuel, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the beautiful places they stayed (usually for free). Watch the video to learn more of their tips and tricks.

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