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Maybe you want to update your RV’s furniture. Maybe you want to strip your RV of all furniture and start from scratch. Maybe you just want to make room for a new couch. Whatever the case, you have to know not only how to get your RV’s furniture out of your RV but also what to do with it once it is out of your unit.

This might seem pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few tricks and tips that can help you along the way. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know.

RV Furniture Removal

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When it comes to removing your RV’s furniture, it’s not as easy as simply pulling it out. RV furniture is typically anchored to the floor and sometimes secured to the nearest wall as well.

It’s also often built into the unit and not brought in after it’s constructed. This means you’ll have to disassemble the furniture in your RV so that it will fit through the door once it’s no longer secure.

Before you start tearing things apart, take your time to understand how each piece of furniture goes together. Remove the cushions or any pillows and find all of the anchor points that hold the piece of furniture together and to the RV.

Once you understand how a piece of RV furniture is attached to the RV and how it goes together, you’ll need to take it apart using the right tools. In most cases, you should be able to remove the bolts or screws holding RV furniture down with household socket wrenches and screwdrivers.

Once you have the right tools at your disposal, cover furniture and appliances that you aren’t going to remove. A tarp or drop cloth works best to make sure that dust and debris created during the furniture removal process don’t damage anything that you intend to keep inside your RV.

If you find that your RV furniture is stapled or nailed into place, it may be smart to take your RV to a professional to have the work done. In any case, you should start by consulting with a design specialist at one of Camping World’s Design Centers.

From tips on the best method for removing old RV furniture to advice on picking your new lounge chairs or tri-fold sofa, our design centers are the best resource for all of your interior renovation and decor needs. Find a Camping World Design Center near you!

RV Furniture Disposal

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You can take your RV’s old furniture to the landfill or city dump, but that’s extremely wasteful, especially if that furniture is still nice but just not something you would want to have in your RV. There are other options.

One of the best options is to sell that furniture on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. You might be surprised by what you can get for your old furniture on these sales platforms. Another option is to donate the furniture to someplace like Goodwill. If you do that, make sure the furniture still has some life left in it.

The final option is to talk to your local Camping World dealership. Camping World will remove and dispose of your old furniture. Head to your local Camping World for more information. Click here for more tips on modernizing your RV and replacing the furniture.

Replace RV furniture with something more modern and give your motorhome a facelift while making it more luxurious. Update your indoors and outfit the outdoors with comfortable features like reclining chairs for pure camping comfort.

Looking for new furniture for your RV? Check out Camping World Design Centers to explore all your RV furniture options. 

Interested in selling or trading in your current RV and buying new? Camping World can help with that, too!

Tips on removing and disposing of old RV furniture

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    1. Hi Amy, I’d reach out to your local Camping World. A product specialist there should be able to help you find something that will work for your RV.

  1. We need to replace our furniture in our 5th wheel. Does the new furniture come apart to get it into the RV or does the rear window have to come out to get the new furniture in?

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