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Most people think about purchasing an RV in the spring. When the weather starts to turn nice and the grass, trees, and other foliage green up they imagine themselves on the road with the family on the way to a gorgeous campground and awesome hiking adventures.

The thing is, they will pay more for their lack of foresight. The best time to buy an RV is on the offseason, during the cold late fall and winter months. Here’s a look at why.

Special Winter Deals Mean Good Prices

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Just like with the auto industry, if you want a good deal, you should shop during the winter months. That’s when dealers have the best incentives and when they’re trying to make room on the lot for the upcoming model years and get rid of inventory that didn’t sell well over the last year.

Start keeping an eye out in November for the holiday sales and end of the year sales. RV lots have to work extra hard to get shoppers to come in and buy a rig when the weather’s cold. People simply aren’t in the camping mood. That means you can get a good deal at one of the sales.

Don’t settle for what the dealer’s pushing either. Flex those negotiation muscles when you come in. A nice holiday sale might be the reason for coming in, but don’t think the list prices are final. If you work hard with the salesman you may be able to get the price down lower or get some extras thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Remember the dealer wants to make the sale in the offseason, so you have a little more bargaining power during the winter months than you do during the busy season.

Wide Selection on New and Used Models

As stated above, most people only shop for an RV when the weather is warm, but if you want to have the widest possible selection to choose from, shopping during the winter months is the way to go. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of products in each RV type.

This is true whether your shopping for a new or used rig, too. When spring comes, the churn of RVs on a lot is a quite a bit higher, and you’ll have far more options during November, December, January, and February.

The RV Lot Won’t be Busy

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I don’t know about you, but I hate shopping when there’s a lot of other people around. I don’t want to fight the crowd. You’ll probably never be bumping elbows with thousands of other shoppers at the RV dealer even in the spring, but you might run into an issue where all the salespeople are tied up helping someone.

If you shop during the offseason, there’s little to no chance of that happening. You’ll get the full attention of the specialists on site. You can ask as many questions as you want without having to worry about them being pulled away by another customer.

If you’re the kind of person who wants the salesperson to leave you alone, all you need to do is let them know that you want some time to look around. When you’re ready to let fly with your questions, you’ll be able to easily find someone to answer them.

When was the last time you stopped in at a dealer and how was your experience? Leave a comment below.

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    1. Hi John, generally yeah, the winter months are a great time to turn in your trade-in. That said, there are some special promotions throughout the year that might offer good deals, too.

  1. We had a great shopping experience at Camping World October of last year. The salesperson was very knowledgeable and steered us the right direction. We put our RV to use right away and have not been disappointed. This was my first experience at shopping and using an RV. Now I’m hooked!

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