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What are the Types of RVs?

When it comes to RVs, there are two categories: motorized and towable. Regardless of what RV you decide to travel in, they’ll ultimately fall into one of these two categories.

What is a Motorized RV?

A motorized RV, also referred to as a motorhome or drivable RV, is designed for comfort and can be powered by either gas or diesel engines. Motorized RVs are broken down into three classes: Class B, Class C, and Class A.

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What is a Towable RV?

A towable RV is a trailer-style RV that requires a tow vehicle. Designed to be towed by a pickup truck or an SUV, towable campers are sometimes light enough to be towed by smaller vehicles like a car or sedan as well. Towable RVs come in a wide range of sizes that include pop-ups, expandable campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers.

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Make sure to check the weight limit, and not to exceed it, before hitting the road with a towable RV.

Learn More About Towable RVs

Both motorized and towable RVs come in a variety of floorplans to fit every lifestyle and budget. Whatever adventure you have planned, Camping World can help you find the perfect RV for the road ahead!

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  1. Am looking for an unusual type RV…I want a one man sleeper RV. that fits in the back of a Ranger Ford. Is incosed, opne door, flod dwon bed lightweight and economical. I’
    ve only seen one of these critters over the years. Any thoughts;. ;

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