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You’ve finally done it. You answered “yes” to the question, “Should I get an RV?” This is a big moment, worthy of some self-congratulation and high-fives. However, answering “yes” to whether or not to get an RV opens up the door to a few (several) more questions. Especially when you visit a lot for the first time and stare down a seemingly endless row of RVs with seemingly endless features and options. It can be overwhelming. You might feel like you don’t even know what you need or what questions to even ask.

Thankfully, an RV specialist will be on sight to guide you through the process and answer all your questions. Ian Baker wants to help guide you through this process, so here are five questions you should ask to ensure that you get the right RV for your lifestyle and the outdoor adventures you plan to take.

What Can I Tow?

In order to enjoy your RV, you have to actually be able to transport it where you want to go. Hence towing. Let the salesperson know what vehicle you own and plan to use to tow your new RV and they will be able to point you in the right direction. The options of RVs will narrow based on how much weight your current vehicle can tow.

The salesperson will also be able to walk you through the towing process. It’s a lot easier than you may think! This question might also lead you to the realization that you’d rather drive your RV than tow it. Great! This, again, will narrow the options for you – leading you closer to the one perfect RV for you.

What RVs are Best for Me and my Family?

Are you riding solo or leading the pack? The RV of your dreams will depend largely on how many campers you plan to bring along. That’s because the number of campers is directly correlated to the number of beds, which again, narrows the list of available RVs right for you.

Make sure to let your RV salesperson know what you’re thinking as far as a number for your party. Chances are, if it’s just you and one or two other people, they’ll point you toward a Class B or C camper. However, if you’ve got a family of junior campers in tow, you’ll probably be looking at a bunkhouse model which can be found in travel trailers, fifth wheels, and even motorhomes.

What RV Is Best for Where and How I Want to RV?

Are you up for climbing the most rugged terrain or more down to chill and relax at convenient RV campgrounds? Questions like this will help determine which RV you need because different RVs are better equipped for different terrains. It all comes down to how you’ll use your RV.

For example, if you plan to roadmap all over the southern United States, you’ll probably want (need) an AC unit. If you plan to be a campground aficionado where full-hookups await, you won’t need the largest holding tank size for your RV. And, if you’re going to haul over the Rocky Mountains, your search, much like roads you’ll trek down, will narrow to those that can handle the elevation and climb.

What Service Support Is Provided?

Let’s face it, the adventures you’ll take in your new RV won’t have you driving down the newest or smoothest roads. You’ll face bumps and dips that will, over time, result in your RV needing serviced. So, better to find out before you’re handed over the keys, what services are provided.

Ask this question and make sure they explain the warranty guideline and how it works so you can avoid future expensive service costs down the road. You should also look into how the warranty guideline works regarding repair locations. If you’re out in the middle of the boondocks boondocking, it won’t do you much good that the only repair center you can visit to stay within your warranty is five hundred miles away.

Thankfully, Camping World is part of the largest RV dealer network in the country, so even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere you’re never far from a Camping World service location!

What’s Included with My RV Purchase?

Ever bought a new electronic and were so excited to use it until you realized batteries were not included and you didn’t have any on hand? That’s not a fun experience. Now imagine that times ten with a new RV that doesn’t have a key item included that you assumed it would.

That’s why you need to ask about what’s included in the RV you want to purchase before you make the deal. Ask this question and discuss what comes with the RV including a gas tank, batteries (see above), power tongue jack or slide toppers, and more. You’ll also want to ask about the ever-important warranty. Does it come with one? If so, how comprehensive? What’s covered? What’s the service schedule? Can it be extended?

Asking these questions will ensure you know exactly what’s to come from your RV adventure, at least from your RV!

An RV purchase is a big decision. There are a lot of options to choose from based on a lot of factors. But, remain calm, ask the right questions, and enjoy the process knowing that at the end of it awaits endless opportunities for adventure, fun, and memories out in the Great Outdoors with an RV that fits perfectly in your life!

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