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The best RV features for you might be those you use every day. Or they might simply improve your camp cooking ability. They might even be features you hardly use except when needed in clutch situations. 

“Best” can be subjective, so we wanted to hear from you, the RV community. And you responded beyond our wildest expectations. You told us your favorite RV features and your RV’s make and model, and now we get to share it with fellow RVers and those shopping for their next RV. 

We’ve organized your replies by make and model. Use the table of contents if you’re interested in a specific RV. Or peruse the entire list to find an RV with features that suit your preferences, including a few brands you may not know yet! 

There are more than 135 models across 29 RV brands featured below. If you don’t see yours, drop us a comment and we’ll add your favorite RV features to the list!

Table of Contents

The Best RV Features from Coachmen

inside of the coachmen freedom express motorhome
Coachmen Freedom Express Interior Photo by Coachmen

For more than 58 years, Coachmen has been building high-quality RVs designed for “adventure, freedom, flexibility, reliability, safety & security.” Their lineup includes various models in the travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, motorhome, destination trailer, and tent camper categories.

2005 30’ Santara

“It is made incredibly well. Full timer, and this really feels like home. No shabby construction or materials. [It] was well maintained before I got it. [The] only thing missing is room for a washer/dryer combo…that would be perfect.”

2018 Freedom Express

“Our home away from home. Love all the storage space.”

Freelander 21QB

“Easy to drive, easy to park, no need to tow.”

2017 Freedom

“I love everything about it.”

The Best RV Features from Cruiser RV

Cruiser RV specializes in lightweight travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Their models include floorplans capable of sleeping from two up to 10 people, ensuring campers of all styles can find what they’re looking for.

2020 Shadow Cruiser

“We love the large awning and the outdoor kitchen.”

2020 shadow cruiser
Photo by Jessica Garner

The Best RV Features from Dutchmen

Dutchmen manufactures their lineup of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers in northern Indiana. Many of their top-selling models cater directly to the first-time RVer, but several models are ideal for casual or experienced RV campers as well.

2018 21’ Aerolite

“Outdoor kitchen and storage.”

Coleman 22RD

“Love the layout, and perfect for the 2 of us. Bought it new from Camping World in North Little Rock. This is our 3rd from them. We keep it set up in an RV park in Mountain Home so we can visit a few times each month year round.”

coleman 22rd
Photo by Carla Parrish McIntare

2023 Coleman Rubicon

“We love the floorplan that makes it seem not so small inside and that it has a place for our electric bikes.”

Coleman Lantern LT 17B

“I love it. It has everything we need to sleep 5. Easy to haul.”

“I love the compact size and the fact it’s a bunkhouse.”

Coleman Lantern LT 17B travel trailer in Joshua Tree National Park
Photo by Camping World

Coleman Lantern

“Everything I need for vacation stays in the wild, perfectly comfortable. Stayed in it over New Year’s in 10-degree weather. Toasty.”

2021 30’ Coleman Lantern with Slide

“Bought it last year from your Toledo store, [and] we love it. First trip last year was [to] St. Augustine, FL. Dry weight 5877 lbs. No problem pulling through mountains with my GMC Sierra 1500, 5.3 engine.”


“I like the full queen bed and auto level.”

What Are the Best RV Features from Dynamax?

Dynamax focuses on delivering high-quality Class C motorhomes, primarily with five cornerstone Super C models. Known for their comfortable interiors, these rugged motorhomes can handle your off-grid camping adventures. 

DX3 Super C Motorhome

“Towing capacity!”

dynamax dx3
Photo by Kim Fine

The Best RV Features from Fleetwood

I fondly remember growing up with the two Fleetwood Bounders my parents owned. Fleetwood manufactures gas and diesel Class A motorhomes and a single diesel Class B model. Striking a balance between luxury comfort and affordability, their floorplans are definitely worth exploring. 

1999 Bounder

“The spacious bathroom.”


“Old timer, still runs great.”

fleetwood bounder motorhome
Photo by Skye Bir


“Its marvelous V-10 motor.”


“Great storage, heated floors, fireplace, 1.5 baths, king bed…..beautiful floor tile.”

The Best RV Features from Forest River

Forest River’s RV lineup is one of the industry’s largest, including popular brands across the various RV categories, with a plethora of options to choose from in each. 

2021 Alpha Wolf 26RL-L

“Love the size for 2 people. There is the option for 2 people to visit, but they won’t be staying long because it’s not comfortable, so it’s back to just me and the wife, lol.”

2018 Cedar Creek Silverback 29IK

“I love everything about it.”

cedar creek silverback
Photo by Debbie Roxberg

Flagstaff Classic

“The front kitchen, king-size bed, two doors, fireplace, and plenty of room for the grandkids to stay.”


“I love all the storage.”

2006 Georgetown

“Love all the space with three slides and tons of closet space and drawers. It’s sturdy and seems to be built a lot better than most of the new RVs. Have had lots of adventures in it and looking forward to many more. Very happy.”

2006 georgetown motorhome
Photo by Joni Wineinger

Grey Wolf 26RR

“The back deck. The easy clean floors. Everything!!!”

2015 Palomino Canyon Cat

“[The] best feature is it’s sturdy and roomy. We love it more than when we first bought it!!”

2022 Riverstone Reserve

“Front kitchen and 65-inch TV.”

2023 R-Pod

“I can take it anywhere.”

2022 Sabre

“Middle bedroom, loft. Love the living area and closet in [the] master room, and the bathroom is [a] nice size. We traded [a] TT Forest River bunkhouse because we wanted more seating and a second A/C unit. Love the 5th wheel.”

Sabre 37FLH

“Living over the Pin. Half Bath. [The] door separating my MBR Suite from the Public area. And she pulls easily. Inexpensive too.”

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Sabre Cobalt 38DBQ

“2 full bathrooms so the kids have their own and not all up in our space.”

Salem 27RDS

“His/hers recliners and large picture window across the back.”

2023 Salem Platinum

“We love the fireplace!! And the large pantry and all the storage!!”

Shasta 30QB

“We love having the 4 bunks.”

Sunseeker 2300

“It’s small but simple. It has a ton of outside storage. My daughter and I mostly use it for dirtbike riding, so it is great for that.”


“It’s considered a couples RV. I love the kitchen…in the back of the trailer with plenty of countertops. My hubby likes that the bathroom is just as doorframe away.”

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Vibe 26RK

“Awesome kitchen and storage throughout.”

2022 Wolf Pup Limited

“We love the fact the door is on the back of the camper, so it has a little bit more room!”

The Best RV Features from Genesis Supreme

One of the relative newcomers to the manufacturing industry, Genesis Supreme is one of the few West Coast manufacturers based in California. Their team has been producing high-quality travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers for more than ten years. 

2024 Blazen Toy Hauler

“We just came back from our third trip in it. We absolutely love it! One of my favorite features is the big bathroom.”

genesis blazen toy hauler
Photo by Margarita Montanez-Luna

The Best RV Features from Grand Design

grand design fifth wheels with american flag
Photo by Camping World

Grand Design’s RV lineup provides the best of all worlds by combining value, towability, and luxury. Based out of Indiana, they manufacture an impressive selection of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers with multiple floorplan options for each model in its given category. 

Explore the entire lineup of Grand Design RVs.

2023 Imagine XLS 22RBE

“Easy to tow and park, with good size bathroom and kitchen area. Comfortable bed. Perfect size for us 2 and the 2 barkers.”

2016 Imagine 2600RB

“The perfect couples camper, in my opinion. We travel with 2 pups. We’re always very comfortable. It’s been a great camper.”

2020 Reflection

“[The] refrigerator [is] in the rear, not in a slide-out next to the desk. The desk has lots of uses. We use it as office work and coffee bar, overflow seating for company. I also love the walk-in closet. Perfect RV for us. It serves our purpose.”

Reflection 320MKS

“The washer-dryer hookups and the recliners.”

2023 Reflection

“Tankless water heater.”

Solitude 380FL

“We love the floorplan and spaces in the underbelly.”

Solitude 390RK

“The kitchen has [an] island upstairs and rear of 5th wheel, and I can cook and watch TV. The only thing I missed about new ones like ours [is] we have to share [a] closet. I liked the one where it was her and his! Now we have [a] washer [and] dryer close, and [the] main closet is hers only!”

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Solitude 375RES

“I love that the kitchen is separated from the living area!”


“Storage is awesome.”

The Best RV Features from Gulf Stream Coach

Family-owned since 1983, Gulf Stream Coach manufactures travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, lightweight campers, destination trailers, and teardrop campers. Their RV lineup now features 22 brands with more than 140 unique models.   

Ameri-Lite 192DS

“I love the bunk beds on it and the flat top griddle outside.”

amerilite 192ds
Photo by Nathan Riethmaier

2001 Conquest Sport

“My fav[orite] part: I paid less than a 1/3 of the cost of new, and it’s still in great shape.”

The Best RV Features from Heartland

Originally founded in 2003, Heartland has produced luxury travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers for more than 20 years. Their robust lineup features various models in each category with unique floorplans for each model, making it easy to find a layout that matches your preferences. 

2013 Bighorn

“Our home away from home, love it!!”


“Fireplace, large screen TV, and king-size bed.”


“I love the porches, and the size of the garage fits our Can-Am.”

heartland cyclone
Photo by Sharon Wheeler Blake

2021 Fuel 305

“Love the slide [because it] only blocks entry to [the] kitchen pantry. I was totally blocked out of [the] bedroom with [my] last camper. It was a 2020 Forest River Shasta. Love the room to move around.”

2022 Mallard

“The bedroom space is big. The reclining chairs in the back!”

North Trail 23RBS

“The double slide makes a small trailer huge! Also, the TV in the wall that rotates from the living area to the bedroom.”

2021 Pioneer

“[The] outdoor kitchen.”

2021 heartland pioneer
Photo by Fred Morgan

Trailrunner 39’

“Sleeps 10. [The] things I like [are the] patio doors and [the] private bunk house.”

2018 Wilderness 37’

“Love the huge bunkhouse, full-size outdoor kitchen, and when the slides are out, it’s literally 12′ wide inside.”

2018 wilderness
Photo by Michael A Solis

The Best RV Features From Highland Ridge

highland ridge open range front cap
Photo by Camping World

Highland Ridge RV manufactures travel trailers and fifth wheels to help customers “own the outdoors.” Every RVer is bound to experience hiccups along their adventures, but Highland Ridge specifically designs their models with easy-to-use features and reliable amenities to help you overcome them and enjoy your time on the road.

2019 Open Range 367BHS

“I like the 2 bedrooms & 2 baths.”

Open Range 3X 387RBS


Open Range 275RLS

“I love the opposing slides. Makes it so roomy.”

The Best RV Features from Holiday Rambler

holiday rambler motorhome
Photo by Holiday Rambler

With roots dating back to 1953, Holiday Rambler’s manufacturing focus lies squarely on Class A and B motorhomes today. They create gas and diesel models within the Class A category and a single diesel model in the Class B category. 

40’ Endeavor

“The diesel pulling power, [the] motor in back, [the] genny “generator” up front, and the square dance room when slide-outs are open.”

2003 Vacationer

“We’ve spent 6 months living in it each winter for the last 5 years. She is a great coach with very few problems.”

The Best RV Features from InTech

intech interior with large window
Photo by Camping World

Based in Indiana, inTech has positioned itself as a “custom, all-aluminum trailer and RV manufacturer.” Their recreational vehicle lineup boasts more than a handful of innovative designs, but they also manufacture motorsports trailers, custom industrial solutions, and fiber vans & trailers.

Sol Horizon

“The front window is amazing!”

The Best RV Features from Jayco

Jayco offers a vast selection of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes in every major class. Known for their quality construction and Overlander packages as a standard feature on many models, you’ll be hard-pressed to spend multiple days at a campground without noticing a Jayco model roll by. 

Learn everything you need to know about Jayco RVs.

2021 North Point Luxury 44’ Fifth Wheel

“It is the farmhouse design throughout, [with] so many extra features, [and] five slides. I love the bunk room/office [and] the spacious loft.”

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2014 Eagle

“3 slides. Love the space. Nice cabinets with plenty of storage.”

2018 Jay Flight 29RKS

“Love the big picture window and the rear kitchen!”

2017 Jay Flight 27BHS

“[It] has room to sleep 9. We take our family when they can make it. Plenty of room.”


“We love the bath and a ½.”

2020 Starcraft Mossy Oak 26BH

“I like that it’s small and light enough for my truck.”

starcraft mossy oak 26bh
Photo by Shane Hilliard

The Best RV Features from Keystone

Keystone has one of the largest lineups of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers in the industry. Every model is thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed, evidenced by the many comments we received from Keystone RV owners.

2021 Alpine

“6-point auto leveling and the king bed are why we purchased the unit. The double rear slides and 55” TV are up there, too, for favorite features.”

40’ Alpine

“4 slides [and] smart RV residential [appliances]. I love my beautiful kitchen, with a real refrigerator and ice maker! Big Al has everything from a fireplace, 2 TVs, [a] king bed, [a] large shower, lots of storage, solar and washer, dryer too! It truly is a house on wheels!”

40 keystone alpine
Photo by Lisa Deutschlander Barba

2021 Arcadia

“[The] walk-in closet and all the kitchen counterspace.”

Cougar Travel Trailer

“King-size bed and 50” TV. Great for the two of us.”

Cougar Fifth Wheel

“[The] large living area with fireplace, [a] large seat in [the] shower, [and] storage.”

keystone cougar fifth wheel
Photo by Gary Colyer

Cougar Sport Fifth Wheel

“The weight – 6700 lb – and great price.”

2020 Cougar with Rear Living

“Love the big open space, good size bathroom, and huge bedroom with tons of closets and drawers in addition to the front window. Oh, and the washer/dryer are in the kitchen, not the bedroom. It was an anniversary model only made for 19 and 20. Not much compares to it unless we go bigger.”

2021 Cougar

“I love the rear kitchen.”

Cougar 326RDS

“Love the floorplan, especially the entertainment area.”

Cougar 368MBI

“Love my kitchen and living room.”

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35’ Hideout

“The best fireplace money can buy!”

2021 Montana

“[We] bought [it] at [the] Hanover, PA Camping World. The home feeling as you walk into the unit. Along with the solid structure.”

36’ Montana Fifth Wheel

“Big back window & pretty much everything in it.”


“Auto level, entry stairs, countertops, attractive exterior.”

Montana 3931FB

“Love the half bath, large closet, and bathroom in the master suite.”

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2009 Montana 3605RL

“Easy access for snacks, lunches, and bathroom breaks without having to put out a slide. Wide open living space due to no island. Best of all is that it is old enough, like me, to not have to deal with all of the modern enhancements that seem to give up at the most inappropriate times.”

2022 Montana High Country

“I love the fireplace.”

2015 Outback Bunkhouse

“Favorite feature: second potty up front! Grandkids get main at night. Grandma gets her own!”

2020 Outback 328RL

“One of the main features we got this camper for was the slide out in the bedroom. Plenty of room to move about and get dressed and such. Also love having 2 fridges. One for food and the other for drinks. The space and layout make this camper ideal for our family and pets to spend weeks out camping without feeling cramped.”

2018 Passport

“Love the windows and storage. It’s a great couples camper.”

2018 Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring

“Lots of windows to open in [the] main living area for a cross breeze.”

2015 Passport Ultra Lite Grand Touring Bunkhouse 33’

“It tows great behind my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 Laramie and [has] plenty of room and storage for my wife and I.”

2015 keystone passport grand touring
Photo by Lewandowski Raymond Martin

Raptor Toy Hauler

“Our kitchen layout is the best! Love my prep island!”

2014 Raptor

“I can put my bike in it, and it goes with us wherever we go.”

2018 Springdale

“We love every inch of her and all the great memories we make!”

2018 keystone springdale travel trailer
Photo by Debbie Hockett Turney

The Best RV Features from KZ RV and Venture RV

KZ RV is a subsidiary of Thor and the parent company of Venture RV, which is why we’ve lumped them together in this section. Their main focus is on travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, with Venture focusing on lightweight and ultra-lightweight models.

2021 Connect Sportster 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

“Love everything about it.”

kz rv connect sportster
Photo by Retha Manion McIntosh

Sportsmen Sportster 355 Toy Hauler

“Love the outside kitchen!”

Venture RV 2020 SportTrek Touring 343VIK

“King bed, kitchen island, outdoor kitchen, 2 fireplaces, & so much more!”

venture rv sporttrek touring 343vik
Photo by Jennifer Scott Benson

Venture RV SportTrek Touring Edition

“Three slides, king bed, two fireplaces, and a ton of storage.”

The Best RV Features from Lance

Lance Camper specializes in truck campers, travel trailers, and their unique Endura adventure trailer. They’re well-known for high-quality construction incorporating eco-friendly building techniques and four-season preparation. 

1062 Truck Camper

“We can go a lot of places that larger RVs can’t. It has plenty of space for the two of us.”

lance 1062 truck camper
Photo by Jacque Esau Bastian

1172 Truck Camper

“Go anywhere and [be] comfortable.”

The Best RV Features from Newmar

Photo by Camping World

Newmar is a luxury RV manufacturer that produces gas and diesel coaches. Their high-end lineup features a wide variety of models with unique floorplans for each, all boasting elegant design details you won’t find in many other motorhomes.

Bay Star Sport

“[We] can take it boondocking all over, stays cozy & warm in winter, cool in summer, a touch of extra.”

2020 Canyon Star

“The garage.”

2019 Ventana 3709

“Favorite feature – no propane. It’s all electric.”

What Are the Best RV Features from nuCamp?

NuCamp specializes in lightweight teardrop campers you can pull with smaller tow vehicles. They also manufacture truck campers and the unique Barefoot travel trailer. Check out this video to see a personal tour of a nuCamp Tab camper.

2016 Tab 320 S Outback

“I love that it weighs 1900 lbs, can fit into any spot, and has a bathroom! Her name is Be@uty! Got this spot at Twin Lakes Bridgeport, CA, only because no one could fit but me!

nucamp tab 320s outback
Photo by Cheryl Irish Trotter

Tab 320 S

“We love how easy it is to pull. All the comforts of home in an itty bitty package.”

nucamp tab 320 s
Photo by Dee Curtis

The Best RV Features from Outdoors RV

outdoors rv interior
Photo by Outdoors RV

Based in Eastern Oregon, Outdoors RV manufactures models specifically designed for four-season camping. Their lineup includes travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers with unique design elements for the year-round, off-grid adventurer. 

Outdoors RV

“One of my favorite features and reasons we chose this option was that the frame is specifically made for the camper. It’s not a generic build frame. It is also solidly built and better insulated than others we’ve been in, with absolutely no rattling when you’re opening and closing things; ground clearance is amazing, built for off-road use, and I can keep going on.”

The Best RV Features from Pleasure-Way

Pleasure-Way is a Canadian RV manufacturer that delivers luxury Class B motorhomes. Their lineup currently includes eight distinct models, but customers also have the ability to custom-build these models to create their dream van camper.

2022 Plateau TS

“Easy to just get in and go. We love being able to park it anywhere. Handles and drives like a dream. Well-made and beautiful finishes. A few of my favorites… a big closet. A deep stainless steel kitchen sink with [a] pull-down faucet. Corian countertops. A lot of undercounter storage inside the wet bath with another deep stainless steel sink. Power awning with integrated LED lights. Instant hot water. Solar panels. It packs a big punch for such a small package. It’s the perfect size for us and our Golden Retriever. It’s our 5-star hotel on wheels.”

2022 pleasure-way plateau ts
Photo by Lori McGowen

The Best RV Features from Prime Time RV

prime time rv tracer travel trailer
Photo by Prime Time RV

Prime Time RV manufactures a full lineup of towable RVs, including three travel trailer models and two fifth wheel models. Their brands focus on delivering lightweight, affordable RVs for experienced, casual, and first-time RVers.  

Spartan Toy Hauler

“Love the back room that can haul all the stuff, but then turns into a bedroom with two queen-sized beds or bed and couches for the kids with their own TV to watch or play games and they aren’t in the living area. There is also a loft in [the] main living room for kids to sleep. Love the double-size refrigerator – great for long camping trips – and [the] pantry, plus [the] kitchen has large counterspace for food prep. The main bedroom has plenty of room to walk on both sides of [the] bed and tons of storage for clothes. Also, the bathroom has two doors, one from [the] main bedroom and one from [the] living area for easy access.”

2016 Spartan

“[The] garage can hold our motorcycles to travel and nice dining area when camping. [The] fireplace is a plus and ample size bathroom.”

2016 Crusader 295 Fifth Wheel

“It doesn’t leak when it rains.”

The Best RV Features from Riverside RV

retro rv with campfire and homemade awning
Photo by Jenny Anderson of Girl of 10,000 Lakes

Riverside RV is distinguished by its focus on vintage design elements. The Retro model is their flagship, but two others – the Intrepid and the Explorer – offer something unique.

Retro 231EABH

“Huge shower, huge outside kitchen with grill, TV, sink, refrigerator, [and] soundbar across the whole back. U-shaped dinette, Murphy bed, bunks fold up for storage.”

The Best RV Features from Rockwood

Rockwood is owned by Forest River but operates as a standalone brand with a dedicated facility. They focus on lightweight towables, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, and pop-up campers. 

Learn more about the entire lineup of Rockwood RVs.

Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB

“Easy to tow.”

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2023 Rockwood Ultralight 2608BS

“I love the front kitchen with the big front window, the separate bedroom with a slide that makes it big enough to walk around the bed (think of camper bed making, lol), the theater seats with a fireplace, and plenty of room for my Great Danes. I love the design inside and out.”

Rockwood Ultralight

“Love the bedroom slide, theater seats, fireplace, and especially the front kitchen with the large window.”

rockwood ultralight
Photo by Barbara McMillen

2016 Rockwood 2614BS

“Bed slide opens to a full-sized bedroom. Fireplace. Kitchen in back.”

2007 Rockwood Signature Series

“Super light to pull and tons of storage. [The] best part about it is it’s not our old 1970 Brougham we had prior.”

Rockwood Signature Ultralight

“Don’t have an island, so we have a ton of room in the main living area, and [the] bathroom is big with [a] half-moon shower. And a ton of storage.”

The Best RV Features from Sunset Park RV

Sunset Park RV specializes in lightweight, compact travel trailers and toy haulers. With five models to choose from, they’re a smaller manufacturer with quite innovative floorplans.

Sunlite 16BH

“Love the door in the back!”

sunset park rv sunlite classic 18rd
Photo by Tucker Ballister

Sunlite 18RD

“We love the ease of towing this lightweight RV. It has two awnings (side and rear), and the rear entry door helps to maximize the interior living space in this 19-foot travel trailer.”

The Best RV Features from Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach is one of North America’s top-selling motorhome brands. They offer a vast lineup of Class A, B, and C motorhomes, including some of the industry’s most innovative motorized toy haulers. 

2021 Four Winds 28A

“No slide-out. 10 mpg with or without the cycle trailer. Perfect couples motorhome.”

Four Winds 22B

“Love the size perfect for how we travel and camp.”

thor four winds 22b motorhome
Photo by Shelley Durfee Glanton

Freedom Elite 22H

“The amount of storage, and the Chevy engine and chassis.”

2022 Omni XG32

“We love everything about it, but especially the memories we make wherever we go!”

2022 thor omni xg32 super c motorhome
Photo by Sheila Quattlander

The Best RV Features from Tiffin

tiffin allegro open road

Based in Red Bay, Alabama, Tiffin specializes in luxury motorhomes, producing mostly Class A and C models. They’re also well-known for their service experience and reputation, with their original owner, Bob Tiffin, still an integral part of their business today. 

Learn more about the Tiffin experience in Red Bay, Alabama.

2012 29’ Allegro Breeze

Central vacuum, auto-leveling, convection microwave/oven, efficient diesel engine, separate shower from the bathroom area, storage under the bed, couch, and dinette, slide-out that greatly increases kitchen and living room area, a large amount of underneath storage for a model of this length, can fit in national parks, leather interior (nice when you have pets), linoleum floors in the main cabin are easy to clean (much nicer than carpet), couch and dinette convert to extra sleeping space, three TVs (ceiling fold-down TV over the bed is nice for viewing and doesn’t take up space), excessive storage for kitchen and food supplies, sunshades and night shades on all windows, including windshield, fully painted exterior (no peeling decals), front of cab has a protective shield over the paint, electric awnings, surround sound, electric and propane hot water heater.

2014 Allegro Open Road 25QBA

“I LOVE the bunks as they fit our two teenagers. Each bunk has a shelf above them with outlets so they can put their stuff and charge their phones. I LOVE the storage. We have tons of cabinets both in the RV and the basement below. I LOVE that we have customized it – we took out the old DVD players over the bunks to give the kids more room, and we installed Corian countertops in the bathroom, under the TV, and as the table for a more updated look and feel. We customized the “dog house,” the area between the driver and passenger up front with a drawer and cup holders. I LOVE the slideouts and how we can transform it into our home on wheels. I LOVE that we can boondock for a few nights in it, making the entire US our playground.”


“My favorite thing is the electric fireplace. Love that thing!”

2020 Wayfarer

“We like it for the smaller size. Easy to drive.”

The Best RV Features from Travel Lite RV

Specializing in unique truck campers and lightweight travel trailers, Travel Lite RV has been around since 1998. Their RVs are designed with the adventurer in mind, with rugged design details built for off-grid camping.

2022 Super Lite 770RSL

“We like [the] coziness of our [small] camper.”

travel lite super lite 770rsl truck camper
Photo by Kevin Michael

The Best RV Features from Winnebago

Winnebago is one of the most historically recognizable RV manufacturers in the United States. Today, they are well-known for their travel trailers, Class A Motorhomes, and van campers.

Learn more about Winnebago’s complete RV lineup.

Micro Minnie 2108DS

“Murphy bed and [a] huge slide.”

winnebago micro minnie 2108ds travel trailer
Photo by Hangry McRae

2018 Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel

“Our forever camper. Lots of storage. Wish it had a better layout in the living room for guests.”

Minnie Winnie 25B

“Small class C. Easy to drive, maneuver, and set up. Best thing IMO, no slides so no leaks, sags and/or malfunctions.”

winnebago minnie winnie 25b motorhome
Photo by Steve Landry

Outlook Express

“Even with the slides closed, there is still a ton of room for walking around. Some you have to turn sideways to get down the aisles or can’t access certain things. Not us, room everywhere.”

2002 Sunnybrook Lite

“It’s built well & I can walk around my bed. Huge closet in my bathroom that holds my TV, 2 burner stove, George Foreman grill & all my shower needs.”

2023 Voyage 2831RB

“We love the floorplan!”

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By checking this box, you expressly authorize Camping World to send you recurring automated promotional marketing text messages (e.g. cart reminders) to the telephone number entered, which you certify is your own. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg. frequency varies. Msg. & data rates apply. View Terms & Privacy.
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