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RV safety is something that should be on every parent’s mind when they’re traveling with the family. We all know the basics like staying buckled up while on the road, keeping the kids close, and the like, but these days, we have to worry about the pandemic, as well.

We recently sold our home and purchased an RV to travel the US right when the pandemic hit. Things have been so different, however, we have learned along the way. Today, I’m sharing all about RV safety as it relates to safe travel while the pandemic is still going on.

Pandemic RV Safety

Traveling during the pandemic is easier and safer in an RV, but there are still precautions to take that will help keep your family, particularly your children, safer as you make your way along the open road. Many of these are the same tips that apply to people living in homes, which makes sense. After all, an RV is simply a home on wheels.

Wear a Mask

Always ensure that everyone in the family wears a mask whenever you leave the RV, no matter how short the time outside might be. Whether you’re stopping for gas and a potty break or zipping into McDonald’s for a quick bite to bring back to the RV or even when stopping at a store like Camping World, be sure you wear a mask. Make no exceptions for this rule with the kids, either.

the Mom Trotter wearing a mask while shopping
Image from The Mom Trotter

Frequent Hand Washing

Although COVID-19 is mainly spread through airborne particles, the keyword here is mainly. The virus still isn’t fully understood, but one thing we all know about germs is that they get on our hands.

One thing we know about kids is that they touch their faces and put their hands in their mouths constantly. Wash your hands whenever you come back to the RV, along with all the other times you’d normally wash them, and be sure to wash them for a full 20 seconds to clean thoroughly.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. While we don’t have any immunities to COVID-19 yet, we do know that the virus hits some people harder than others. Staying hydrated is one more thing we can do to keep our children’s bodies as healthy as possible should they be exposed.

Staying Hydrated
Image from The Mom Trotter

Get Plenty of Rest

Lack of sleep can lead to a depressed immune system. If you’re traveling during the pandemic, it’s important to get plenty of rest to keep your immune system working at full capacity, much like staying hydrated.

Eat Healthy-Ish

Of course, part of the fun of vacationing is all the food, but try to keep at least a core diet of healthy food daily. You are what you eat, and studies have shown that a poor diet can lead to decreased immune function. That’s not what any of us need right now.

Cooking in an RV
Image from The Mom Trotter

Things like throwing some broccoli or another vegetable on the side when you stop for a burger or choosing lighter options other than the “Greasy Pig Platter” when you stop for a meal can help keep you and your children’s immune system humming.  Aiden loves to cook and he is pretty good at whipping up delicious meals in our RV kitchen.

Stay Inside

Whenever possible stay inside the RV for anything other than outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and the like. Staying inside means less exposure chance, which is key to RV safety when traveling in a pandemic. If you stop for food, send in one parent to order and pick it up and then bring it back to the RV for the family to eat.

Campers staying inside their RV
Image from The Mom Trotter

Wipe Down Surfaces Frequently

Similar to frequent hand-washing, frequently wiping down hard surfaces with disinfecting wipes can help keep your RV as germ-free as possible. When traveling with kids, that’s incredibly important. They are simply too young to understand the gravity of being clean at all times and not touching their faces or putting their hands in their mouths.

Choose Less Populated Destinations and Sites

One of the keys to RV safety while traveling right now is limiting exposure. One of the best ways to do that is to choose destinations or campsites that don’t have as many people. If possible, choose a destination that tends to be less crowded, as well as a campsite that has fewer spots or spots that are spaced farther apart.

Campers at yellowstone national park
Image from The Mom Trotter

You may be able to take the kids to Yellowstone this year like you wanted, as well as many other National Parks as they aren’t as crowded. Or maybe your trip can consist of cruising the open road finding local attractions.

Stress the Importance of Social Distancing

Children inherently have no sense of personal space, which is why it’s so important to stress social distancing as a hard and fast rule for your travels. Even if everyone you meet wears a mask, a minimum of six feet of distance is still required to ensure the least amount of exposure possible.

Opt for More Solitary Activities

While we’re talking about less populated areas, it’s a wise move to choose to do things like go hiking, biking, and other activities that are more solitary, family endeavors. Don’t take the kids to the available dinner and show or on rides or other attractions that require close or even close-ish proximity to other people outside the family unit.

RV Safety Is More Important Than Ever

With so much going on out there with the pandemic and so much still unknown, RV safety is a bigger factor than ever and in different ways than it was before. In addition to following all RV safety protocols that you normally would, it’s important to stress social distancing, take your personal health choices into account, and maybe alter your travel plans a little.

A family hiking
Image from The Mom Trotter

You can still have an amazing trip even with some of the more unique RV safety measures that you should take. Remember, there’s a great big country out there, and there’s plenty to see and do.

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