Full-timing With Family 1815

What are the best ways to not only take full advantage of the RV life but to do it full-time with your family? Watch as full-time RV pros James and Ashley of The Chick’s Life and Heath & Alyssa answer your questions as well as go through how to experience the best in RVing… even when working full-time and homeschooling.

Meet the Speakers

Heath & Alyssa Padgett | We are a traveling family running our business from a Winnebago. We’ve been RVing since 2014. What started as a honeymoon dream to visit all 50 states spun into an obsession with RV living and RVing around the world! Before you think we’re on permanent vacation (AKA what our moms think), full-time travel isn’t all pina coladas & hiking through national parks – it’s more like 60% working and 40% awesome adventures. We are sharing our full time RVing experiences, hoping to help others get into the RV lifestyle!

James & Ashley Chick | We are family travel journalists who love to document life’s adventures on YouTube! In October 2017 we made the crazy decision to sell our house and almost everything we owned to travel full time, living life as an adventure and making memories as a family!




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