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Spring camping is one of the best ways to dust off winter chills and get excited for the warmer months ahead. When it’s time to get your RV out of storage, take stock of your camping supplies and find what you need to replace or add to your camping setup.

Camping Supplies for Spring Camping

Start by ensuring you pack all the essentials. From there, consider adding these fun (and highly useful) camping supplies to make spring camping extra fun.

Outdoor Games

Making the most of a spring camping trip means entertaining yourself and others. While hiking, swimming, biking, and other outdoor activities are a great way to spend the day, you’re bound to find yourself hanging out at the campground at some point.

That’s where outdoor games come in. You can set up a badminton or volleyball net, get out the cornhole boards, play horseshoes, or toss around a football or baseball. Brookstone even makes lighted outdoor games so you can continue playing after sunset. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our complete list of perfect family games for the campground, or start browsing Camping World’s selection of outdoor games and toys.

Portable Grill

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There’s nothing quite like grilling outside on a beautiful spring day. Cooking outside is also a great way to keep the temperature inside your RV comfortable as the weather warms up. 

Some RVs come with their own outdoor kitchens and grills. If your RV isn’t equipped with an outdoor kitchen, consider adding a portable grill to your spring camping setup. The key to a great RV grill is to keep it compact. 

Blackstone’s griddle kit is one of our favorites. The kit comes with a 22-inch griddle, quick-connect propane hose, and a five-piece griddle tool set. It’s everything the RVer needs for outdoor cooking. 

You can also explore this breakdown of great portable grills for RVers. As you start to think of meals for the campground, do whatever prep work you can ahead of time. Browse our collection of cooking recipes perfect for RV travel to get the ideas flowing.

Discover Camping World’s complete collection of portable camping grills.

Propane Firepit

Photo by Camping World

Everybody loves a roaring campfire in the evenings, but fire restrictions sometimes make that impossible. A propane firepit is much easier to set up and start than building a campfire. 

The Ukiah Qube firepit is one of our favorites. It requires two one-pound propane tanks that give it a 3.5-hour burn time. It can produce flames up to 20” high and comes with a butcher block cover so it can serve for camp meal prep or an extra stool during the day. 

The best parts for owners of smaller RVs? It weighs less than 20 pounds and measures just 12.5” x 12.5” x 13.5”. So you shouldn’t have a problem finding storage space for it, but you can also explore other campfire alternatives here.

Check out other portable firepits.

Padded Camp Chairs

Photo by Camping World

There are your average camp chairs, and then there are extra-large, padded camp chairs. If you have the space in your RV, you’ll love being able to relax comfortably when your campsite is set up. 

These XL padded camp chairs even feature an oversized cup and wine glass holder. They’re available in gray plaid and red plaid and offer a 400-pound weight capacity while weighing less than 13 pounds.

Shop all camping chairs from Camping World. 

Patio Lighting

Crafting the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living space requires the right lighting above all else. There are plenty of patio lighting solutions for RVers.

Enbrighten offers a variety of outdoor lighting options to help you customize your patio space. They have café string lights, lanterns, bistro lights, fixtures, landscape lights, and more. Some even offer multiple color modes with remote-controlled or Wi-Fi-enabled operation.

Check out our full selection of outdoor lights for your RV.

Outdoor Prep & Serve Station

Photo by Camping World

Most campgrounds have picnic tables, but not all. Plus, they aren’t the most convenient surfaces for meal prep – it only takes knocking your shins against those bench seats so many times before you’re ready for a better solution. 

That’s where a folding outdoor cooking station comes in handy. It gives you a stable surface for your camp stove or griddle and provides countertop space for prepping, cooking, and serving your favorite dishes without having to go in and out of your RV a hundred times. 

Shop our selection of folding cooking tables for your spring camping trip.

S’mores Supplies

Sitting around a campfire telling stories and relaxing is always better with S’mores. That’s why you should bring everything you’ll need to make them – S’mores sticks, marshmallows, chocolate (or Reese’s peanut butter cups if you’re feeling adventurous), graham crackers, and a S’mores caddy to keep it all organized. 

If your campground bans open fires, try crafting this DIY solar oven for s’more making. It’s a fun craft for kids with a tasty reward. If you want, you can also use marshmallow sticks to cook other foods like hotdogs if you feel like having a meal over a campfire instead of having one cooked on your portable grill.

Patio Mats & Outdoor Rugs

Most of us would love it if every campsite had a concrete pad surrounded by plush, green grass. Unfortunately, that’s far from the reality of RV life. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to make your outdoor patio space look nicer and minimize the dirt that gets tracked inside – patio mats.

CGEAR makes some excellent patio mats that are “sand-free.” What does that mean? Their patented weave allows sand and finer-grained dirt to fall right through when you lift it up. Still, they keep dirt from coming up from the bottom, making them easy to clean and helping you keep less dirt from entering your RV. 

Explore Camping World’s full collection of patio mats and outdoor rugs.

Camping Cooler

Just like you need space to heat up your favorite camping meals outside, you’ll also need space to keep your favorite beverages ice cold. Every RV has limited refrigerator space, so the best way to supplement is with a quality camping cooler.

LAKA Coolers makes three excellent hard-sided camping coolers with 20, 30, and 45-quart capacities. They’re rotomolded like other top-of-the-line coolers and designed with tie-down spots for better security. 

You can also shop our full lineup of hard-sided camping coolers.

Paddle Gear

Photo by Camping World

Don’t limit yourself to the land. Explore the water with a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe. An excellent arm and core workout, paddle sports are good for the body and mind. Enjoy the freedom of floating on the lake or river and pulling off on the shore at your leisure to skip rocks or cool off.

You may think a watercraft is too cumbersome to bring along in your RV, but that’s not true. Inflatable paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, and origami folding kayaks are excellent RV travel options.

Explore our complete line of paddle equipment.

With these camping supplies, you’re bound to have a wonderful time. Here are a few more resources to help you prepare for your first RV trip of the spring: 

What other camping supplies would you add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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