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*Camping World donated this product for the purpose of review. The opinions are my own.

The Blackstone On The Go 22″ Griddle is a two-burner portable griddle with folding legs. To make the best use of it, I’d recommend grabbing Blackstone’s 15’ quick-connect propane hose and their five-piece griddle tool kit, which comes with two spatulas, a scraper, and two squeeze bottles for liquids. 

I’ve used traditional griddles at various times camping but never a dedicated, stand-alone griddle like this one. So, I was excited to learn more about it and see what differences and opportunities it offered compared to traditional griddle cooking. 

In this Blackstone 22” griddle review, I’ll cover what I liked, where I found room for improvement, who might use this type of griddle and more. 

Blackstone 22” Griddle At-a-Glance

Photo by Chez Chesak

Let’s start by glancing at the griddle’s specs to see if it’ll fit your outdoor cooking needs and, perhaps more importantly, whether it will fit in your RV’s available storage space.

  • Number of Burners: Two
  • Cooking Surface: 361 square inches
  • BTUs: 24,000
  • Weight: 89 pounds
  • Dimensions (open): 39 “H x 22″ W x 17” D
  • Dimensions (folded): 44″ L x 24″ W x 15″ H

See the full list of features and specs for the Blackstone 22” Griddle. 

Who Is This For?

Photo by Chez Chesak

This product will be great for tailgates and group events like pancake breakfasts. It’s particularly well-suited to increasing your cooking capacity beyond the burners in your RV’s indoor kitchen – or when you just want the option to be able to cook outside to help keep your RV’s internal temperature at a comfortable level.

It could also substitute for a grill if you prefer the flat griddle cooking surface. The 361 square inches of cooking surface sits over dual stainless steel ‘H’ style burners, allowing for two independent cooking zones for more complex meals. The side shelf is the perfect perch for grilling utensils, and it even features a handle for pulling the unit when folded. 

Because it is a heavier griddle, it’s probably best for couples or families, not necessarily solo travelers. You’ll likely need a second set of hands for loading it in and out of your RV unless you own a toy hauler and can use a ramp to wheel it in and out of the rear garage.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Blackstone 22” Griddle?

This durable, beefy griddle is still relatively portable and cooks well. With proper assembly and maintenance, it should provide many years of delicious meals.


I was dubious at first but found that I really liked cooking on the broad, flat griddle surface. It was particularly nice to have the two separate burners to keep one side at a lower temp for things like vegetables or warming, while the other could be cranked up for things like searing meats.

I also enjoyed the thoughtful, knobby grips, especially when wheeling the griddle around in the folded mode.

The LP quick connect and griddle tool kit were great, as I appreciated the ability to easily connect my propane containers and have dedicated utensils for RV grilling.


First, as a durable and beefy griddle, this product is not lightweight. Even during the assembly process, the instructions note that in some cases, you should get help lifting it. So, lifting it in and out of a camper or RV storage space might be challenging for some.

Because of the weight, be considerate when dropping into the folded mode or popping it up from the folded mode. Ensuring you have someone to help you in both situations would be wise.

Since the cooking surface is flat, be sure to level the unit as best you can before cooking. If not, you’ll have fluids like oil or grease puddling in a corner.

And while the actual griddle surface is sturdily bolted onto the unit, it means that it cannot be removed for cleaning. This means you’ll have to clean the griddle on the unit itself.

The instructions say assembly takes about 30 minutes, but my time was closer to an hour. And while almost all of the assembly is very straightforward, do pay attention to which side the small shelf goes on versus the handle/kickstand on the other side.

Blackstone On the Go 22” Griddle Features

Photo by Camping World

This stand-alone griddle has many great features to consider (and at least one to be cautious of), including the following. 

  • 361 sq. in. of cooking space – The cooking space was definitely ample, and since it’s flat, easy to move/flip food around as necessary.
  • Two independently controlled cooking zones – It was particularly handy to have the griddle be able to maintain two different heating levels.
  • Collapsible scissor leg design – A great feature for making the unit relatively portable, but be careful raising and lowering the unit and get assistance if possible.
  • Easy-to-use Controls – The knobs were clearly labeled and easy to use while the piezo ignition system sparked right up.
  • The Grilling Add-ons – Don’t go without adding a dedicated LP quick connect and grilling utensils to your outdoor cooking setup.

Would You Recommend the Blackstone On The Go 22” Griddle?

This is a great addition to someone’s cooking arsenal – if they have an appropriate use for it. I don’t see it as necessary for most families or couples while camping unless they just like to cook outside their RV or trailer. 

I’d highly recommend this for tailgating, though, especially if your team colors are orange and black. I’m really looking forward to making many smash burgers on it. It would also be a great addition to bigger gatherings like a group camping trip, team meal, breakfast fundraiser, etc.

I recently fired up a simple meal of chicken skewers wrapped in bacon (and sauteed in a sweet & sour sauce) with some sides. The skewers were particularly good, but I underestimated the unit’s power and could have started them off on a lower setting. Even a little ‘extra-crispy,’ they were still delicious. The veggies all came out very well, too. 

My friends and I also made our own version of these Quick Fire Street Tacos, which were excellent. It was great to be able to cook on a low heat for more veggies on one side while searing the beef at a higher temp on the other. All of the ingredients came together very nicely, finishing all at the same time. 

Learn more about this griddle.

How Does the Blackstone 22” Griddle Compare to the Competition?

Nearly every other griddle option is either a smaller tabletop version or a heavier monster better suited for permanent residence on a deck. In this regard, the Blackstone 22” Griddle will be great for those doing serious and regular tailgating or who often have group events.

It fills a sort of ‘sweet spot’ within the available array of griddles out there, as it offers just about as large a cooking surface as it can while still being relatively mobile. But there are other options out there, depending on your style and needs. 

Explore Camping World’s full selection of camping griddles, grills, and smokers.

Whether you choose the Blackstone 22” Griddle or one of those alternatives, here are a few resources to help you decide what to cook first on your new griddle: 

What questions do you have about this Blackstone griddle? Let us know in the comments below.

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